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  1. HI there has anyone had an issue with pea protein isolate? I seem to have some sort of inflammation in my knees plus a few pains in other places, I wasn't sure it was the pea protein, but I didn't have any for a few days then had some again and same issue, I have no problems with peas cooked or raw, I even like the taste of the pea portein, I don't get it, with others like pre-made mixes like vivo life or raw revolution, vega or sun warrior and they all have pea protein in, any ideas? Any advice or questions would be totally welcome. Many thanks
  2. hi there my names mark, many years ago used to use weight's since that time i've i've been from one end to the other with regards to health & wellbeing but the last 5 years been working on being a holistic health coach. & have come here for some advice about a few things one is on equipment for a small apartment ( foldable bench & dumbbells weight set ) plus exercises for helping a R.S.I. to the shoulder. if one of you lovely people could tell me the best section to drop a line or two in that would be awesome. many thanks guy's
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