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  1. Am not a professional editor but working as a team member for a school. My job responsibility is to gather healthcare, body, skin, hair and diseases related articles from the internet and then re-edit them for students in a simple way. As the internet is a sea of knowledge and there are billions of pages having knowledge. In this regard I have seen many online resources like health and wellness which are in foreign language but contain worthy, informative content. The current problem I am facing is to translate such online pages which consumes a lot of time. Seeking for help as ""Is there any way to translate such pages with minimum efforts?"" Thanks for your time and considerations.
  2. I think you have to start with smaller weight 25 Kg is heavy for your body.
  3. excellent job my friend, well you have to join some gym to lose more weight I think maximum weight for you is 80KG max so you have to lose more 12 KG.
  4. You have to gain more calories and not to burn you calories so your metabolism store these calories in the shape of fat then you'll get the fat or in other words you will gain more weight.
  5. It's very nice video and also motivation for me. Specially I like the your kick to boxing bag 😍 Wow it's high jump
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