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  1. They say the mind is the second thing to go. I can't remember what the first is.
  2. That is a really good site. Lots of good information. Thanks. I liked the song, too.
  3. I thought your ninja movie was great! Any chance of working with film?
  4. I meant no disrespect. You will notice that I also refered to a human as an "it." Our English language lacks the right words. If I say, "A person went to the store to have their bike repaired," there is not agreement between the subject (singular) and the predicate (plural). If I say, "his" bike, I am being sexist (if I am speaking generally, not about a specific person). If I say "its" bike, I am being insensitive I meant no disrespect. On a more positive note: I heard a report of a rescue worker pulling up to a house in "his" boat. A man in the window asked him if they could bring their pets. The worker said, "No, we don't have room." The reporter, at a slightly different angle and closer to the window, saw a woman near the bed saying, "Get your little whiskers in there," as she put her cats into a duffle bag. Then she came to the window, smiled at the rescuer and gently handed her bag to her husband. The reporter said nothing.
  5. Try not to beat yourself up, man. Remember that newspapers always report the worst news. Most people are good and will help others when they can. There may be people looking out for her right now!
  6. I totally don't get this, Robert. How can you do 135 pull ups, but only hang for 1:52. How long does it take you to do the pull ups? Does the pull up use different muscles? (Understand that I can't do any pull ups or chin ups, so I wouldn't know.
  7. I hope she got out. It seems like each day things get worse.
  8. Since the alleged processes all take millions of years, nobody knows for sure. There are many differnt hypotheses. Oil comes from organic matter, including plants and animals: http://www.astronomycafe.net/qadir/q1161.html Oil comes from diatoms: http://www.priweb.org/ed/pgws/systems/energy_capture/capture.html Oil comes from inorganic processes between the mantle and the crust: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=38645
  9. Kourtney looks great... I mean the shirt looks great. I though red eyes was part of the "goth" look.
  10. No offense taken Koll! I think people are mostly the same no matter what their ethnicity, nationality or culture. I don't think Iraqis are "animals" as Bush once said. I don't think that most of the looters in NO are greedy or evil (although there certainly are some people who fall into this category). So when I see looting and riots and attacks on rescue workers (which truly are reprehensible) I ask myself: "What wolud cause me to act this way. It is not an acceptable for me to answer, "I would never do this." I know from experience that I can be pushed to the edge. And I think that is what we are seeing: people who are not (for whatever reason) fully in charge of their mental faculties and their actions. That doesn't mean we should back off and let them control the city. It doesn't mean we shoud find excuses. But it does mean that we shouldn't be surprised. Any emergency rescue plan that doesn't take into account civil unrest during a national disaster, is just plain inadequate. If I am sitting here, nice and dry, well fed and hydrated, finding fault with people I would start with George Bush not the people of New Orleans. In 2000, FEMA produced a report in which they outlined the three likeliest, most catastrophic disaster which our contry would face. The top three, in no particular order, were: An earthquake in San Francisco, a terrorist attack in New York City, and a hurricane in New Orleans. http://www.swingstateproject.com/2005/08/katrina_proves.php The Bush administrations responce was to cut funding. It has been known for many, many years that a major hurricane in New Orleans would be catastrophic. The levee walls were built to wishstand only a category 3 hurricane. The coastal wetlands are being washed away. The details that we see in New Orleans now, lost power, massive flooding, hospitals turning away sick and injured, people stranded and dying within sight of rescue workers, widescale civil unrest and looting, these were all predicted by FEMA. But without money, plans cannot be put into effect. Over the past 4 years, newspapers have repeatedly cited funding for the "war" in Iraq as the major reason that levee pojects have been put on hold. So as a category 5 hurricane was barreling down on New Orleans, where was Bush? On a 5-week vacation. Where was Cheney? On vacation. Where was the National Guard? In Iraq. The lesson we should have learned from Iraq is that it is far, far harder to restore order than it is to maintain it in the first place, but the response from the federal government was 48 hours too late. (Bush did urge people too leave the area, that is true. But how do you do that when you are in a nursing home? Or a hospical? Or don't have a car? Or are living paycheck to paycheck and can't afford gas or a hotel? I know one person who stayed because when she evacuated for hurricane Dennis it cost her $1500 dollars. She couldn't afford to evacuate again.)
  11. We see pictures evey day of the death and destruction in New Orleans. But there are two pictures I would like to see: The first, is the picture of George Bush, chest deep in water. The water is contaminated with raw sewage, petroleum products, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, and the decaying remains of animal and human bodies. He tugs on the arm of a bloated body lodged beween some debris and as the body floats toward him we see a bullet hole in its head. All the time Bush is patiently explaining why it is necessary to "stay the course" in Iraq. He is expaining why 40% of the Mississippi National Guard and 35% of the Louisiana National Guard are in Iraq, and why it is necessary to "take the war to the enemy" to save lives in America. The other picture I would like to see is one of Kathleen Blanco (the governor of Louisiana) as she meets with Bush. All cameras are on her as she walks up to the president later this afternoon. Bush wears a sober expression and everyone is silent. She walks up to him, pauses a moment, then slaps him across the face and says, "Where the HELL have you been!" (I am cynical enough to think that the main reason it took Bush 48 hours to take any action, was because it wasn't until then that the extent of the damage to the oil and gas industry was known. Until then it was just a bunch of poor people who were dying..."
  12. It is easy to take the moral high road and claim that looting is looting and it is just plain wrong. But when I look at the pictures from New Orleans, I don't see the face of greed, I see the face of desperation: 90°F, 80% humidity, no water, no food, no sewage disposal, no electricity. I see people who have watched their loved ones die while in their arms; people who have seen rescue vessels pass them by time and time again. Have you ever tried to help an injured dog? It cannot reason. It is in pain, and it doesn't trust you, and it growls and turns on you and tries to bite you. That is what we are seeing in New Orleans. People who have been pushed to the absolute limits of their ability to think and who are striking out where ever they can. Not everyone, of course, but certainly many. It is very grim.
  13. Skyndpr, I am so glad your wife and her pets were able to make it out. The death and destruction in NO is heartbreaking.
  14. This just in from Democracy Now! http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/08/30/1354235
  15. Hey Sknydpr, Thought you might like this. This guy purchased a bootleged Chinese copy of Revenge of the Sith. The dialog had been translated into Chinese and then translated back into English for the subtitles. Many people consider this version to be any improvement over the original. http://www.winterson.com.nyud.net:8090/2005/06/episode-iii-backstroke-of-west.html
  16. That should be fine. When I did it, I was trying to get a good aerobic workout. So I had 10 lbs on each ankle and I was walking fast to try and keep my heartrate up. You should be okay.
  17. Careful with the leg weights! When I started exercising, I could get a good workout just by walking. After about 4 weeks, I needed something more, so I tried to add weight to my arms or legs, but the weight threw my balance off and put a lot of stress on my joints... knees, ankles, elbows and wrists, so I dropped the weights. You might not have this problem, though. Dieting can be a good way to lose initial weight. This can reduce the stress on your joints and allow you to exercise more rigorously. (At 240 pounds, there is no way I could jog or run, at 220 pounds I can do some light jogging, at 200 pounds I will be able to run). But as a longterm plan, diets just don't work! For the final push, shift your thinking from "weight" to % body fat, monitor your condition so it doesn't get worse, and settle in for the long haul with plenty of exercise, good food, a little romance, lots of sex, and you'll do just fine .
  18. Thanks, Nat. My soymilk doesn't have any B12 in it , but it is not-fat, which is what I need right now. And my Vitamin E is low by about 50%, because I am not eating any oils or nuts. So, for the time being I am taking a daily supplement and all is well. . Did I say my niece is vegan? I meant she was vegetarian. With 3 daughters and 2 working parents, the vegan routine would be too much for my brother and sister-in-law to handle right now. But my niece is only 11, and as she grows, she and I will learn together. Soon, we may be able to help the entire family learn, grow, and change .
  19. Yeah, Hero, bah-bump counts as 1 beat. When I was young and in really, really good shape, my resting pulse (first thing in the morning before I got out of bed) was 39-42 bpm. These days, it is generally around 45-50, which is good, but not great. If I take my pulse during the day, it varies depending on what I have been doing. If I have been lazy and haven't worked out, it might be 55-60. If I have been active, it might be 60-70. If I have just finished a workout, it might be 90. So, yeah, 56 bpm at this time of day is really pretty good. No problem there. But as Kollision points out, what you feel might not be your heart "racing" (as in going really fast), it might be your heart "pounding" (as in your blood pressure is really high). You can probably get it tested for free at a clinic. Sometimes, drug stores or grocery stores have blood pressure machines in the front. If you feel like you heart is pounding, then you should probably check out your blood pressure next. Hope you are feeling better.
  20. Hey veganmadre, I drank diet Coke like water (often, instead of water) for years while growing up. I gave it up because I discovered that the caffeine really affected my mood. I don't eat or drink anything with caffeine, now... except chocolate . As you become healthier and eat better quality foods, you will find that your intake of sweeteners naturally drops. I don't think that most of the sweeteners, if taken in small quantities, will harm you. But if your total intake is low, why not use real sugar instead of an artificial sweetener? Or better yet, how about fresh fruit? The breakfast cereal I use now has no sugar, but I eat it with soy milk and usually have an apple or an orange to go with it.
  21. Hey Pete, welcome to the board. Is that your pic/avatar? Nice abs!
  22. I certainly agree there are many activities I participate in and commodities I consume that I do not need. These things give me pleasure in life, and I wouldn't want to give many of them up. (I choose to exercise because it is necessay for human life, but the type and duration of that exercise is chosen because it gives me pleasure. The same is true for food.) There are many reasons to choose veganism. One of these is to reduce animal suffering and lab grown meat may help in this regard, but I think it is a mistake to think that the "meat" will be more nutritious or cheaper than the real thing. How much could it cost to keep some free range cattle in their natural habitat? No feed and no water! Just round them up once a year and slaughter them. It only becomes expensive when they are taken out of their natural habitat and forced to become something that nature had not intended. I am still struggling with the ethical questions of veganism. I choose not to eat meat because of health considerations. Although the human digestive system is not optimized for meat eating, I do believe that small amounts of wild meat are not harmful and do contain important vitamins and minerals. The modern "factory farms," however, strip these nutrients away, distort the ratio of potassium to calcium, and add huge amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. It is these "genetic" changes, in my opinion, that lead to many of the modern diseases of the industrialized world. The FDA knows this, but it still floods the school system with propaganda promoting meat and dairy products in order to create another generation of "users." I don't think that the corporate food industry is interested in nutrition. Oh, I think it can be done, and therefore it will be done.
  23. Hi Lioness. Please don't get hung up on "weight." It is not the weight that is unhealthy, it is the nature of the weight. When people tell me they want to lose weight, I tell them about my (imaginary) friend who lost 35 pounds in one day! He had his leg cut off because he needed to lose weight in a hurry . Seriously though, I think % body fat is a much more important criterion. Men should be less than 15% body fat for good health and women should be less than 23%. You can lose weight by cutting calories, but unless you exercise, the lost weight will be mostly muscle, not fat. This will reduce your metabolism and make it easier to gain weight when you stop dieting. Now, I know your situation is the opposite. Your mom thinks you should gain weight, but if all you do is eat more calories, those calories will be added as fat. There is no way around it, if you want to gain muscle, you have to eat more calories than you burn and you have to exercise. But first, get your %body fat tested. If you are below 23% (no matter how low) don't worry about it. If you are above, you might consider working out more... or maybe not.
  24. I couldn't get past 20 seconds because of my grip. Never even felt it in my back. Today I took some paper towels, folded them, and placed them between my hands and the bar... Instant 35 seconds! I sure felt it in my back this time!
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