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  1. I think this is a really bad trend. Every year there are more and more genetically engineered fruits and vegetables on the market. Without exception these varieties have fewer vitamins and minerals than the previous generation. The engineering is not done to increase the nutriciousness of the food, but to increase shelf life and color and size. I cut into a soft, bright red tomato last week and had to throw it away because it was totally green and bitter on the inside. It had been engineered to look good even though it never ripened. It is possible for cattle ranchers to produce cattle with 3-4% body fat. Instead they fatten them up to about 30-40% body fat because they can make more money that way. Which muscle do you think they will clone? That of a nice range-fed, healthy 3-4% body fat animal? Or one that has been fattened up just for you? Will they "enrich" the "refined" product to add back in the vitamins and minerals that were destroyed in the lab? I don't think there is any evidence that this cloned "thing" would be food. How could this muscle get its iron, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium if it is not connected to a blood supply? Everybody here knows that muscles are dynamic. Sure, genetics plays a part, but you make what you want out of your muscles. It takes hard work to build muscle and to keep it toned. What happens when your muscle is in a cast? This thing in the lab... what is it, exactly? How can the myofibrils get larger if they are not stimulated? How can this thing be a muscle apart from metabolism? I can't imagine that it would be good for you at all. It is really quite simple. You don't need meat. Why waste time, and money, and energy, and research dollars on this when there are so many other problems that need to be solved? I don't get it.
  2. I have never lived in a place with good public transportation. When I lived in Denver, I needed to leave the house at 4:15 AM to get to work by 7:00 AM (25 miles on 3 different buses). If I rode my bike instead, I could leave at 5:00AM . Here in Ventura, we have a shitty busline with crappy service. The company is called South Coast Area Transit and its initials are printed on every bus... SCAT. Does that strike anyone else as funny?
  3. I'm with you, veganmadre, The Beatles. I can't think of another band that has such a wide variety of sounds... except maybe Paul Anka.
  4. Wow, that was totally awesome. But you already knew that, didn't you?
  5. Thanks for that post Sknydpr, I was starting to feel really old. (1963 for me --- 3 days after Newton's birthday.)
  6. I have always wanted a kilt. Now that I think about it, though, maybe I just always wanted the kind of body that would look good in a kilt . I agree that some men can pull it off and some just look silly. Part of it has to do with the body type. If your waist is larger than your hips, stay out of a kilt! Richard's drawing was spot on, though. A kilt should speak about ruggedness. Bright colors don't do it for me. Super-narrow, pleated dress kilts don't do it, either. Boots, not tennis shoes. I think Sknydpr looks good is his. The bald head, the tatoo, a pierced ear? (I can't tell), wide belt, dark colors, and a mean, hungry look, bring it together. The watch has got to go, though. You should just know what time it is. And of course the t-shirt is way cool. When I get to my ideal body weight, I am going to buy one. I can't figure out where I would wear it, though. Except to Scottish Highlands festivals... Skyndpr and Richard, here is my favorite site for accessories. Whether you are looking for a battle axe, jewelry, footwear, gauntlets, a shirt, or a sgian dubh this site has it! http://www.by-the-sword.com/acatalog/index.html
  7. I am way too shy and insecure to go up to someone on the street and introduce myself. Now, when I was single I sometimes would, but it was always because I found the woman attractive (in some way). I wasn't always hitting on her, sometimes I just wanted to talk, but there had to be something that attracted me to her in the first place to overcome my shyness. I know it is sad, but true .
  8. Ah shucks . The new avatar is a lioness. Well, okay, maybe it is an ostrich.
  9. I absolutely agree So true . Hmmm. I think this is a much better example than mine, and I find it rather disturbing. I concede your point . -------------------------------------------- Thanks about the avatar. I decided I should change it once a month to break up the monotony.
  10. I am locked in the bathroom crying right now... ----------------------------------------------------- Seriously, Natalie, I have the greatest respect for your compassion, and your drive, and your values, and your save-the-animals approach to life, and I don't want anything I say to make you think otherwise. You and I often disagree on these pages, but I think the real disagreement is usually one of semantics or degree, not of substance. Five minutes together in a face-to-face discussion would clear up any misunderstanding we may have. Imagine we are at a wedding. You and me and a long-time friend of mine are all sitting at the same table with several other guests. Try to imagine this person. He is intelligent, passionate, and value-driven. He believes that ethics are the most important thing in life. He believes that keeping quiet when faced with an ethical decision is the same as giving-in to the forces of evil and will cause him to be damned to hell. He is also a die-hard, gun-totting, NRA-backing, hunter. One of his greatest thrills is to eat raw liver from a freshly killed buck while the blood dribbles down his cheeks and throat. To him, the hunt, the chase, and the kill are ways that he becomes closer to his god. It is spirituality at its deepest and it is so basic to his personality that he is offended by any blasphemous suggestion that what he is doing is wrong. (---Hang on Nat---I am not defending this person---I am just setting the scene). Can you imagine the scene? You politely and discretely pass up the main meat dish. He is intrigued and inquires. You respond. He responds. You. Him. You. Him. Before long you are (perhaps) yelling all the things you wrote in you last post and he is (almost certainly) yelling right back with his own littany. Would it be right to destroy this wedding? Especially when such a guest is clearly not receptive to your ideas? You see, Nat, I don't have to imagine the shouting and the incriminations and the hurt feelings and the bitterness. I've lived through them. At every social gathering of my childhood. The discussions were not about animal rights, but they could have been. The topics were Christianity vs Atheism, the Vietnam War, civil rights for blacks, abortion for women, labor vs big business, or how the CIA was training insurgents in Afghanistan to resist the Soviet invasion (the leader was a little-known guy named Osama Bin Laden)... each one guaranteed to bust up a social gathering. When did you meet my family? ----------------------------------------------------- I absolutely agree. But remember, that at the time Mike was talking about he had not made an ethical commitment to the cause (if I understand him correctly). BTW, you can stick to the animal-free dishes... if there are any. I have been to gatherings where every dish contained some sort of animal product. This is why I said that there is a time and a place for everything. The time is before the gathering; the place is when you are alone with the hostess. Let her know your preferences. Make sure there will be enough food, or offer to bring your own, or eat well before hand... I love you, Nat. You are an inspiration to all of us.
  11. Welcome CrystalIda, Well, they haven't kicked me out yet, so I suppose it's okay. I think the most important thing is to be honest, compassionate, and have an open mind... then all things are possible . I am making progress toward veganism, one small step at a time. Some people can change their eating habits cold turkey (so to speak), but for me, I know if I try to change too many things in my life at once, I will fall flat on my face. Then my glasses would be broken and what was once so clear will have become murky and confusing...
  12. Welcome veganmadre! Tell your little girls not to worry, we'll leave plenty of broccoli and sprouts for them for when they grow up
  13. Welcome to the board, soycheese. Another "eager veger." I love puns. I posted a bunch in another topic, but nobody caught them... now that I think about it, though they probably just didn't think they were very funny. Anyway, welcome, and I hope you enjoy it here.
  14. Hey, veggymeggy. Welcome to the board. Ah, heck. Just do it. You won't regret it. And if you need help... the people here on the board will be very gentle
  15. Greetings, Mike, and welcome to the board I think there are studies that show an increase in health risks for men with over 15% body fat. I, too, am at about 23%. 15% is my short-term goal. After that I will see how much work it is to keep it there or maybe drop it lower. I know a lot of people here will be mad at me, but I have to say that I think the value of social engagements can far exceed the question of animal rights. By that, I guess I mean that there is a time and a place for everything. I can remember many, many Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners with my family that ended with someone locked in the bathroom crying because someone else couldn't keep their mouth shut and didn't know how to give thanks for the common ground that we all shared. Now it has been 5 years since I have spoken to my dad and a couple of years since speaking with most of my brothers. I don't miss them a bit. But I often spend time with my wife's family. We disagree on most issues, but we still share common ground, and we know how to support one another. These are some of the best days of my life . I would never embarass these people by bringing up the question of animal rights at a social occasion. The time to discuss such things is when we are alone... when I can express my food preferences in a way that is not threatening, and offer possible solutions or compromises. -------------------------------------------- Mike, I have heard that it is an LDS doctrine that each family should have a year's supply of food and water. Is this true or is it a myth? Or is it just strongly recommended? Anyway, I was wondering what sort of vegan food could be kept for such a long time and still be healthy? Beans and pasta, I suppose. What else?
  16. Greetings K-oz and welcome to the board, Your pic looks good to me Keep up the work, and you will continue to see improvement!
  17. sirdle


    Greetings and welcome to the board! How is it going so far? I, too, am out of shape, but I am exercising and eating better, and I am slowly making progress. I didn't really start to make progress until I realized that diet and exercise weren't something I needed to do until I lost some weight... rather, they were essential for me to create a new way of life for the rest of my life. So I am making small changes and working at them until they become habits, then I make some more changes. So start slowly and focus on the things that you enjoy. If you take your dogs for a walk every day, maybe a good place to start is to go for longer walks or faster walks. Maybe take the dogs to the park and play frizbee. The hard part is training the dogs to throw the frizbee for you
  18. sirdle


    Welcome to the board, alinaomi7. I think you will find that you can definitely gain endurance and build muscle on a vegan diet... as long as you get enough calories, and you have the proper mix of protein, carbs, and fat, with ample vitamins, minerals, and water. Vegan food can give you an edge here because much of it is packed with essential nutrients.
  19. Where did you get your numbers, Kollision? Here is a link to the USDA website (It was top on the list when I searched Google for "RDA"). http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/etext/000105.html If you click on the "Dietary Reference Intakes: Recommended Intakes for Individuals" a chart will open in a PDF format, dated 2002. The footnote for protein says, "Based on 0.8g/kg body weight for the reference body weight." 1kg = 2.2lbs which means the recommendation is for 0.36g/lb. Is that right?
  20. Okay, this question is for the women out there (or men, if you feel like it). Do you think guys in kilts are sexy or is it just too much of a "girly" look for you? Does it show independence of mind? Or lack of direction in life? Any thoughts? Here is a website that might help you decide... http://www.kiltmen.com/suppliers.htm
  21. Thanks, Nat. Everything is still in early stages... I had a good first interview but we didn't talk about salary or benefits... and I don't think my wife really wants to move so maybe nothing will come of it. But thanks anyway. Well, I struck out with www.VegDining.com, Wild Oats, and Trader Joes in St. Paul, but there are 4 vegan restaurants in Minneapolis, and there is a Whole Foods store in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul . I talked with some friends in St. Paul who are vegetarian. They said that the food scene is good. There are several excellent Co-ops and the regular food stores seem to have a good selection of organic fruits and vegetables. And in the summer there is always the farmer's market! So that all looks good. I was afraid that I was going to have to spend all of September squirling away food in holes in the walls and attic against the onslaught of winter, but never fear.
  22. I am sending off a resume to a company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Has anyone been there? Is it easy to find vegan food there? Good gyms? Good music scene? I have only been there in the late fall on my way to the Boundary Waters for canoe trips and it seems nice enough, but I wasn't trying to find vegan food and didn't pay much attention to the culture. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  23. Okay, how about an honorable mention for Most Improved? When you posted this thread I could not support my weight at all. Today I got 20 seconds! So, my improvement, based on my initial attempt is... well, it's infinite! Better watch out, I'm hot on your heals!
  24. Is it "natural" for humans to eat meat? Well, the question is ambiguous, really. 1. Humans are a part of nature, so if they eat meat, then meat eating is natural in that respect. 2. Culturally, humans have been hunting and eating meat for at least 40,000 years. This is a huge amount of time for a cultural tradition to exist, so it must fulfill some human need (or some past need). 3. It is likely that humans have been eating meat that they did not kill (using tools to cut the meat from the bones and using fire to cook it) for perhaps 400,000 years. 4. Humans share 99% of their genetic makeup with mammals that first evolved 150 million years ago. 40,000 years, even 400,000 years, is not much on an evolutionary time scale. So the question really is: "If we have been eating meat for 400,000 years, and this is not natural then why aren't we all dead?" (There is evidence that the modern diseases associated with a meat-based diet are really related to the modern production of meat as a commodity, and are not related to meat consumption per se). The authors of The Paleolithic Prescription point out that the first mammals were most likely insectivores. The authors analyze the nutritional content of a wide variety of insects and compare them to 22 species of wild game. In terms of %protein, %fat, calcium, potassium, sodium, and energy content, the results are remarkably similar. This suggests that the nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals that humans need is based on a genetic makeup which is very old and predates our hunter traditions by over 100 million years. Now no one is suggesting that we should all go back to eating grubs. We can, however, use these results to predict the diet compostition that most fits our biological needs. By comparing modern "factory" meat to the insect model, the authors show that (modern) meat eating is not healthy, and that a plant-based diet is the only way we can fulfill our daily need for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water with a minimum of toxic chemicals; this is healthy... and is therefore natural.
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