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  1. I was having the same problem and it really sucks let me know how the rice protein works
  2. Good for you switching over you truly are going to live a better life style.
  3. If its a small space get a total gym there are so many workouts you can have your clients do on it and it doesn't take up too much room and a squat cage is essential.
  4. I'm sure if you google it the answer will come right up but what kind are you making?
  5. If you are trying to gain weight cardio is not the way to go cardio helps you lose weight I agree with doing HIIT and lift instead of cardio. Lifting will help you get big the fastest.
  6. I had lower back problems too and it was due to my hamstrings when I loosened them my back problems went away.
  7. Hi all I am new to this site and just wanted a little more clarification on what exactly the 811 diet is?
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