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  1. Hey all! For those who tried the shake and wrote a response on this forum, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I told you I wasn't lying, everyone who wrote in said they liked the taste, a couple said it was the best protein shake they've ever had! Why is it costly? It is more than just another protein powder. It was designed by a Master Herbalist from an over 1,200 year-old lineage of Master Herbalists, one of the oldest in the world. It also contains: -Vitamins and minerals, including 500mg of calcium from plant sources (as opposed to the typical ground rocks) -An anti-stress and energy blend -A super greens blend -A prebiotic and enzyme blend -An ionic plant trace mineral blend -A Mediterranean Skin & Digestion Blend The Vanilla has 25g of pea and brown rice protein; the chocolate 21g. There have been recently reported in the medical journals scientific health issues regarding the use of soy and whey (not that you vegans are eating whey--curds maybe ) Remember also that it is not what you put in your mouth and swallow down that counts, it is what you digest and assimilate. I think most would agree that the fellow who keeps throwing up his soy protein powder is not getting his money's worth! The additional ingredients in this shake make it more digestible and available. I think the shake is probably the most nutrient-dense thing out there for under 200 calories. And to call back the Americans who ran off scared about the price, remember the fellow who listed the price in his posting was talking about that funny Canadian money and not the good-old American dollar. You can go to my current website at www.adamresnick.bravehost.com and hit the Awareness Supplements link for information about all of the products and how to order them. Or you can go right to my company webpage at www.firstman4health.awarenesslife.com. The liquid multi-nutrient/vitamin called COMPLETE is also delicious and a top seller that could replace most of the other items you may be taking. If you're interested in tightening up, you want to reduce calories (or burn more) without losing muscle as well. A great way to do that is to add low-calorie, nutrient dense additions to your diet. If you replaced your typical lunch at $7-$10 with a Pure-Trim shake at $3, you would actually be saving money. I believe it is always best to get your nutrients from food, but the Pure-Trim shake is power-packed and delicious and a nice way to add to your program. Try it for a month and see how you feel! Yours In Health, Adam P.S. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions. I am a Master Herbalist, I have been a multi-certified personal trainer for over ten years, have competed in competitions (physique, martial arts, NYC Marathon, hopscotch--just seeing if you're still awake through this long posting!), so I've been around the block.
  2. I believe in using whole foods over "partial" foods. You can buy some golden flax seeds for very cheap and grind them up in a coffee grinder-type of equipment. Flax seed oil may be more concentrated, but it is not a whole food. I am still not convinced of an Omega 3/cavity connection. Adam
  3. Essential fatty acids are good for a lot of things. If you are lacking in them can they effect the teeth? As I am a holistic counselor, I coach people that we are not just a set of teeth, or a circulatory system, that we are a whole unit. Often vegans consume a lot of dried fruits, such as raisins, apricots, etc. While this may be healthier than a Snickers bar, the sticky sugar content is still not good for teeth. I would either cut down on those, rehydrate them (by soaking them in water for a time) but always at minimum rinse your mouth out after eating them. This may apply to high-sugar fruits as well, with a little less "stick factor." I found a lot of dental relief by following the above concepts. I am not a big gum fan, but I even have taken to chewing some Peelu natural fiber gum after meals for the same effect. Adam
  4. See my FREE OFFER posting for a great tasting vegan protein shake offer. If you add a bunch of fruit such as bananas and/or some healthy oils, you could made it calorific! Adam
  5. While I admire your desire to chisel yourself just that much more, after reading your stats I think that it is important that you check yourself for sanity . I don't know whether to offer my advice or ask you for a date! If you are a competitive bodybuilder and need that edge then, well okay, let's talk. While creatine may help you knock out an extra rep or two, it will most probably have you retaining some water as well, which is not great for cutting up. It's kind of like asking if protein will make you more cut? While you may inadvertantly get cut while using it, it on its own will probably have little effect regarding that. Now if it makes you do that many more reps, sets, or minutes on the treadmill then of course it can contribute to getting ripped. Finding the right balance in your diet and workout, while the obvious answer, is the best answer. The products on the market that are designed specifically for getting ripped are usually stimulants, whether drug or "natural," and I don't generally recommend them. There are some products that are supposed to help with utilization of this or that but I don't know anyone whose ripped up due to chromium, garcinia cambogia or the like. Out of all the complaints from herb use, about half of them are from ephedra (herbal equivalent is ma huang.) If you are vegan due to preventing animal cruelty, then don't be cruel to your body either! See my posting under FREE OFFER. The product has co-factors that are supposed to help with fat loss, including an herbal calcium blend (involved in the process) and an anti-stress combo (stress activates cortisol production which makes the body diminish fat breakdown.) I know people who have felt tighter and have lost fat using the product. It is also formulated by a Master Herbalist with a lineage of over 1,200 years who has balanced the product and made sure it is safe. Hurry, I only have two more spots open! Adam
  6. I saw a posting where someone asked, "What is the best vegan protein powder?" I went to a popular vegetarian site and ordered practically every one of their protein powders they had: pea, rice, hemp (I avoided soy as there has been recent medical journal reports and studies on the negative health effects of soy.) They all tasted gross! An herbal company in which I am involved came out with a new nutrient-dense vegan protein shake. Each serving is under 200 calories, 21 grams of protein, 500 mg. of an herbal calcium combination, with an anti-stress combination and more. But most importantly, it tastes great! I know how the skeptics are: "You're just trying to sell us!" I would think the same thing. Here is what I am going to offer. For the first five people to email me, I will send them a package of the shake (tell me if you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla) FREE out of my pocket. What I ask in return is that you try it and then write your response in this forum. I am a personal trainer and holistic health coach with a Masters degree in herbal medicine. I came in second place in a physique competition in college, won national titles in Chinese Full-Contact Kickboxing, ran the New York Marathon last year in under 3:30 and eat predominantly raw vegan. My word is worth more to me than your money. I hope to become a part of the community. Adam
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