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  1. At age 20 I weighed about 128lbs and was 5'9", didn't eat a lot of meat but went vegan and dropped to 118lbs. I lived in the North of England till age 20 then emigrated to Canada, after sometime and eating what Canadians ate my regular weight became 138lbs. I started weight training and gained 10lbs in a month, and 148 was my weight for many years. I did do a bulk diet and gained 24lbs in about 4 months then lost it working construction. I'm now 68 and weigh 148lbs, as I got older the muscle shrunk a little but belly fat started to show. I did drop to 138lbs at one point and was proud of
  2. I worked as a general labourer for a builder and eat a lot, prepared a ton of food. Hot food I used a stew/soup thermos, but you have to prep a lot for the day and I do this the evening before. Fruits, sandwiches like chickpea salad, beans in salads, tea, Indian curries in thermos or you can microwave at work.
  3. Last time I had protein powder it was NOW brand soy protein isolate, chalky but good protein, I find pea protein very thick but no issue with using it.
  4. I drink unflavoured and unsweetened oat m*lk 1 cup= 4g protein. Last time I bought a powder it was NOW brand soy isolate, which is somewhat chalky but what the heck! its plain simple protein powder.
  5. Usually in many Vegan restaurants I see images of happy farm cows and made me wonder what was the original wild animal. Now I read they have been back breeding to return the animal to the wilds. The earliest cows were mighty beasts that stood almost as tall as elephants, with lean, powerful frames and fearsome horns that would make a hunter think twice. For thousands of years the aurochs were the largest land mammals in Europe, until the rise of human civilization decimated their numbers, and the last of the species died in Poland in 1627 -- one of the first recorded cases of extinction. ht
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