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  1. wow you look great! so many people dont believe me when i say there are vegan bodybuilders. how long have you been vegan?
  2. wow. crazy links. i disagree with the crazy vegan man for threatening to kill his kid. i mean, being vegan shouldnt he be against murder of all kinds, ESPECIALLY that of your CHILD??!!!!!! even if it WAS a threat.... i mean ocme on its your kid. it seems to me that raising a kid vegan would be really healthy. I would like to do so in the future. but if i run the risk of malnourishment i would definitely say no. im still a new vegan. i know milks not healthy, but today someone told me there were enzymes in milk meant only for humans. i didnt have anything to say because i hadnt heard this before.
  3. wondering what ya'll thought about that family that has been charged with child abuse for raising their kids vegan. I dont know anything on the topic, but I have heard people reference it.
  4. haha i might have said this before, i dont know, but last week someone at work questioned a peice of bread i was eating. they said "bread has lard in it, and lard comes from butter! besides, butter is made out of eggs!" hahahahahahaha its more funny now than it was last week.
  5. Im not a bodybuilder or anything, but i take a multi each day to make sure i get what i need. just got a multi-vitamin from ellwood thompsons in richmond. that and I just started eating ground up flax seed in my oatmeal in the morning. willpeavy, i almost bought that omega-zen stuff offline, is it good?
  6. vegan ravioloi??? wow, where do I find it??!!!
  7. wow that is great! I'll tell her to check out the boards!
  8. thanks! its so cool that you knew a whole group of vegans at school! I know of maybe two at my school. Me and a friend are actually trying to start a group for vegetarians/vegans to join so we can all meet each other. we're going to discuss our problems with the dining hall and find a way to respectfully present them to the company. I know a BUNCH of vegetarains, and we want to have a veggie pot-luck once in a while. but alas no vegans! cool website, thanks!
  9. I am worried that when I go back to college in a couple weeks it will be really hard for me to stay began. I rely on the D-hall for most of my meals, and I know that they only serve one vegan meal a day (same one for breakfast and dinner). I can switch it up a bit with the salad bar, or make a pb and j and grab some fruit, but I know im going to get sick of the same thing everyday. they have soymilk, but only vanilla. i liek plain. i know i will go to the grocery store for dorm room food, but i dont have tons of money to spend at the grocery market like when im home and i can just get my mom to pick me up some stuff. also there is no natural food marketplace type thing there. it is so nice to be able to cook my own foods here at home, but i rarely have time/resources to cook at school. I've only been vegan since this summer, and i am commited to follow through the school year. i just dont want to starve myself. I mean I AM a college student, low budget and all. any tips?
  10. thanks everyone! I'll pass it on. she has been waitressing for 3 years, but only as a summer job. some days she is at work from 11 am until 10 at night, of course with breaks, but that is still a crazy shift to pull!!!!!! she eats a balanced diet from what i understand, i mean we do talk about it a lot! usually a bananna and green tea for beakfast? I usually see her eating cottage cheese at dinnertime with a salad and a desert. also the place we work is good on providing vegetarian items (not so good on vegan ones though), although all the vegetarian items are LOADED in cheese or butter. could an INCREASE in dairy products from meateater to vegetarian be a reason for exhaustion??
  11. cool! I went to the store today and bought some ground up flax seeds. I guess I'll just stir some in my oatmeal or something! but I also found this wonderful natures valley "flax/pumpkin seed granola" cereal. i bought it and it tastes real good! and it has omega 3 and 6
  12. My friend just became vegetarian (not vegan) this summer. She has noticed an EXTREME decline in her energy since. She works a lot (waitressing, carrying heavy objects, etc) and gets enough rest (according to her, even though she is up late a lot) and for the past couple weeks has just been so run down. She thinks its diet related, but i dont know what to tell her because my energy levels are so high, and when i stopped eating meat al year and a half ago i didnt go through anything she is going through, just some protein craving headaches in the first month or so that eventually went away as my body detoxified. she has lost weight and her skin has improved, but she is constantly concerned about her energy. what advice can i offer?
  13. hey just today my dad was asking me "do you know ANYONE who has been a vegan for an extended period of time???" I was like "yes but i only met them online!!!" ANYWAYS you are definitely an inspiration! I've been vegan maybe 2 months, but I plan to stay vegan. its great that your wife went through pregnancies and everything went well! its funny how most people think that wouldnt work! Its great you and your family are living proof that veganism is so darn healthy (instead of unhealthy, which is what everyone i know seems to think)!!!!!!!!!!
  14. hey cg it is a lioness i found it on google by typing in "lioness" and searching images. and to michael the vegetarian festival would be fun! i bet it would feel GREAT to be surrounded by veg*ns, instead of always feeling like the odd one out....
  15. awww thanks! wow already everyone here seems so nice! I looked up vitamins on veganessentials.com. I think Im going to buy a vegan multi and a vegan omega 3. I found out a couple weeks ago that though my multivitamin doesnt have gelatin, it had other animal-derived ingredients.
  16. that is so weird i have actually noticed a difference as well! i just got 3 cavities filled today. i was so confused because i eat so healthy (most of the time ). but the dental hygenist told me that lots of fruits and fruit juice can to the same thing that candy bars and soda do, even they're so much better for your bod. but i do need to start taking omega 3. is there a supplement or something made from flax???
  17. hey not only am i new to this site, i am a new vegan as well. im 19 years old (almost 20) and i've been vegan since late june. Im really just hoping to meet some vegans and share ideas and health tips because i dont know any vegans really at all. it always helps to have a support group of people who understand the things you stand for. a lot of people around here are so uninformed about the things they eat it makes me so upsett! today some girl told me butter was made out of eggs and that there was probably lard in the bread i was eating. (it was vegan). I was like "wake up, honey..." if only people would do some research. anyways, i'd love to meet people! Im always up for some new tips. I just got all new vegan shampoo and soap and face wash and makeup... people always ask me about calcuim and omega-3 fatty acid. any tips??
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