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  1. I tried to the intermittent fasting diet for a while but I feel like it was just not for me. I like eating a lot of small meals throughout the day that is how I see the best progress
  2. When I first went vegan I saw a significant decrease in my acne. I have heard other people react the same exact way as me
  3. Caffeine was made by the gods themselves. I could not function without it and I think it is a great metabolic booster especially in the morning with my breakfast
  4. I tried to do 4000 cal a day at one point but it was very hard to maintain for more than a couple weeks. It might be good trend cycle off of high and moderate calorie diets.
  5. I have read from multiple different study is that soy can increase estrogen in your body. Personally Stay Away from it
  6. These two are not possible to do at the same time. I would suggest increasing muscle mass first especially if you are under 15% body fat. Then try going through cutting phase
  7. I tried to take Omega three fish oils every single morning. I think is significantly increases my brain's functioning ha ha
  8. I have tried this one time but it did not turn out too well. Maybe the blunder I have was very good but the raisins did Nokia blended all the way.
  9. I do not see how this could be very easy to do haha
  10. Mostly whole foods consisting of potatoes, rice and beans. These are my Staples to build around
  11. You probably just need to eat more protein and overall calories. You might want to try to switch up your routine as well because sticking to the same thing over and over will make you plateau
  12. I have tried uphill farmer walks in the past and they are one of the most difficult things. I highly recommend them. My traps increased in size significantly from doing these
  13. I personally think that this diet is not appropriate for bodybuilding. It just throws your macronutrients all out of whack and your body needs all of those to function properly and make progress.
  14. If you are not seeing results it is probably a result of your diet not being on point. I suggest getting multiple smaller meals the definitely have a calorie excess and have a lot of protein. If you do these things you will see results.
  15. I tried to stick to a maximum of three high-intensity interval training sessions per week. It is very intense on your body and any more than they could be dangerous.
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