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  1. Hello, I'm 25 years old and I have been weightlifting on and off, off most of the time due to the poor results. Until April of this year I began taking bodybuilding seriously and I also began seeing results. My shirts now fit tighter (in a good way), sleeves began fitting tighter and best of all people began asking when they noticed the results. I mean it's nothing huge, but when you've been skinny all your life, even the smallest gain is a gain. Not only I began putting muscle in the right parts, but fat in the wrong parts (or anywhere for that matter). My hips began getting wider and my stomach bigger, almost noticeable through my shirts. This is where I found out about how Ectomorphs can also be fat. I feel being a skinny-fat ectomorph is probably the worst scenario, being skinny and fat at the same time and a hard gainer to top it off. How worse can it get? I mean an ectomorph, sure is a hardgainer, but at least has a six pack since infancy. Muscles are very much visible. Anyways before finding out about the existence of skinny-fat ectomorphs my diet would revolve in eating a lot, clean and green, but a lot. I would try to eat as much as protein as possible. In the morning right after waking up I would have oatmeal/soymilk/raw hemp. Then a green juice. For lunch I would have steamed zucchini/eggplant/tomatoes/onions/texturesoyprotein/nutritional yeast and either quinoa or wholegrain rice. Very large portions, almost to the point where I got full. I would later have 4 serving of either chickpeas or lentels as a midday snack and same thing I had for lunch two hours later. A banana before working out and a protein green juice post workout, before bedtime. Lots of water throughout the day. I have oatmeal on rest day, last thing before going to bed to avoid my body cannibalizing my muscles (I forgot the term). I workout three to four times a week, mixing two muscles groups per day. Lifting heavy and doing three sets of 8 to 12 reps. I do some body weight exercises before working out to warm up instead of cardio. No cardio at all, which is probably why fat is catching up. I read numerous of articles saying ectomorphs should avoid cardio and focus more on weights and bulking. Now that I have somewhat bulked or gained muscle, what's the best way to loose the fat without loosing muscle? I'm hopping some of you can share your experiences. I'm thinking about cutting my meal portions (what's the best way to measure your daily carb/protein/sugar/etc intakes?). I'm also thinking about doing short amounts of cardio everyday, like sprinting and walking for 15 minutes instead of jogging for longer. My goal is to get as cut as possible and not too bulky. Sorry for the long post, I hope there's people out there sharing the same difficulties. Hope to hear soon from all of you. Thanks in advance.
  2. Yah, I was planning on that also, but seems I would need too many coconuts. Mind sharing your recipe?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a good post exercise coconut sugar free water. Most that I've seen at the stores have sugar added for flavor, I was wondering if there's a good healthy and natural coconut water. A friend recommended Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water. Hope someone can help. -Abraham
  4. Yeah I'm also starting to get worried. I've never done running as part of my daily life, so I'm sure as of now I'm only capable of running around 1 mile a day. Thanks for the info, I'm starting my training Monday. I'm gonna try running at a longer distance each day at a moderate speed and on the weekends at a faster speed to beat my weekday timings.
  5. First of all I have never taken running seriously, I would only run back in high school 4 years ago but nothing serious. My aunt invited me to the 26 Mile Los Angeles Marathon, which is on the 26 of March (anyone else from here going?). I decided to take the challenge, because I have always wanted to be in one. I have more than 2 months to get myself prepare, if anyone could give me any tips, or point a finger at a direction on how to get started anything helps. I was also planning on starting P90X this Monday, would it be too much? I'm a 22 year old slim male, if that helps. Thanks in advance, hope to hear from all of you soon
  6. Hello, I'm going back to the gym after 3 months. Previously I was doing a 3 day a week chest workout, which focused primary on chest Now that I'm going back, I want to focus on every muscle group, breaking it down to one muscle group per day. My question is, is it ok to focus a whole day on shoulders and biceps and triceps alltogether? I see many people focusing on shoulders and legs one day then another on biceps and shoulders. I'm wondering since wouldn't it make sense since you got most of the blood flowing around your arms, but then again I think you would probably overwork your biceps? Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah a zip tie, that's what I meant haha. I have come to wonder if even everything we eat is "100% Vegan" or even other nutrients/protein shakes that come in nicer packages with nutrition labels are what they claim to be. Most of canned food already contains some sort of bug that many don't realize.
  8. I ordered from them once and came in a bag sealed with a simple plastic knot (not sure what they're called). I wasn't even sure what I was drinking or if it had the exact protein grams it claimed on the site. It did taste like pea, but there's still no way to make sure I was drinking the stated protein. Anyone who's more related with them, are they a reliable site? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the reply. There was this other site that mentioned how many animals are killed every hour/minute/second which I cannot find anymore, any idea?
  10. I've decided to use environment and health for problems caused by animal agriculture, and leave moral and feelings for the conclusion. I think it's better to use statistics and facts to have a deeper impact on the audience, rather than personal feelings and beliefs. It will look something like this: Main Point 1: Problems A. Environment-Explain how the environment is being affected by animal agriculture, less land, global warming B. Health-Talk about all the diseases consuming meat and diary bring Main Point 2: Cause (This is pretty much were all statics go and good sources to back them up) A. Environment- Explain the impact animal waste etc. it has on the planet. statistics. Greenhouse gases rising. B. Health-How many people die a year. statistics. Main Point 3: Solution A. Environment- awareness B. Health-consume less meat as possible, (to back up my statement, source, I can also use vegan bodybuilding/fitness, or like the other thread how it's believed that gladiators were vegan. Even though it's not a source I can use it as an example) For my conclusion I'm trying to come up with something that will leave the audience thinking something deep, this is where I can use morality. Something like what Vegan Joe shared would def help. Relevance statement (Why should we care?), and my conclusion is what I'm having trouble with. If anyone can help me come up with something, anything helps. Books, websites, academic journals articles to use for sources are also appreciated. Another thing, does anyone know how many animals are killed in slaughterhouses each year? I'm having trouble finding out how many are killed each year, month, hour, minute. I think sharing this would help my attention getter for my intro. Thanks again, hope to hear from all of you soon.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I'm a bit behind (it's due Thursday), but with all your replies and ideas it's def gonna make it easier and faster. I like Maslow's Heirarchy, never heard about it but it def works out as a source to back up my statement, (I forgot to mention, I need sources to backup all my topics). Yeah, you're right it has to be crystal clear. I was just a little bit lost and I didn't even know where to start. I'm picking Animal Agriculture as my topic, animal vivisection also sounds great and thanks for bringing it up, but I'd rather just go with animal agriculture to not get mixed up and keep it short an simple. I was planning on using greed more to describe the food industry, how it's basically them caring for profits and not really on the health of the consumer or environment or the damage they do. The solution could be to think twice where your money goes. Thanks for sharing, lots of interesting lines, this will def help my intro/attention getter.
  12. I decided to pick animal rights as my topic for my persuasive speech for my public speaking class. I'm looking for ideas, topics, issues, statistics, anything that can help me move the class with emotion, and hopefully have them consider try out a veg diet. I'm having trouble coming up with a revelance statement (Why should we care?). It should be 2-5 simple sentences, I'm just trying to make it as informative and educational as possible. The speech is split into three categories: Problems, Cause, and Solutions (2 sub categories each) For problems I'm thinking animal agriculture and I need another topic. Causes, hm I can probably go with greed and people not being as alerted. Solutions, I'm going with a veg diet and maybe donating to animal campaigns. Hope to hear some of your ideas, like I mentioned, I want to make it as educational as possible and moving, something that will have a huge impact on the audience. Thanks in advance.
  13. There's no muscle in wrists so you probably won't see much difference, the good news though it's all about proportions, I have bony wrists as well and even the slightest muscle gain in my forearms makes it look much bigger.
  14. It's nuts how high that guy can kick.
  15. Been meaning to try it out, and I'm finally going next week to check out a place in Los Angeles. Does anyone here practice it, have stories, tips that would like to share?
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