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  1. Alright sweet, I'll drop the tofu and start adding brown rice & yellow peas to my diet. I'll give shoulders a go later on in the week and see how it goes, that never even crossed my mind, thanks for that.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new on Vegan Body Building. (I would have posted in the introduction board, but I have a lot of questions regarding Lifting & diet so thought I'd ask here, thanks.) I'm currently 19 years old, (20 in one month) and have been Vegan for 3 years. I used to train on and off but now I'm very committed to the gym and was just looking for some opinions on my training routine and diet. I've been at my current gym for 1 month so far and have managed to gain 3.5kg of muscle mass. Currently weighing in at 80.5kg in the mornings but the exact same at night, so I need too increase my intake I think. (aiming for around 95-100kg) I'm 195cm tall. My current training routine is: Mon: Shoulders - (week 1&2) Dumbbell shoulder press Side lateral rises front rises shrugs (week 3&4) Seated barbell press Upright row Straight arm pull down Dumbbell shoulder press Tues: Chest - (week 1&2) Flat Dumbbell press Cable flies (high to low) Incline barbell press Machine flies (week 3&4) Incline dumbbell press Cable flies (high to low) Flat barbell press Machine press Wed: Back - (Week 1&2) Lat pulldown Seated row bent over barbell row Single arm machine row Light deadlifts (week 3&4) Lat pulldown Bent over dumbbell row Seated row Single arm dumbbell row Light deadlifts Thurs: Arms - (week 1&2) Alternate dumbbell curls, tucked elbow Hammer curls Reverse grip barbell curl Rope cable curls ------ Triceps pulldown (rope) Seated, overhead dumbbell extension Standing, overhead cable pull Triceps pulldown (bar) (week 3&4) Generally the same, but superset a biceps and triceps workout Fri: Legs- (week 1&2) Squats calf rises lunges calf rises leg press (week 3&4) Sumo squats calf rises lunges calf rises leg press Sat: Chest&triceps (Light) - (week 1&2) Flat bar press incline dumbbell press Cable flies (high to low) ----- Dips Triceps pulldown (rope) Overhead dumbbell extension (week 3&4) Super set chest and tri workout Sun: Back & biceps (light) - (week 1&2) seated row Bent over row lat pulldown ---- Bicep curls, barbell hammer curls rope cable curls (week 3&4) Superset back and Bi workout Okay so that's generally my workout, I don't do HEAVY deadlifts because I work where I'm constantly bending and need to strengthen my lower back before I even think of trying harder, or else I'll hurt myself. My diet is generally the same most days (meal prep) 5am - breakfast 250g tofu, cherry tomatoes, spinach, spices 1TBS peanut butter 9am - first lunch break at work Mashed potato, broccoli, carrots & sweet corn (600ml container worth) Spaghetti with vegan butter & himalayan salt (600ml container worth) 12pm - second lunch break at work Generally the same thing 2:30pm - After work Small & quick snack, straight to gym to beat traffic 4pm - Post workout Protein shake (30g protein, 2g carbs, 1g fat) 4:30pm - post workout meal 1 cup of white rice, cooked in vegetable stock and himalayan salt banana & mango smoothie with soy milk 5:30-6pm five teaspoons of peanut butter 7:30pm - before bed meal 1 cup of white rice, cooked in vegetable stock and himalayan salt That's generally my day to day diet. I also take a multivitamin, flaxseed oil tablets & magnesium tablets If there's anything I should take out or add PLEASE let me know. ALL opinions are welcome and I'd love to hear some feedback, whether it's negative or nice.
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