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  1. Do you have any pets? I have 3 amazing dogs and 3 adorable cats
  2. Yo bros and brositas, I had too many beers tonight and decided to chat here; WHAT IS YOUR 5 YEAR PLAN? Yacht, Super-car, mansion? Playboy model? Pablo Escobar-size IM empire? TELL ME!
  3. I dreamed that an alien landed on my balcony and I talked to him. He was so nice and friendly and I’m still upset that he left :/ He said that he’s starting to get back pain because he doesn’t used to the gravity here on earth. I asked him if he has feelings and he said that he hasn’t, even thought he apperead super friendly and intelligent. He said that he is an super advanced AI, and that another aliens with feelings has depeloped him 7 billion lights years away from earth, but they can’t travel so far on space, so they’ve sent him to collect some data about the universe. He said that he’s s
  4. What do you think is the best watch for running, and why?
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