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  1. I am sure this is covered somewhere here... i am looking to clean my diet up..mainly raw. i have been mainly fruit raw for few days but looking something a little more balanced (more healthy fats/veggies) i am 40 something and train crossfit (3 times a week) and Brazilian jiu jitsu (4 times a week).. looking for diet advice to stay healthy,help with recovery and fuel training and mainly raw. what do other folks here eat ? Thanks
  2. Longevity ! Keeping moving and developing strength and better overall health as i progress through my 40`s! The motivation to train stems from wanting to be the best example of veganism i can be and enjoying the challenges that brings in the areas where i train (cross fit and brazilian jiu jitsu.).
  3. quality. decent guy standing up for himself against some loser who thought he was the bigger man.
  4. Jake vs mayhem.? Felt bad for mayhem really, he was stifled and shut down by jake`s wrestling. Jake did everything he needed to win and played it smart. Of course it is is great that the middleweight champ is a vegetarian. but i admit it was not the most interesting of fights to watch!
  5. gotta love the pros..i am fascinated by anyone who with the right nutrition,right training and right pharma can transform themselves so much.. guys like Jay are literally awesome.
  6. WOW! awsome pic... quite amazing .
  7. Jay Cutler walks as a god amongst mere men! I think the guy looks truly awesome!
  8. wow,i am almost old enough for this forum! i turn 39 in 2 weeks so i am near 40+ than anything else!(went vegetarian at 12 and vegan at 18) to be honest i think it is only since i go into my late 30`s that i have developed anything like a sensible approach to training/fitness. I did a lot of thai boxing in my 20`s and if i`d had anything like a clue about nutrition,weight training, lifestyle etc i think i could have gone far with both my fighting and my fitness and probably avoided too many years of a poor lifestyle( too much drinking/drugs) as well. so at almost 39 i actually feel i have a much better shot at things,sure my body does not work the way it used to but i still train hard in martial arts and weight training and having a mature attitude and a better understanding of nutrition and supplementing my diet i am happy with my body and feel confident that i can make huge improvements still,i am a work in progress! A couple of months back i fought in a kali stick stick fighting tournament and won fighter of the day,most of the guys i was fighting were in their 20`s and they were gassed badly,some exhausted after the first or second rounds and i was still going strong in the third! people are often shocked when i tell them i am 38>39 and regularly have me down as being in my 20`s.i put it down to being Vegan and i am always proud to tell people this!
  9. i am liking the Thor`s hammer tattoo. Good work!
  10. He is handsome,cant get a better room mate than a dog!
  11. I started trying to learn to skateboard at the end of last year,at 38! I used to have an alva board back in the `80s but beer and punk rock kept me from ever learning i started doing some sessions with a bunch of older skaters via the middle age shred web forum.. kickturns on transitions etc,nothing too exciting,i was really having fun and getting into it but i have not been on it for a few months now so i will be even worse now.I really want to get back into it as at this age this is really the last chance i will get to learn! Dunno when i will next get the chance,hopefully moving from u.k to LA next year so i hope those smooth sidewalks and boardwalks will see me out on my deck more!
  12. Very few things make me `LOL` this post did! too funny.
  13. I read this on sherdawg.. interesting that Carwin gets a title shot so quick,interesting in that i reckon he is a tough SOB and will bring a good fight to that dick Lesnar!
  14. Gegard Mousasi vs Babalu was awesome. Gegard really was so chilled like you say,never seen him fight and i did not expect anyone to deal with babalu so easily! Carano is indeed one of the top women fighters in the world,i suspect that Cyborg trained harder and wanted this more to beat all the hype about Gina being number one. I would guess Gina will get back to training and will need to train harder,have more fights and maybe more explosive strength for when she has a rematch with cyborg.Great fight that hopefully has shut up some of the sexist attitudes in MMA promotion..
  15. I got to watch the Carano/cyborg fight the day after. Man that was a great fight,i thought all along that Cyborg may just be too aggressive for Gina ,she really outclassed her. awesome fight all the same.
  16. Another reason to hate Brock lesnar,this is from issue one of the UFC magazine; `The best stake you can find is at ...I have some freinds in the cattle business in south dakota.you go there,find one you want,shoot that fucker right in the head,and drag it to the butchers shop`. i wish someone would shoot him in the head.
  17. I only get the to the gym on rare occasions (i home train ) But one thing i HATE in the local gym is dudes coming over offering advice that is not asked for and especially when i have seen the lousy form they themselves use! Such as "you wanna go heavier and lift .... instead". This is when i am lifting heavy for my size/strength and i am using good form and lifting/lowering slowly so to get the most bang for my buck,and i see those guys swinging weights up that if they used good form would not be able to lift! Guys that socialize,they hang out for an hour,do three crummy sets and then just hang out chillin and chatting while i am waiting to use the bench/machine/whatever.
  18. The ufc fight gloves are leather,i would hazard a guess that Mac just uses them as they are what availiable? it is much cheaper to make leather gloves due to amount of leather avaliable sadly. UFC does make some vinyl copies of the fight glove they use,the are slightly different but very good.But these are not used in the offical fights.Maybe they did a special pair for Mac when he was fighting but i doubt it.Being in a combat sport gym you will often be around leather gear( kick pads,some bags,shin guards,gloves etc).thankfully a l,ot more companies are making non leather training gear these days . In my experience the majority of mma gloves are leather,there is a post on this forum with links to non leather mma gloves.
  19. I am really excited about the Carano vs cyborg fight.This is where strikeforce is leading the way somewhat,two world class women fighters in a headline world championship bout,something fans have wanted to see for some time. f**king bummed i cant get to see it... two great muay thai fighters with great mma skills..should be an exciting fight.My heart is with gina,hope she wins as this title belt may shut up some the haters out there who still refuse to give her the rspect she is deserving of.
  20. I feel like i should care,but i honestly am not that interested anymore what Fedor does or does not do.Great guy,great fighter but i just cant get excited about this! Strikeforce has some great fighters,the rest of the best are in the UFC,I think until he fights in the UFC i aint really fussed what he does to some extent I miss the pride days when he was getting good fights,i dont think there are enough decent opponents for him in strike force,that said,maybe there just are not enough decent opponents for him at all these days!
  21. In other news; Tito Ortiz back in the UFC! YES! This is awesome,i really think its great that he is back! Vitor belfort bac in UFC! Awesome! Good times,i am buzzing about the Belfort vs Franklin fight and Tito may well be fighting mark coleman.
  22. I didnt know any of these people were veg! yes,Jake shields is vegetarian,him and his brother were raised pretty much vegan by their veg*n parents. Both nick and nate,i have read in a few places are veggie and maybe vegan,they are buddies with jake shields so maybe he put them on the right track,dunno.
  23. YEAH! Frank Mir is awesome! Very interesting guy.
  24. Bee pollen( also known as bee bread) is a source of food for honey bees and their larvae=Not vegan. Case closed. Vegetarians who eat bee pollen are depriving bees of a food source collected over many hours by worker bees.
  25. This promises to be a great fight! i am supporting Gina all the way,she has the skills for sure but i think Cyborg willbe a real handfull with her aggressive style. tactics vs aggression in a fight between two muay thai stylists? gonna be a tough fight for gina. shame i cant watch it.
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