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  1. I trained yesterday but didn't log it, it was heavyish squats and moderate bench Deadlift (up to knees) 135x3 160x3 190x3 for 4 sets Board Press: 70x3 80x3 90x3 100x2 100x2 105x1 105x1 105x1 DL (below knees off blocks) 175x3 205x3 230x2 230x2 245x1 245x1 245x1 Lat muscles (pull downs) 65x8 5 sets Goodmornings (standing) 50x5 4 sets
  2. Hello, I'm from OH too Firstly, if you're feeling overwhelmed, I think it's okay to start out with some meal replacement shakes/protein shakes, but I wouldn't use those all day. Do you have the opportunity to meal prep at all? It seems like it would be beneficial to get a coach at least for diet. I'd do some research and contact some vegan friendly diet coaches online and go from there. OR, if you don't feel ready for that, maybe start slow by tracking what you're eating on My Fitness Pal, and trying to drink more water (a gallon/day is a good start)
  3. I'm currently doing the Sheiko app which is pretty intense and wonderful usually (although sometimes not going over 70-75% for most days is a little frustrating to me) Today is (numbers are in pounds) Bench: 60lbsx5 70x4 80x3 90x2 for 4 sets Squat: 120x4 140x4 165x4 for 4 sets Bench: 75x3 85x3 100x2 for 4 sets Lats: (Lat pull downs) 75x6 for 5 sets Hyperextensions: 8 reps for 4 sets then 15-20 minutes of steady cardio If you want to watch videos of this happening my IG is @sammiliftsdailey
  4. Do you feel like your deadlift is better when you don't train squats? I've always heard squat helps your DL but DL doesn't do much for your squat. Just curious on your feelings on that topic.
  5. I don't have much advice for losing fat without muscle, as I seem to not be able to lose any fat but keep gaining muscle, hah. Honestly I think you should find a coach to get macros from. You can use MyFitnessPal to track, but i admit it's quite annoying to have to weigh and portion everything and log it when you're eating mostly raw fruits/vegetables. It takes a big commitment to do that (although, planning your meals beforehand makes it easier, and if you're down to eat the same thing for months- go for it.) Eventually I hear you get good enough at guessing the macros to things and doing macro-math in your head that you won't necessarily need a meal plan, but I do think it's really helpful to have macros when you're trying to reach a goal and starting out. I, personally, use protein shakes, but I've been lifting for a good year, consistently, and i'm trying to build as much muscle as possible right now, and my protein macros are pretty high. Also, I don't know how true it is, but I've been told by numerous coaches to only do cardio AFTER weight training. Maybe try that out and see if you notice a difference in a few weeks.
  6. Hello! My name's Sammi, just turned 25, just had my 6 year veganniversary, and i've been on a powerlifting program for about 9 months now. I was with a coach but am currently doing the Sheiko training app. I plan to do my first competition in December or early next year. My current PRs are squat: 245lbs dl: 275 lbs bench: 115 lbs (I haven't tested my 1RM's in a long time though, and i'm pretty confident i've made some significant jumps in bench and squat) Until then, I'm trying to lose weight to get into a lower weight class that I would actually be competitive in. If anyone's interested in IG fitness journeys, my IG name is @sammiliftsdailey Otherwise, I'll try to stay pretty active on this forum
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