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  1. I think book club is a good idea. Books are important and it is good to discuss them with other people. I don't know why the idea of book club is not more popular than it is. I would recommend this https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/book/ site to download best templates about powerpoint book. I would love to be part of a book club and discuss books with other people who like books too.
  2. I buy clothing at Target, because they have a very good return policy. If I buy something and find that it doesn't fit or is not what I expected, I can return it without any hassle. I also buy clothes from eBay, because they have a lot of different styles and colors. I would recommend this https://forum.rhymezone.com/forum/get-help-with-writing-and-homework/425741-need-help-can-you-please-help-me-finish-this-poem site for buy best clothes at cheap prices. They also have great prices. I buy my shoes at Payless Shoes, because they have great quality shoes for the price you pay.
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