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  1. Hey all, I have been practicing plant based eating for 5 years now and before that ate healthy but very animal centered. I have not gone fully animal free and still have a couple of eggs each week and chicken and salmon about 3 times per month. Sometimes more/less depending on the speed of life. I have gone strict vegan 3 times in my life and by the 2nd month or so, I experience minor bouts with depression and just in general not feeling great about life. Not in a dangerous way, just sort of a malaise. Also tended to get sick often. I took multivitamins and some vegan amino acids but it did not change anything. As soon as I added just a bit of animal products into the diet, my mind seemed better and overall more energy. It didn't take much. Wondering if others have experienced this? I love the feeling of eating less animal products for environmental, animal advocacy and health reasons, but on the same token, am not sure total abstinence from meat is right for me.
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