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  1. Is it possible to get fat eating the 80-10-10 diet, all those extra carbs (or even fruit sugars), I think you might just have an energy overdrive ?
  2. Flour just means powder. So a freshly ground powder from Raw Oat Groats or Quinoa or Buckwheat would be raw. But it would soon start to loose it's freshness. All supermarket flours are most definitely not raw as the mass production milling process occurs at such high temperatures. It's much better to use the whole food (the seed) rather then it's refined counter-part (the flour).
  3. Hi, I just recently read about Fructose Intolerance. Since pretty much all fruit is high in Fructose, that means these people can't tolerate fruits. So how are people supposed to do a 100% Raw Food Diet, if they have Fructose Intolerance, since they wouldn't be able to eat any fruit ? Where are they going to get there calories from ?
  4. What do you guys think of 'Pure Synergy' ? Expensive, but a lot of people have said it's worth it.
  5. Whilst trying to regain some of my fitness, I developed a bad knee (left knee). I've been developing some muscle in my lower legs from more walking and exercise, but I guess my knee couldn't keep up, or I just over did it. Been hurting/sore for 3 days now, is this a bad time to go 100% Raw and Vegan? Before I was eating some cooked chicken. Are there certain raw foods that will help with joint problems ? I would of thought fatty acids and protein would help.
  6. Well I didn't have much luck consuming just Green Smoothies, too much digestive discomfort. Strange because I thought it was the perfect food, but it just made me feel bloated and I couldn't get enough calories. I've eaten high raw since then anyway, and issues in other areas have improved, but still digestion problems remain. I'm really considering starting a Juice Fast/Feast. I did a 9-day Fruit Juice Fast last December, and that is when the digestion problems started, probably because I broke the fast with binge eating. This time I will consume Green Juices as well and brake the fast properly, hoping that the good rest will have healed up my digestion.
  7. I got digestive problems, so for me, Green Smoothies are the best way about going Raw. Because they alone should help patch up and heal any digestion problems. They are easy to digest, and filled with nutrition. I will start Monday at the latest. How long I hope to be going for ? Basically see how I feel then I will start adding in other whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Hopefully about 2 weeks if I have the willpower, and I have some liver cleanse that I brought that I haven't used yet. So I might start that around the 1 week part. This Green Smoothie Experiment is quite interesting: http://greensmoothieexperiment.blogspot.com/
  8. In a few days I hope to be starting a Green Smoothie Cleanse. I've been building up to transistion to a 100% raw diet, and I thought a Green Smoothie Cleanse would be the best way to start. Anyone else fancy in joining me ? Here's more information from Frederic...
  9. Out of interest, what kind of cooked foods are you eating to help you gain weight on your raw food diet ?
  10. Hey Logan, Nice gains for just 1 month, in another 2 months, your before and after picture could be quite striking. Are you still eating 100% raw ? Mike
  11. I tried gaining weight also,i ate tons of avacadoes,pumpkin seeds,almonds,walnuts,it still didn't work I was around 125lbs before going raw.Then after being raw i was 110lbs which is kinda weird for someone being 5'9 Floopy, sounds like the low energy you were suffering from could of been from excess fat consumption. Avocado is over 50% fat, and all nuts and seeds are over 50% fat. And fat is 9 calories per gram, where as carbs are 4 calories per gram. Do the maths, but I wouldn't be surprised if 50-60% of your daily calories were coming from fat, no wonder your body was going hay wire. Imagine eating a cooked diet with that much fat, you'd feel sick. Just my thoughts, dont mean to be rude. Mike
  12. Some people do a lot better not eating much sweet fruit and rather opting for a higher fat diet, so you are going to see some rawies eating significant amounts of oil, olive, avocados and nuts. There are books on this perspective as well if you would like to read them too. I'd be interested, always interested on the high fat vs low fat debate. Some people on raw food diet get into serious problems eating too much fat, and other people seem to eat loads without a problem. My 2nd day Raw today, and I hope to bulk up after the detox. Been trying to go Raw for a while now but the detox sucks big time and keep eating cooked food to stop the crazy detox.
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