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  1. i love lost! i can't stop watching it, gets u hooked. but i'm only on season 4, get them from netflix so i can watch several at one time. what season is playing now? 5 or 6?
  2. welcome. this is a great site, with lots of useful information.
  3. My whole foods in Albuquerque finally got Vega! i wrote them about carrying it and now they do! i am excited but it is still cheaper to buy online
  4. never tried that one, but "fallow your heart" vegan cheese is pretty good and it melts!
  5. i love the book! i became vegan after reading it, i thought it was funny, not offensive
  6. thanks man i think your hair looks great long.
  7. welcome to the forum, glad to have you. there is a lot of information on the site, so check it out
  8. i would like to try it, how much is it including shipping? are there any shirts left?
  9. http://i40.tinypic.com/349b144.jpg %5Bhttp%3A//i42.tinypic.com/14iizkg.jpg/img%5D http://i39.tinypic.com/2rzf2f5.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/14iizkg.jpg I am a hairstylist, so i change my hair a lot
  10. Great! i will buy it then. thank you Robert!
  11. are there any more sales on vega coming up? i think i missed the last one
  12. i think the people who make vega sell some good ones, sequal naturals?
  13. do they sell the vitamin d3 made from rye? i would like to find a vegan source
  14. i deleted my avitar and can't remember how to put a new one, can someone help remind me, thanks.
  15. aura


    welcome to the site!
  16. aura


    welcome to the best site on the web!
  17. isn't marriage about a union of love? anyone should be able to get married to anyone they love, people should have the freedom to choose isn't that why America is the "free" country? freedom of choice!
  18. i am sure you will be fine, i know people who are dresssing a lot more revealing the that, i think halloween is an excuse for girls to dress slutty, not me though i haven't decided what to be yet
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