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  1. Even if it were true, my first priority is not eating another living thing. The environment comes second.
  2. Eats like a pig. He justs feels like his emune system is weaker than it was.
  3. I know I know. I have a loved one with doubts. I do the cooking, and I just concerd. They think that it may be that they now arn't eating animal products. Everything I have every know and continue to learn tells me that being vegan is the healthest way to be. I guess I'm just having a little freak out.
  4. What should you do if you eat a fairly balanced vegan diet, have non known health problems, and suspect that your diet is cauing you to feel poorly?
  5. It's all about priorities for me. Right know I don't work as much as I want to. I work just under 30 hours a week, and yeah I go to school too. And I do wash the occasional load of laundry and cook, who doesn’t. As far as a social life, we go out about once a week. I always want to have more of a social life, but the truth is I just don't like people enough. You have to make time to workout. Not that I'm anything special in fact I'm in much worse shape than you and pretty much everyone else on here. I think going to the gym 5 times a week is really good! Anyhow that is way more than you ever wanted to know.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like great goals you have for 2008. Whaat is does your current diet and workout plan consist of?
  7. What I have always said is that having a balanced diet is most important. People focus on this or that and through their bodies out of whack. I have stuggled with the whole protien thing because my boy friend lifts weights. I only cook vegan so when we moved in he was stuck eating what I made. This didn't bother him, he prefers the vegan diet and likes my food. The problem is trying to make enough meals high in protien. All that being said I'm glad to see what comes out of this thread.
  8. Thanks boys. I am now see that I am not going to turn into a man if I lift waits, and that is very reassuring. You'all gave me some very good ideas. I think I can find something that can work for me. Thanks again!
  9. Welcome Allison! I am so impressed by your workout schedule, that would really kick my ass. I'll have to check out the Eat to Live plan, I've never heard of it. Again welcome and thanks for the welcome you gave me.
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    Thanks so much everyone. You'all are very sweet and supportive.
  11. Hey guys! I need some help please. I think I'm going to start a new program in which I run 3 times a week. I'm not sure what to do on my off days. I'm interested in some sort of strength training, but don't want to get bulky. I enjoy doing yoga but I'm concerned that that won't give me enough strength. I'm specifically looking to strengthen my back and arms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peace
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    You guys are best! I'm so glad I joined. And really, thanks for all the encoragement!
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    Thanks DV. I never thought that talking about my ass would make me more likable.
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