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  1. I thought I had read that B12 was produced by bacteria somewhere between the small and large intestines in humans. The large intestine (if I remember correctly) does not have the ability to absorb nutrients, so, even though humans make their owe B12, we can not absorb it into our body and need suppliments. I can't find the source for this claim, though. Cows and other animals have different digestive systems and their bacteria produce B12 in areas where it can be absorbed. I did run across this today from Health and Fitness Excellance by Robert Cooper 1989. He is summarizing an article from M. J. Albert, Nature 283, (1980): 781-782. Has anybody run across anything more recent?
  2. Sometimes I think that a politician is someone who figures out which way the crowd is running and then runs along in front. I think that reforms that start from the top and try to impose change at the bottom never work. The change has to start at the bottom with more and more people being aware of animal rights and wanting change to occur. Once that happens the laws will come naturally and they will have the strength of public opinion behind them. How about something along these lines... The factory farms are selling "food" to the public, right? Well, make them back up that claim. Require them to document the nature and quantity of every component in the "food"... every vitamin and mineral... every hormone... every pesticide... every antibiotic... every bacterium. Any item which has been linked to cancer, osteoperosis, heart disease, atherosclerosis, anemia, diabetes, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, kidney stones, gallstones, ulcers, hypertension, or asthma in a reputable study would have to identified as such. To sell such "food" without disclosing the negative health effects of the "food" is fraud, pure and simple.
  3. Welcome, Richard. I used to play Pong. My friends told me not to bother, so I haven't played any games since. I think you'll like it here.
  4. Thanks guys. What about vitamin E? Do you take supplements? Or do you get it all from your diet?
  5. I think that's a great idea. The energy we generate on this board can light the way to an electrifying and unifying comaraderie! I get a charge out of reading other people's ideas about the current state of affairs, especially if they are grounded in reality. Sometimes they galvanize me into action, or ignite my curiosity, but at other times they only seem to polarize us. When this happens I say, "erg! Watt's the problem here? Wire we all arguing?" Then I pause... think about what has been said... a spark of recognition ampifies our similarities... and I realize that it Hertz too much to hold all this pain inside.
  6. Thanks Richard and Daywalker for your comments. I found some new information. The Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Acadamies breaks down its recommendations by sex and age. For a male over the age of 20: 56g/day. For a female over the age of 20: 46 g/day. These numbers "are set to meet the needs of almost all (97 to 98 percent) in a group." For pregnant or lactating women the number jumps to 71 g/day. I did notice that there is no allowance for partial proteins. I am getting about 100 g/day, but that is on a vegan diet. I suspect that the usability of my protein is around 70 g/day. (I am trying to check this out, but it is hard to find detailed nutritional information.)
  7. I'm curious. What ranking did Texas end up with?[/i]
  8. I think it is a mistake to use the mainstream media as a guide to how effective the animal rights campaign is. The news media are increasingly owned by fewer and fewer corporations, the goal of which is to maximize profit while minimizing effort. The same news stories get printed over and over again and these news stories tend either to push an agenda of the corporate media or to placate advertisers. Whether you are talking about animal rights, the War on Iraq, labor practices affecting immigrants, or torture and abuse in the american judicial system, minority viewpoints are seldom heard. There are other media sources. DemocracyNow! is one of the best: http://www.democracynow.org/ Here are some stories they have carried: I am sure there are others. What we need to remember is that each one of us, when we post our thoughts on the internet, become part of the underground media... a non-traditional source of information. When we combine our thoughts and efforts, I believe we can have a greater impact than the mainstream media.
  9. Thanks for posting that, CG. That was wonderful/horrifying. Very intense.
  10. Have any of you analyzed your diet to see if you are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals? I have been experimenting with mixing different vegan foods together and keeping track of the nutrients in each. My goal is to get all the nutrients I need by eating natural, vegan food without taking any supplements. Even with 2 big salads a day I can get only about 50% (7-8 mg) of the vitamin E suggested by the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Acadamies. (1C brocolli = 1.3 mg, 1/2C spinach = 1.7 mg). How do you get your vitamin E? And I can't get any Vitamin B12. Are there any vegan sources of B12 other than supplements? Thanks
  11. From the book Diet for a New America by John Robbins. Lots of good stoff in there.
  12. No. I just found out today that he had a newer one. I'll see if the library has it next.
  13. She didn't really address the issue, but here is a good link that ties Libertarianism, animal rights, and Rand together. http://www.strike-the-root.com/4/graham/graham1.html
  14. Thanks willpeavy, I bookmarked it for reference. Right now I am reading Diet for a New America by John Robbins (the former heir of the Baskin-Robbins empire --- he turned it down and became active with animal rights), but I'll get started on the list next (the list is HUGE).
  15. I am soooo wrong! As renecarol points out they are not donating a bunch of yogurt. They are donating "cereal, soap, fruit, bath soap, and diapers" among other things. I looked at the web site but I didn't scroll down to the bottom of the page. Too impatient I guess . I still think they well donate $75,000 even if you don't click on the button, but I clicked on it 10 times just in case.
  16. That's super! Good job! It feels pretty good to have the certification over with doesn't it. I am sure you will do a great job!
  17. I am not really sure how to take "normal" measurements. The mybodycomp.com website gives instructions on how to take the measurements for their formula and they are different than the instructions for Bailey's formula. For example, in Bailey's formula, the calf, thigh, bicep, and forearm measurements are taken with the muscle flexed, but at mybodycomp.com the muscles are relaxed. Also, the location of the hips and waist measurements are different. Waist: mybodycomp.com wants this measurement taken at the narrowest point, probably close to the ribs (I am not sure where this point would be as I don't have any narrow spots), whereas Bailey wants this measurement taken lower, at the widest part, probably around the belly button. Hips: mybodycomp.com wants this measurement taken up near the top of the hipbone. Bailey wants this taken lower, around the buttocks and the hips, passing around the pubic area (or, if you are a man, slightly higher than the pubic are to avoild any... ah... obstructions). Hope this helps. I'd be interested to see what results you get. If it is in the right ballpark or whether these formulas are totally off. BTW I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Wednesday. We are going to use the calipers so I can compare the results I got from these different methods... I'll keep you posted... and we'll go over my form for the lifts that I am doing. I love this stuff! Thanks for all your comments everybody.
  18. That's awesome, Robert. I wish I could get good blueberries. Everytime I buy what looks like a good pint, it turns out they are moldy in the center where I can't see them.
  19. You asked me for info, I gave it to you in spades. Now your complaining? I invest lots of time on this board with long posts full of information and insight because I care about people and animals. Natalie: I hope you realize I'm teasing you? Seriously, veggiechik, compasionategirl is passionate as well as compassionate. She is dedicated and persistent and has lots of really good information. She is supportive and, most importantly, never misses a chance to encourage others to do their part, because "the animals need us so much." I think you'll like it here.
  20. Welcome! Some of us are pretty new here, but I think you'll find that everyone is friendly and we all have a great time. (Watch out for compassionategirl, though, she'll talk your ear off .)
  21. I take the measurement so the tape is snug around the skin, but not so tight that it makes an indentation.
  22. Thanks Brenden. ------------------------------------------------ Kollision: yeah, the measurements are entered in inches. I don't know what Gunter's measurements are, but let's suppose they were 40" waist, 44" hips, 15" forearms, and 8" wrist. Using the formula that would be: 40 + (0.5 x 44) - (3 x 15) - 8 = 9% body fat There is no reason why these numbers must work. And for some people they don't. The person who came up with these formulas spent his life working with people who were overweight. The average male that he tested was 22% and the average female was 32%. Then he just played with the numbers until he got a correlation. I think that he had limited contact with really healthy people and so I would guess the formulas become more inaccurate the lower your body fat % is. dtougas got different numbers from mybodycomp.com. I would guess that his numbers are more accurate because they use more body measurements. If I were a personal trainer at a gym, dealing with people who are new to fitness. I might give them these formulas as a way that they could trace their progress on a week-to-week basis. But for people who are already in shape, another method is probably needed. ------------------------------------------------------- dtougas: yeah I got it now. All I saw was the list of measurements I had just entered. I didn't see any buttons to press, but when I clicked on the report name, the report came up. It said I was 26% . I think I'll ask at the gym and see if they have a set of calipers. That way I can check and see which of these methods is more accurate.
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