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  1. bobbycore - in regards to your post, what would be an incorrect way to do cardio? i definitely don't want to lose any of the muscle mass i have, since i'm all ready pretty lean.


    for cardio i usally use the eliptical machine for about 20-30 mins keeping my heart rate at 158


    thanks for the replies

  2. since i have begun working out my chest has gotten significatly bigger (which is a good thing) but my nipples and area around them don't seem tight enough. and when i wear certain shirts it appears as if i have man boobs


    is there an exercise to tighten this up? my usual routine is incline bench press, decline bench press, dumbell flys, flat dumbell press, and sometimes i use the cable machine from underneath.

  3. i have a question about ab definition. i'm about 5'7" 145-150lbs with very little body fat. i've noticed my abs appear to form as one large muscle with very little definition between them. i usually do a few sets of hanging leg raises, rotary ab machine, and krunches at the end of my workouts. my question is whether i'm training them wrong, or should be trying something else to achieve some shape? any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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