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  1. just bought a small tub of chocolate from foodfight!!!!!! i didnt even know you were gonna send free vega with it!!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU
  2. Just bought some vega- should come in the mail soon. Im excited!
  3. I just ordered a bunch of road's end "mac and CHREESE" from food fight vegan grocery. anyone tried this stuff before? I hope its good, cause i just ordered like 6 boxes :):)
  4. i take a multi most everyday with iron in it. it is the deva one-a-day. is this enough iron, or should I take an extra iron suplement? just wondering, and worrying about my iron. it seems like everytime i ask someone a question "why do i bruise easily?" "why do i have poor circulation in my feet?" they say "are you getting enough iron?" and I tell them about my daily multi. maybe i need more though? just wondering, vegan loves :) Heather
  5. revlon isnt tested on animals. i wish i had enough money to buy expensive organic perfect for the environment makeup, but alas, I cannot afford it. someday. I go cheapest I can for whatever's not tested on animals.
  6. I like revlon and almay. i also read somewhere that jane also does not test on animals (I am a poor college student). a REALLY good place to get cheap, non-animal tested products is http://www.eyeslipsface.com . at least, on their packaging it said "not tested on animals" when i ordered from there several years ago. I also just discovered on the bottles of VO5 shampoo that it says "not tested on animals". HORRAY for cheap delicious smelling shampoo! (be careful though, some of their stuff uses silk. dont know how ya'll feel about that, just thought i'd throw it out there).
  7. i've heard of people using veganism as an excuse to hide their eating dosorder. in fact, when i went vegan i lost a lot of weight. my family thought it was an eating dosorder, but really i have never been more healthy in my life. that was the frustrating part. they dont think that anymore, by the way.
  8. hey, i didnt know poison ivy outbreaks get worse after exposure, yuck! also, i was on the prednisone for like a week, maybe it got worse after i discontinued use? UGH!
  9. maybe someone can offer advice. im totally breaking out in rashes. i thought it was poison ivy on my legs but its been like two weeks now. now my face is red around my mouth area. 2 weeks ago the doctors prescribed me steroids for the poison ivy, and i took the pills as reccommended, except i missed a day and started them up again to finish off. also, i dunno if the face issue has anything to do with the poison ivy issue, but i've always had clear and glowing skin, except for about a month ago. was on birth control pills 2 years, stopped taking them early this summer, then just stated like 3 days ago again. the face thing has been acting up for about a month now. could be my body adjusting to not having hormones in my body, then readjusting to them again? it could be my body reacting from the steroid treatment from the poison ivy too, but either way... maybe its somethign entirely different. anyone have any ideas, anything? i just want my rashes to all go away could it be a food allergy? stress related? sleep? diet? no idea please help, if anyone can.
  10. b12 deficiency or b12 use can cause acne? weird, man!
  11. so yay, I finally have an appartment here at school, and get to grocery shopping on my own! I was wondering if anyone had any REALLY GOOD advice on outfitting a vegan kitchen with all the essentials for my diet on a super-tight college kids budget. Just wondering! <3 all you vegans!
  12. I've recently decided to start taking a vitamin b supplement. Its a veg. friendly b supplement with vitamin C. My question is, could vitamin b possibly improve zits? i started breaking out like crazy this summer after stopping birth control pills, and also due to stress. Since the b supplement my skin looks more glowing and clear, and its only been 2 days! I know b is goof for circulation, but could this effect zits? just wondering.
  13. hey thats so cool! Im going to rome this summer so I will DEFINITELY be trying that soy milk brand you reccommended. I remember you posted on here in answering my questions about eating vegan in italy. I dont speak italian, so Im gonna have some issues. The program will be able to serve me vegan meals for breakfast and lunch, but dinner is on my own. Did you bring anything on your trip "just in case" ? Im thinking of bringing some cereal packets, soy milk, and luna bars, then go grocery shopping when I got there. anyways Im curious about your experiences! Never been outta the country, and have only been vegan about a year, so this summer should prove interesting.
  14. OH MY GOD SUCESS!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend has been vegan for 5 days now, and says its the best hes felt in a LONG time. Last night he told one of his friends he gave up dairy. When they started laughing Nathan said "Dude, all I have to say is JUST TRY IT." He constantly tells me how he feels better, and that his stomach doesnt feel uncomfortable and full and bloated. Hes even started exercising again, and is just all around happy. I didnt even have to lecture him or try very hard to convince him. I think I called him a hippocrite once though. I mostly just dropped a couple tidbits about the dairy industry here and there. But he said the thing that sold him was how much better he felt, and how quickly he started feeling so good. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
  15. I've been talking to him a little, and he's actually been interested. He's not convinced yet, but I think I've planted the seed of thought in his head for right now. yayyyy.
  16. my boyfriend has been vegetarian for EIGHT YEARS. I have been meat free 2, vegan for almost a year. His reasons for going vegetarian match up perfectly with veganism. I would like him to consider going vegan, but feel I have no right to preach to him, as he influenced me to stop eating meat in the first place. Wondering some effective things I could say to change his mind. the other day we made DELICIOUS sandwitches, and he had bought cheese to put on his. after we were done devouring them, he said "WOW. I didn't even put cheese on that!!!!!" I was like "SEEEE!!!!!!" not sure I could convince him to go vegan. "I just love cheese" he says. That and hes stubborn, and doesn't want anypne to tell him what to do. I just want him to understand that eggs and dairy are just as cruel and gross. hmmmm maybe this is a pointless post, I dunno.
  17. anyone know if godiva dark chocolate is vegan? my roomates brother's wife is vegan, and she says he buys her godiva dark. just wondering.
  18. I would think they wouldn't be evil- I dont know how the cooks prepped the orzo, so who knows. I really hope it wasnt cheese
  19. Okay, so I posted a LONG time last semester about the meeting I set up last semester with my Dinning Hall about vegan food for me and other vegans. Well a lot of changes took place in the dinning hall recently, not just for vegans. I was invited to a dinner with the director of dinning services to discuss the changes made. For dinner they served me a salad with oil and vinegar, breaded eggplant on orzo pasta, and a fruit thing for dessert. It was very nice. When I firt got my dish however, I noticed some clumpy stuff the exact consistencey of cheese in my pasta. A waitress came by and asked me if there was a problem. A asked her what was in my pasta, and she got the chef, who told her olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and orzo pasta. Though not completely satisfied, I started eating around the clumps. Another vegan at the table got her dish and asked about the stuff as well. The chef came out AGAIN, and said that he had not added cheese. She was really upsett at this point and swore it was cheese. A girl who was vegetarian tried some of her rice, and said it could have been cheese. I mean, the stuff had the EXACT consistencey. The director of dinning services went over to talk to the girl at this point, and they got the box of pasta and everything. No cheese. The chef came out again and said it was a starch from the way the pasta was cooked. my question is has anyone ever cooked orzo? anyone ever noticed this cheese-like starchey stuff emerging from the cooking process? And if not, what could it be? Overcooking? The way the pasta is made? Why would the chef lie? Other dishes did not have cheese in them, so it wasn't a mix up. I tried some of the clumpey stuff and it didnt taste like cheese-I feel like I'd remember what cheese would taste like. Im curious for some feedback on this one.
  20. I love Kiss MY Face- I use their deoderant, lotion, face wash, and facial lotion!!!!!
  21. wow havent checked back in a while, but THANKS!!!! Great research, very much appreciated! *HUG!*
  22. WOW THAT IS SO HELPFUL! THANKS!!!!!!!! -Heather
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