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  1. Ive transitioned from vegetarian (3 months) to vegan (2 months now) but i havent take any supplement or b12 so far, i live in mexico so most of the supplements i find in internet are not available here si if you could guide me with the name of the vitamins id need with amounts and intake frequency id be appreciated. Thank you guys!
  2. Thank you for your comments, I've read that we should have 1gr of protein per pound in order to build muscle however I tried to calculte the protein in my diet plan and is about .5-.7 per pound, agree on having an exceed of protein would useless but my concern is if Im meeting the right amount. Half marathon sounds crazy, I've participated in 10km (6.3miles)races (for fun, not competition) and get veeery exhausted. Would change location with you as Im now going to Yucatan and is about 110F and even 91F during the night, hot as hell. Thanks for your reply and good luck with the training
  3. Hi everyone, Nice to have found this forum, I've got so many helpful tips for beginners from here. My name is Enrique and Im 27 yo from Yucatan but living in Mexico City and have finally decided to go Vegan after 2 months vegetarian. Its been a month and hasnt been hard apart from the gas and the bathroom visits, however, Ive always been regular to the gym and running and is not that im fit or so but I was gaining some weight these past months and have then loose some after vegan and unfortunately got sick at the same time . The brightside is that i also reduced some waist sizes Im planning to head back to the gym again and my nutritionist says i dont need too many protein to build muscle, eventhough Im skipping dinners time to time because I still feel full. Hope you could give me some tips about my protein amounts and workouts. Im 6.3 ft and 183 pounds or 190cm and 83kg. I have a slim body but all my fat accumulates in my hips and belly so Im looking to build some lean muscle while burning the fat around my waist. My diet plan now is: Breakfast 1 1 protein shake- 1 scoope soy protein, 3 oat spoons, 2 cups of spinach and kale and 1 banana Fruit before working out 1 soy protein scoop after workout Lunch Beans, rice, lots of vegetables Afternoon snack- chia pudding Dinner- beans or chickpeas with rice or quinoa and vegetables (some times i skip dinner or have humme with pita instead) On weekends i go to vegan restaurants or eat with my friends ( whatever i find like guacamole or mushroom tacos) I normally workout 3-4 days a week doing 3 series of 15 reps for 2-3 parts of the body, that takes me around 1-1:15hrs and do some HIIT for 20mins if possible, i also run or swim in the weekends. Sorry for the long post and thank you for building this amazing forum. Best regards from Mexico City
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