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  1. Hello Everyone, I have joined here to find a friendly community that can understand and help me further my plant based athletics. My journey started late 2013 when I was at a peak of 260lbs, and had just learned I had really high cholesterol and fatty buildup in my eyes threatening blood clots, in addition to stopping breathing in the middle of the night and almost not being to restart thinking I was going to die at that moment alone in the middle of the night. This led me to research and plant based nutrition. Vegan Body Building was one of the first websites I found and bookmarked way back then. Looks like it took a couple years to come back around. Since that early time I have made the full transition to being plant based, have been for about 2 solid years now. Although I do occasionally allow a vegetarian meal to slip in a couple times a year. During this 2 years time I have gone from 260 to 170lbs, thats 90lbs of weight loss. I will admit a large amount was muscle mass unfortunately as in the beginning I did not know what I was doing. I remember thinking the guys at work where tightening the water valve extra tight to screw with me, after a few times of that it dawned on me how weak I was becoming. Even though at the very same time I was transitioning into running as my new primary activity. Alot has changed, and some has not changed, and some things still need change. Since my journey began I have ran many running races including to marathons, the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC on Oct 25 15' and the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA this Feb 7th 16' I have also completed a Olympic Distance Triathlon and a 70mile bike race through 7,400ft of mountain ranges, in addition to lots of smaller races, mostly running races. As you can tell Endurance sports are my goto game. But getting back to all that muscle I lost, yep having a hard time rebuilding that, in addition I have been stuck solid at 20% body fat for 1 year solid. So these are my main 2 reasons for being here, #1) LOSS Body FAT (Goal being 8-12%) #2) BUILD Muscle (Effective Lean Endurance Machine Muscle) I am really hoping this community can help me in my goals. Thank You to all and look forward to seeing you on the Forums!
  2. And you obviously love the best OS in the world, Linux, haha
  3. Bonjur Sonia, Welcome to the forums, I am new here too. How long have you been secretly vegan? I am secretly trying to learn French I also ride a French bicycle, Peugeot Parle plus tard,
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