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  1. Why focus on low-fat foods? Did you feel satiated on the paleo diet? If so, you could try mimicking it with the vegan diet: high fat, high protein vegan foods. If not, well...not feeling satiated is kind of an inevitable part of caloric restriction. Maybe you just need to get used to eating vegan. Are you starting a vegan diet and starting caloric restriction at the same time? I remember that eating flesh gave me a sense of heaviness in my stomach that I've never felt as a vegan. That feeling could be construed as satiety, and not feeling it could be something that has to grow on a person.
  2. There aren't a lot of ways to eat very high protein, very low carb on a vegan diet. Tons of soy products or protein powders are about the only things you can do. I think something that people in general don't understand is that bodybuilding and diets with very unbalanced macros are more or less unnatural (depending on how extreme the practice), so people who do these things have to eat unnaturally. For non-vegans, that means eating insane amounts of flesh and powders. For vegans, that means eating insane amounts of soy and powders. I don't see that there is any way around this except moderating the diet.
  3. Did you go full vegan right away? If so, try a gradual move to vegan meals with whole, simple ingredients. Give yourself time to adjust. Stop eating weird foods like protein isolate and raw vinegar.
  4. Try decreasing your sodium intake if you've not tried it already.
  5. B12 is the only supplement (fortification is also a type supplement) vegans in industrialized living conditions need, given a generally balanced diet. I don't know what the above poster means by eating "good food," but I ate good vegan food for years and still ended up with health problems that were immediately eliminated once I started taking B12. Don't skip it.
  6. Does anyone here lift at all on a raw vegan diet? My main goal is to lower my bodyfat percentage, and my high-carb (cooked) vegan diet does not seem to be working any longer (I lost 18 lbs. last year but haven't been able to lose anymore fat). I lift to stay toned; I'm not really interested in building much muscle. Also does anyone know of any way to accurately estimate caloric needs? I feel weak sometimes and I'm afraid that I'm undereating, but I often don't feel very hungry. I used CRON-O-Meter when I was mostly just dieting (not working out much), but now that I'm exercising a lot more, I don't think it's accurate.
  7. Thank you for your response. Since I posted my question, I've eliminated the hunger problem by cutting out squats, which was always the most difficult exercise for me. My thighs were more sore than they should have been, and I think my body desperately trying to repair itself may have caused the hunger pangs. Who knows, maybe I increased my squat weight too quickly. I'm loathe to give up my high-carb diet (especially for fatty tofu, nuts, seeds, and seitan, a wheat product), and my goal is to get lean/lose fat, not put on a lot of muscle. I hope that cardio and benching, overhead press, deadlifts, rows, and maybe 1-2 sets of squats is enough. I realized that I was gaining muscle without losing fat, so getting bulky was another reason to scale back the squats.
  8. I've been a vegan for 6 years, and I've been following the Stronglifts5x5 program for a few months now. I lost about 18 lbs. last year, now I'm trying to get lean. I've come for some nutritional and fat-loss advice. I'm an editor and I live in California.
  9. I am a 5-ft. tall, 110-lb. female. I started the Stronglifts5x5 program (3 days per week) about 2.5 months ago, and I cycle on 3 off days and take one day of complete rest from exercise. No known medical problems besides hypoglycemia, which I've controlled for years by eating every 3-4 hours. Within the last couple of weeks, I've begun to have intense hunger pangs in the afternoon, as if I hadn't eaten for a day or two. I would eat and eat and eat until I was stuffed, including high-calorie junk food, but the hunger pangs would return within a couple of hours or less. I found that eating Clif Bars was the only thing that eliminated the hunger, so I assume that I'm not getting enough protein. My regular diet is high-carb vegan (mostly raw oat bran, potatoes, and brown rice). I've tried adding legumes to my diet, but it's not working. Protein bars are the only thing that satisfy me. I'm having 15 g Livfit protein powder with breakfast, but I still begin to get hunger pangs at lunchtime. I'd rather avoid processed foods (protein powder and bars), but I don't know what else to do at this point. I feel like I'm starving to death 2–3 times per day. What other high-protein vegan foods can I try? I'm also trying to lose fat, so I don't want anything fatty. Stronglifts does not seem like a heavy-duty lifting program, and I'm only cycling for half an hour, so I don't understand why I seem to need so much protein. Thanks for your help.
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