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  1. Welcome Richard, nice to see you here! I have to say I loved Tetris, that was an all time fave of mine. Grand Theft Auto is pretty dang cool too! I am so glad to see more and more people join this board. So nice to be in a community where people tend to think similarly!
  2. Yeah, you can kill an animal brutally and the most you will get isup to a year in jail (which never happens) and a fine. Big fricken deal! People make me so angry and that is why I have a hard time feeling the same compassion for them as I do for the animal kingdom. As for the pup, I thought about adopting him, but I didn't want him trapped in an apartment with no yard to run. I have two cats now, but no dogs for this reason. I always see these big dogs in this complex and I feel for them. They want to run and play, not be kept on a leash and walked. I refuse to get my rotwiler (sp?) until I get a house with a nice big yard! As for the earthworms, I am not sure if they are running from predators, but I know the eain brings them out and then they fry under the hot FL sun. If I see them, I will put them back in the grass so they have a chance of living...they can run away in the grass ya know?
  3. Let me tell ya, I was steaming. i yelled some things I am not proud of, but I went back to the dog because I wanted to save him. I was crying so hard when I saw the dog get hit, because after all I did, I still couldn't stop him from getting hurt. Poor pup. How hard is it to keep an animal on a leash? I have one for my cat, I had one for my birds. How hard is it? You and I will get along great! My boyfriend screams if he sees a cockroach, he hates them, and he will lift me up to get them if they are crawling up high on the walls. I just cannot kill them though. I did once and I cried over it. I cannot hurt any of gods creatures, I just cannot. Earthworms are so cute, I hate to see them die. After a rain, the sidewalks outside the apt look like a massacre happened, it is so sad. I don't understand what is wrong with people, I just hope there are enough compassionate people to balance this out eventually!
  4. Nice to see you here! This site is awesome, I just joined myself! With the advice and wonderful people here, I am sure that you will succeed with no problems!
  5. you know what is sad kollison? This puppy's owner didn't have a leash on it, the dog ran into the middle of the intersection with cars whizzing by and when I jumped out of the car, he was just staring at his dog who was trying to avoid being hit. I yelled at him to help and he said "Screw this, You can have the dog." I was so mad as I watched them walk away, not caring about the dog at all. Poor thing got hit a few minutes later. Thanks to my wonderful bf, the car that hit the dog slowed down to avoid hitting Steve. SO the little pup wasn't severly injured, but its back leg was not good. How can people be like that? Just leave an animal to die like that?
  6. I saw this thing on PBS once, it was a show about animal poachers. I was scarred for life after I saw the clubbing of baby seals and sharks being killed for their fins. Broke my heart into a million pieces. I cannot believe what people do to the beautiful creatures of this earth.
  7. I was reading in this book about different degrees of vegetarianism. One of them was a vegetarian that are chicken! WHAT????!!! Does that even make sense? I thought a vegetarian did not kill animals for food source...including the vegetable known as FISH! What is it with people and fish? Do they think it is a sea vegetable? Everytime I tell someone I do not eat meat....I get asked if I still eat fish. I always have to explain that it is an animal...therefore I do not eat it. It has a central nervous system and feels pain too. Anyway, just had to rant! LOL
  8. I save everything I can! I pick up cockroaches with kleenex and put them back outside. I try to save earthworms that come out of the grass and that may die on the pavement. I have run in the middle of a busy intersection to save a puppy that ended up getting hit. Because of my bf and I, the dog made it and was adopted. I do everything i can, including volunteering at the SPCA and when I lived in MI, I worked with the anti-cruelty society. I am very iffy about the human race. Children I feel are like animals. Helpless and need to be protected. As far as adults, we do enough destruction to this earth and to everything else. We cannot even treat other humans right, let alone treat animals or children right. I just do the best I can in my life to not harm anything. I do not litter, I do not hurt other creatures and I do not hurt other people. Bugs are living breathing beings too and feel pain. I do everything I can to save them!
  9. I was asked about my eating yesterday to two people who asked me at work. I told them I was a vegetarian, mostly vegan and they examined me. And at the end she was like you eat fish right? I was just like what the heck! A fish is an animal too!
  10. Thank you all for the welcome! I love Dr. McDougall books, I have read quite a few of them. I am mostly vegan, but first I have to start controlling my IBS. I am working on that right now and for the most part it is a vegan diet with specific foods that cures it. I will check out that site again though and refresh. it has been a year or two since I read his books. Everyone seems great here, I am so glad to be joining a wonderful group like this. So refreshing to see others like me! I have been certified for 2 years, did it on my own when I hurt my shoulder. I wanted to know how I could improve. I don't have a client base yet, but in the future I would love to do it professionally. For now I am working at a desk job (I take breaks to climb the stairs and walk, I am an addict! ). I work a desk job so I can have constant flow of money, but once I can go out on my own and get my own business going, I plan too! Anyway, thanks for the welcome all, I look forward to participating more!
  11. I am struggling to find a way to eat that does not aggravate my condition and is still kind and gentle to the animal kingdom. My ultimate goal is to control my IBS through eating and to be a vegan for life!
  12. Hello everyone, it is great to see a place like this! I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, vegan for 1. I was diagnosed with IBS and found out that half of the foods I ate were making my condition worse. I fell off the vegan bandwagon, but I still mostly eat that way. I am a certified fitness trainer, I love working out and eating right. It is so great to be here!
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