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  1. I like animals, but there isn't a single animal that compares to the beauty of a woman... tall or short... smooth or hairy... large or small... made up or plain... women are the best! It is very sad, though, that some women only shave because they are afraid to buck our culture. So my point was that if you like the look or feel of shaving, then by all means, go to it. But if you don't and want to go against the grain... well, just be proud of who you are and your beauty will shine through, and people will love you all the same!
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    I had no idea. Sounds like they would make staying in bed worth while.
  3. That is a great idea. Maybe we can get Robert to add a new category on the home page for Links or References. He could put it under the General Section.
  4. I think you are right about semantics. Right now I am leaning toward the idea that animals do not have any intrinsic rights, but rather that animal rights are a human moral issue. This avoids the idea that animals could have a right to vote or that one animal could have a right not to be eaten by another animal, and places the burden on humans where it belongs. It is an issue that deals with the interaction between humans and animals. Something along the lines of "Animals are sentient beings and, therefore, cannot be owned by humans," or "The use of force against animals is justified only in retaliation and only against those animals that initiate force." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vitamin B12 I am reading a book called The Paleolithic Prescription. The authors discuss recent discoveries in anthropology as well as study the diet of modern hunters and gatherers and conclude that modern fruits and vegetables have undergone 10,000 years of selective breeding by humans. As a result, humans have a lot fewer varieties to choose from and the ones that we do have contain less vitamins, minerals and fiber and more sugar than the foods that God intended us to eat. Wild einkorn wheat, for example, has 50% more protein than hard red winter wheat. They believe that B12 may have been a natural part of many foods and that it may even have been in the water supply. (This selective breeding continues. Many varieties of tomatoes are being selected so they change color sooner and remain hard longer... I had a tomato yesterday that was bright red on the outside and nice and soft, but it was green on the inside and tasted so bad I had to throw it away.) Vitamin E I think my problem with Vitamin E is that I am trying to lose weight, so I am currently not eating nuts and oils. So I plan to take a supplement until I reach my ideal body weight, then change my diet to increase the vitamin content. By the way, I came across some interesting trivia concerning vitamin E. I found this under ethnic foods at http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-001-02s068g.html It turns out that 100g of raw, beluga whale eyeballs has 1870mg of vitamin E! Roughly 6233% of the RDA! That's fine, but I think to get it you should have to kill the whale with a hand-thrown harpoon from your kayak.[/i]
  5. I think the trick is that you need to maximize the amount of resistance air pressure that you work against. Certainly not at elevation. Maybe below sea level... in Death Valley, perhaps. You might experiment with air compositions other than 78% nitrogen / 21% oxygen. If you could hang with Hydrogen, Helium, and Methane, for example, you could do your workout on Jupiter (where the air pressure is 10,000,000 times greater than Earth). I think you'd see killer results then
  6. Daywalker: I don't think those numbers add up. Did you mean that so far you have been lifting for 39.3% of your life? Or did you mean that in 6 years (if you don't lift anymore) you will have lifted for 1/2 of your life? *** Hey Brendan you snuck in there before I could finish my post *** Because if you have lifted for 60.7% of your life, and every day from here on you also lift, then the % of your life that you have lifted must increase every day. So you could never get to 50% again unless you stop lifting.
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    That sounds like my kind of people.
  8. I want to know where he keeps the other 27 ears. Great build though, especially that left bicep.
  9. That is so cool. Thanks for the info.
  10. Well here is the story (you did ask). My longtime philosophy-of-life is simply incompatiable with the concept of "animal rights." However, based on the comments made by many people on this board, and due to the overwhelmingly positive support that everybody has shown, I am coming to believe that philosophy may be wrong. So I am trying to reconcile the two viewpoints and find a common philosophical ground. It is not easy. I may, in the end, reject either my philosophy or the concept of "animal rights," but I don't think I'll need to. So I won't claim to be an "ethical vegan" (and maybe I never will). But I do think that from a health and fitness standpoint, veganism is the best approach to Life, the Universe, and Everything. About 2 weeks ago, I stopped eating meat (and all that non-meat food like chicken and fish ), and eggs. I still do eat some yogurt and cheese... mostly for logistical reasons... but I have switched to soy milk. So that is it. I hope to keep learning and growing, and I thank everybody here for being so kind, and helpful, and understanding.
  11. Well I figured he has been vegan for 5 years. In 18 years he will have been a vegan for (18+5) 23 years. That will be 1/2 of his lifetime (at that time), which means he will be 46 yo. So 46-18=28? Is that right?
  12. I see. Thanks Ashton.
  13. Cool and thanks. I bookmarked the site and I'll check some of them out.
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    I'm, like, this totally old guy. So what is it with Goth? Is it a look... a set of value... a way of relating to other people... a style of clothes... music tastes? Tell me, tell me, tell me.
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    Welcome to the board Erinn. Your profile says your 24 and already an entrepreneur? That sounds like there is a story in there somewhere. What's it like to be rich and famous?
  16. Welcome to the board cryptomancer. You are an engineering student? What branch of engineering? You are still having trouble with cheese and regular milk? How come? Is it the taste that you crave or the convenience?
  17. Welcome Daywalker. Glad to have you join the boards. You are 28 years old? Did I get that right. You have wonderful muscle definition. How long have you been lifting?
  18. Greetings and welcome, Felix. That is an awesome beard! How long have you been growing it?
  19. Welcome to the board West, Good luck with your goals and keep us posted as to how it's coming. There are some pretty sharp people around here (not me, but others) who would love to help... if you need it. Nope, Brenden, I think it's the eyebrows. Shave them off and you'd have a totally different look! BTW, when you quote somebody, how do you get there name added? When I do it all it says is "quote:" but when you do it, it says "West2100 wrote:" How do you do that? And while we're doing a little tutorial here, Brenden, did you upload that picture from you harddrive or from a url address?
  20. Hey welcome to the board! I see in your profile that you are a member of the Bethlehem Bicycle Co-op? I have never heard of a bicycle co-op. What is that all about?
  21. Welcome bighead! Know any good restaurants in the Beverly Hills / Century City area? (Not expensive places, just good food.) I often have to work in that area and I hate to drive around looking for places to eat.
  22. Well, it seems pretty clear to me. Get a supplement!
  23. Ooooh I like the idea of a field trip to a slaughter house!
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