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  1. looks like im going to be spending 4 weeks in rome this summer! i just got accepted into operafest di roma, so providing i raise the money and such i will be there! The program says it'll offer vegan food- but in the evenings we eat on our own I think.... not quite sure yet. how do i figure out how to eat vegan IN ANOTHER COUNTRY??!!! anyone ever dealt with this??? anyone live in italy??? thanks guys (as always)
  2. hahaha yeah sometimes- like now. im out of money, and the d-hall SUCKS on the weekends. all it has for dinner is pizza, burgers and fries, a pasta bar (wattery and nasty), the salad bar (leftover brown veggies- NASTY!) and cereal. like yesterday i ate fries and old carrots. it was gross. when i have money i usually eat chinese, taco bell, or subway. i REALLY wish we had a health food store here- but no. Me and my friends love to cook on weekends too (again- need money though). we love to make spachetti with garlic and fresh bell peppers and onions! my friend danny loves to make bread in his bread machine- and now makes all his bread vegan for me- he says he likes it better that way, too! or we'll cook portabella burgers- can you tell i am hungry? i just cant wait to go home after exams and eat real delicious vegan food.............
  3. another question! whew I am full of questions sometimes. Is "emer'gen-c" powedered vitamin fizzy drink thingie vegan? i see it has b-12. doesn't b-12 ONLY come from animal sources? I thought I read otherwise, but I saw a thing that said it was only found in animal sources. how do I know if the b-12 in this is vegan or not? hmmmm. confusing!
  4. Don't let him fool you, last year this state tried to ban baggy pants. I'm applying to VCU to finish up my undergrad. We'll see how that goes. I might just end up going somewhere I can commute. Dandylioness, my friend went to Longwood, and I remember as dead as farmville was there was some little restaurant/shop by her apartment that had veg hot dogs. I was like yay for farmville. yeah that place closed. very sad. as soon as I went veg I was like "lets go there". then i realized it had closed. aaah. but theres a new little place called P.E. Bean which has an amazing vegetarian sandwitch that I get without cheese everytime I get a paycheck. great coffee, too (SOY LATTE'S!) plus we're getting a panera! probably wont be open till i graduate though....
  5. Before going vegan were you accustomed to eating a fair amount of seafood? I'm wondering if you may be deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly alpha-linolenic acid. Awhile back I posted a topic on how omega-3 rich flax seeds brought significant fullness and volume to my thinning hair. I underwent a very dramatic and welcome change within a six week period just by adding 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds to my morning cereal. Seriously try this--it is just about the cheapest remedy available for promoting thicker, faster growing hair. WOW SOUNDS AMAZING! Yes I was into this whole "fish only" thing a LONG TIME before going vegetarian, due to things I read about fish in health magazines. and I have eaten seafood my whole life. except for the past couple years!!!! (vegetarian 2 yrs, vegan 6 months) I've got ground flaxseed in my food stash, Im going to eat some RIGHT NOW!!!! bought it when i went vegan, used it about 5 times, hahaha. im seriously gonna try this, thanks.
  6. hey I think I have a cousin in Denton TX, not sure though- I can never remember where they live!
  7. my hair has thinned significantly since going vegan. any advice? Im looking into DEVA hair-skin-nails. It used to be too thick for a claw clipey, now I can hold my hair up in a bun with one clipey. its also weaker. What can I do? Anyone else have this problem? Sorry I dont post much, but I really am busy here at school. I really do appreciate everyone's comments though- you all rock so much! -Heather
  8. My multivitamin makes me pee neon. why?!
  9. heres mine: snickerdoodlei I enjoy AIM, especially now that its harder to actively post topics and visit the forum while Im so busy at school and what not. feel free to IM, I always am looking for more vegan buddies!!!!! much love
  10. For those of you who read my rant about the non vegan alfredo: I totally emailed the head of my dining hall and he appologized and agreed to meet with me and look at my vegan cookbooks!
  11. awwwww thanks guys!! this board is full of amazing people.
  12. hey cool! im gonna do that too when my hair gets long enough that i wont look completely strange when i cut it.
  13. Yesterday in the "good for you" section of our college dining hall they had "vegan alfredo". Skeptical, I asked for the ingredients. Sure enough, the pasta was blatantly made with cheese sauce. This has happened before with this particular dish but this time I actually CARED so I decided to fill out a comment card and complain, to which my boyfriend told me there was a "border between being opinionated and just plain being annoying". Shouldnt I have the right to know whats in my food, and shouldnt I try to straighten things out with my dining hall? grrrrrr it made me so mad, but what made me even madder was that my boyfriend wasnt supportive, he just told me i was being annoying. i dont want to be "that annoying vegan chick", but I dont want to let them get away with labeling cheese items "vegan". I was so mad. just thought I'd rant to a group of people who understand.
  14. welcome! people here are really helpful
  15. I just went on a run (i dont usually run) but it just felt SO EASY! I went for 20 minutes and it felt like a walk in the park. I usually feel like im working really hard when i run. i was going up and down hills all around my campus and WOW I feel amazing. I've only been vegan for a couple months or so. have any of you felt that working out has been EASIER since going vegan?
  16. hmmm i know i have been away from theese boards for a long time (been on vacation!!!!) but i have a question concerning my weight. a LOT of people have noticed that i have lost weight in the past year. i am currently 5 foot 7.5 inches and weigh 123 pounds (depending on what scale i use). today the scale said 120 but yesterday it said 123. anyways my mom thinks i need to gain weight. i really dont excersize regularly, though i would if i had the time. wow that is a lame excuse, but i really am a very busy girl. my question: is this an unhealthy weight? i really felt like i was unhealthy a couple years back when i was almost up to 140 (not vegetarian at the time). i feel extremely healthy now, and i eat all the time. people always ask if im eating enough, etc. they always say i look "so skinny!!!". i dont know if this is bad. my mom has confronted me twice, asking me if i was anorexic/bulemic!!!!!! i just dont understand. this couldnt be farther from the truth!!!! i can seriously shove some food in my face!!! i dont get it!
  17. good call. like i said earlier, im a very new vegan, and plan to stay that way. i hear SO many people say "i was vegetarian....TILL I HAD KIDS...." im always like, WHY?! i dont wanna be like that. i wanna stay.
  18. hah! i bought that one once! i love that place, i definitely dont have anything close to that around here. theres a natural marketplace, but its real small.
  19. hey this is random, i know! anyways my boyfriend lives in midlothian, so i like to stop at ellwood thompsons in richmond and cruise around when i go and visit him. anyone familiar with this place? i love that i can buy vegan carrot cake there!!!!! and eggless egg salad!
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