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  1. There is a big different between this 2 pictures. Because one picture is quiet different than other one. And of course lots of progress in muscle building. However, I know some supplements websites which works superbly for the person who is trying to build muscle and body. Some of them really good and effective though like https://steroidssaleguide.com Hope that help!
  2. Much interesting. 36 years so far and never eaten meat.
  3. 5 years are a long time. I didn't set it yet. But hopefully will do. Thanks!
  4. Didn't set my diet chart yet. Hope to set within this month.
  5. I am not vegan but I like vegan people. Anyways welcome to the board.
  6. I am from Bangladesh. Glad to see your post here.
  7. Hello all, have a very good day. I am newbie here. i would like to introduce myself with all of you guys. Hope everyone here is doing well. Thank you so much!
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