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  1. I dont like this thread..... JK LoL. Seriously though, I cannot think of anything at this point... Is it because I like the bike so much ??? Idk. Want to see what others have to say. Sent from my Motorcycle iPhone app
  2. I am amazed that the number of people that do not wear gloves when they ride. If you know anyone that has gone down without them they usually say the wish they had them at the time of the unintended get-off. So what do you wear?
  3. Ive been thinking about taking it lately as Ive been working out harder and I find my memory isnt as sharp as it used to be, but from what Ive read, it doesnt sound like something youre supposed to take long term. Although I could very well be wrong about that. For those of you who take it, how much do you take? And did you do a loading stage for the first week of taking it? Also, are all brands of creatine vegan?
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