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  1. If you juice get one of them reusable produce bags, stronger than a nut bag and let your pulp go in it. I get about another cup of juice squeezing the bag.
  2. You can join a fitness group and there are many variations such as Yoga and Tai Chi, maybe even Barre or Pilates. There are many bodyweight bootcamps you can join or if you go to a Gym they will set you up with a beginner program.
  3. I've been using a Breville for many many years and juice vegetables but then use that juice in a blender then add leafy greens as well as seeds and nut butters. I put the pulp in a netbag used for shopping fruits and such and squeeze it hard, a nut bag is too weak, a bag that you use instead of plastic bags, the holes let some fine pulp through.
  4. There's all kinds of topping for a vegan pizza even vegan cheese. I make my own pizza using nann bread as a base then load it with cooked peppers, mushrooms, onions, vegan cheeze and protein. Have you tried unsweetened and unflavoured oat mi*k, or dark chocolate soy mi*k?
  5. What's a simple routine ? and what kind of job do you have, is it manual labour? A simple routine can be done everyday if you do different body parts like having a leg day etc. Are you lifting weights or calisthenics?
  6. At age 20 I weighed about 128lbs and was 5'9", didn't eat a lot of meat but went vegan and dropped to 118lbs. I lived in the North of England till age 20 then emigrated to Canada, after sometime and eating what Canadians ate my regular weight became 138lbs. I started weight training and gained 10lbs in a month, and 148 was my weight for many years. I did do a bulk diet and gained 24lbs in about 4 months then lost it working construction. I'm now 68 and weigh 148lbs, as I got older the muscle shrunk a little but belly fat started to show. I did drop to 138lbs at one point and was proud of my 6 pack, so now likely go that way in lbs. Photo was in around 2005 . . .
  7. I worked as a general labourer for a builder and eat a lot, prepared a ton of food. Hot food I used a stew/soup thermos, but you have to prep a lot for the day and I do this the evening before. Fruits, sandwiches like chickpea salad, beans in salads, tea, Indian curries in thermos or you can microwave at work.
  8. Last time I had protein powder it was NOW brand soy protein isolate, chalky but good protein, I find pea protein very thick but no issue with using it.
  9. I drink unflavoured and unsweetened oat m*lk 1 cup= 4g protein. Last time I bought a powder it was NOW brand soy isolate, which is somewhat chalky but what the heck! its plain simple protein powder.
  10. Aha! good to see the forum back.
  11. Today July 9th 2018 A&W Canada launches "Beyond Burger" at all locations. They had a vegetarian burger on their menu but it wasn't vegan. https://web.aw.ca/en/our-menu/burgers/beyond-meat-burger
  12. I took a break from the Hot Yoga too work on strength, you can't do both especially advanced Yoga. Then it was time for a break so went back to Yoga, man it was tuff, will do another 3 month deal. Calisthenics works really well with Yoga, stuff like your push-ups etc, even the old Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension method, which I really like. http://www.charlesatlas.com/
  13. Coz I worked construction I'd do a full body routine twice a week, then retired and found every day split much better. Leg day, arm day, shoulders day and a chest and back day. My gym is the apartment buildings Fitness Center so popping down there every morning is great. I can get much more intensity to each body part that way. My workouts can be done in 1/2 an hour instead of the 45 to 60min full body.
  14. When I 1st read this post I misread 6'2ish as 62ish your age, then watching your vid though you looked pretty good for 62 haha! Good effort M8! My video at age 64 last year
  15. Toasted English muffin, peanut butter on both sides and marmalade between. Had this at a coffee hour and really liked it, so bought some thick rind Robinson's marmalade.
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