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  1. What is your aversion to a gym? When you say you don't want to go to the gym, does that mean you want to do bodyweight workouts/low equipment workouts at home? Or that you don't want to do any kind of resistance training? "Toning up" is largely done in the kitchen. Clean up your diet and eat less calories than you expend. As for workouts, "Never Gymless" and/or "Full Throttle Conditioning" both feature some incredibly hard conditioning drills that can be done with little or no equipment, plus easier routines to work up to the tough stuff. They'll be worth their weight in silver when you find what works for you. Work hard and you'll come back next season a real contender... The skies the limit.
  2. Jump rope first thing in the AM. Work up to 3 x 3m with 1m rest between sets. Do this at max intensity, 5+ days a week. Depending on current fitness levels, you may want to start with 45 second sets, working your way up to 3 minutes. Pace should be fast, and it should never get to where you're plodding easily through the 3 minute sets. Aim to always jump faster and harder. Do tough conditioning workouts 3x week. Buy the book Never Gymless for some incredibly hard conditioning drills sans equipment. Are you male or female?
  3. Stronglifts is a decent program, and a decent program is a decent program. That said, it is basically a rip off of Rippetoes (superior, imo) Starting Strength program. Suggest that to people.
  4. Since no one has responded, I'll chip in. http://www.ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms/Main/captainsofcrush.html Get em, and use em. You can buy them as hard as you like Rock climb Pullups with only fingertips wrapped around top of bar Rope climbing/Rope pullups/Towel pullups My forearm strength/grip was the strongest ever when I rode BMX daily.
  5. I just canceled my Anytime Fitness membership, rates are hovering around $42-50 for my area these days, so it's not really any cheaper than most other gyms. The 24 hour access is nice, but there are many versions of Anytime Fitness, some clubs are decent, some outright suck (usually their "express" facilities that rarely have DBs over 50 lbs., power racks, benches or any barbells whatsoever). Worth checking out, but probably won't be low-cost. Good call. OP, do post back when you find out how much they want for membership.
  6. Without knowing how you define reasonable, 24 hour fitness in Denver will run you around $35 a month, maybe less if you get some kind of "deal", which I think is pretty reasonable. There is also a Fitness Anytime, which will probably be $20-$30ish, but won't have as many amenities (no sauna, pool, basketball courts, etc) Both will get you access to other clubs in the US... helpful if you travel.
  7. I am actually going to start making a cool vegan power weight lifting shirt. I really don't care about selling them, I just want to have like 10 of them for myself, and always have a clean workout shirt. And i've got the ability to do dumb shit like that
  8. oh! I believe you did say you'd send one at my request, but maybe I misread. how much are you paying for t shirts? shoot me a PM, i'm in the clothing business
  9. send me my shirts and i'll get you some good en's!
  10. cool comp. i'm feeling stronger and bigger every day. look forward to the next one.
  11. and 8 months later I bought the Ironwork II from dynamic fitness for $122 shipped. Great buy. They make a huge difference. Your feet feel like they are stuck to the floor. Really solid.
  12. definitely gonna have to sit on this one for a few days
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