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  1. Hey man some late night (healthy of course) snacking does wonders for mass. Before I go to bed I eat 2 pieces of whole grain toast absolutely covered in peanut butter, bananas and some dashes of cinnamon. I usually wash it down with a big glass of almond milk, but sometimes water. I was 195 lb. before going vegan a year ago...dropped down to about 175 but have been eating more and working out more the last 2 months and back to around 185 now. Hope my little snack tip helps you out!
  2. Try this... I used a piece of plastic pvc pipe 2 in. diameter, about 2 ft. long. I then drilled a hole straight through the middle and used some rubber coated wire (all I had in the garage, but string etc. will work) thread through the hole and tie in a knot. Tie a D-clip on the other end (make sure it's small enough to fit through the middle of your plate weights, might have to do some thinking if you don't use Olympic sized plates) and now you have a cheap and effective forearm tool! Just act like you are wringing out a wet towel and roll the thing up and down, with desired weight attached, with arms outstretched! We had similar things in the high school football weight room way back in the day, that's where I got the idea. Your forearms will be burning after doing a few sets of these. I use 5-15 lb. depending on a lot of factors.
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