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  1. At age 20 I weighed about 128lbs and was 5'9", didn't eat a lot of meat but went vegan and dropped to 118lbs. I lived in the North of England till age 20 then emigrated to Canada, after sometime and eating what Canadians ate my regular weight became 138lbs. I started weight training and gained 10lbs in a month, and 148 was my weight for many years. I did do a bulk diet and gained 24lbs in about 4 months then lost it working construction. I'm now 68 and weigh 148lbs, as I got older the muscle shrunk a little but belly fat started to show. I did drop to 138lbs at one point and was proud of
  2. I worked as a general labourer for a builder and eat a lot, prepared a ton of food. Hot food I used a stew/soup thermos, but you have to prep a lot for the day and I do this the evening before. Fruits, sandwiches like chickpea salad, beans in salads, tea, Indian curries in thermos or you can microwave at work.
  3. Last time I had protein powder it was NOW brand soy protein isolate, chalky but good protein, I find pea protein very thick but no issue with using it.
  4. I drink unflavoured and unsweetened oat m*lk 1 cup= 4g protein. Last time I bought a powder it was NOW brand soy isolate, which is somewhat chalky but what the heck! its plain simple protein powder.
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