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  1. Dehydrated fruits and Nutrition and protein powders. Try various superfood blends in powder form. If your not into that then theres no other way around the water, just make sure your sweating enough in your workouts. But also as a vegan you shouldnt have to worry too much about these things.
  2. Nothing beats the outdoors! =) You get more energy from nature. I dont know how cold your saying it actually gets out there but yeah i recommend that if it is very cold that you stay warm throughout your entire workout. keep moving and dress in layers that you can easily strip off one by one as you get hotter.
  3. awesome ill check it out, thanks for sharing
  4. Many may argue the effects of tofu but i dont personally think its a good bodybuilding food for vegans because of its effect on estrogen. White rice isnt so nutritious, try brown rice and yellow peas (Complete protein meal). have some avacado once in a while as well as sweet potatoes. Shoulders before chest day may not be wise. shoulders are involved in most chest exercises so you dont want them to be dead on chest day or you wont be able to lift as much. Get good rest and keep at it. 1 month is wayyy to short of time to be looking for gains especially if your just starting out. hope this helps
  5. I dont eat gluten so i cant speak on that but .. since you just started out im sure you feel great but its almost impossible to get fat on a vegan diet if you train. Make sure your eating enough because people feel amazing starting out on the diet but start to feel the effects of lacking nutrition later on. Make sure you eat nuts, grains, quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocados, and overall a good variety of foods. try new fruits and veggies, explore health food stores and look in to some supplements as well. Sunwarrior protein may interest you. hope this helps
  6. Maybe your not cleaning your mouth after meals.
  7. Ive been training kung fu for 20 years. Its great to note that many of the grand masters in china were vegan.
  8. I Never keep track of the numbers, i just try to feel what i need.
  9. 245 lbs at 145 - 150 But We Are ALL getting stronger!!
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