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  1. Your HR shouldn't be that low. Even the best Tour De France racers...triathletes...and marathoners are in the Mid 30's at best(most are in the low to mid 40s)...one guy last year had a 32bpm resting HR but he rides his bike 800+miles per week. People that have issues with anorexia may also have HR that low but you don't seem to suffer from that so it may be worth having a look at.


    I forgot to say ! I don't eat a lot these days, mostly protein shakes, to lose some weight before the summer, that's why it's so low, like an anorexic HR. My metabolism adapts quickly. When I eat more, and more frequently, heart is totally normal (more than 120 for walking), but I still have a low heart rate during inactivity, and can go pretty high during intense activity... so it's between 40 and 200.


    The 28 was side effects due to a mix of drugs (caffeine, guarana, taurine, ginseng, high level of vitamins, creatine, all the things in energy drinks) that stimulated my nervous system, my body was weak but I was feeling hyperactive and anxious. Plus I was on diet at that time to I think. So it wasn't a normal heart rate that's for sure.


    edit: don't forget, some bouddhist monks can slow down their heart and stop it completly before starting it again. When I measure my rest HR I try to be as calm as possible, not meditating though.

  2. Is the guarana powder able to solubilize in water? Or does it just cling to the glass? or clump in lumps in the water?


    by mixing it with a spoon, it kind of solubilize in water, though some of it goes down at the bottom of the glass, like brewer's yeast.


    It doesn't taste bad, just a strange subtile taste, I don't know with what to compare it.

  3. hmm... I don't know if most of us here are preserved from cancers and everything, because even if we're more healthy than other people, there's still the exterior factors (pollution, all chemicals in food, etc), but of course we have less risks than people who eat junk and meat. The best way is to live in nature far from pollution, and to eat only organic food.


    One thing is sure, we have less risk of having Parkinson and Elzeimer (I never know how to write this thing) because it is mostly degenerative diseases from eating small doses of prion infected animal proteins during all life. Most of people eating hot-dogs and all processed meat will have those illness.


    But we're far away from the water-fasting subject now. I had this though about it:


    water-fasting is self-cannibalism, but it's still better than eating cannibalized animals...


    .. cows and other farm animals feeded with dead cows flour... dead cats, skunks, racoon collected on the road, are crushed in a factories, then this flour is given to feed animals, and that serves even as fertilizer for the fields of cereal and fruits,etc.

  4. thanks ! fast reply here.


    I guess my heart evolved to a superior level... Next step is to reach an even higher level.


    Actually it is your resting heart rate that determines your fitness. The formula for Max HR is not very accurate all of the time because max hr is determined by genetics and is a mostly fixed number, it changes only with age for the most part. It is also affected by some drugs (...).


    This morning I went back into bed soon after waking up, tried to relax as much as possible. Under 40.


    About drugs... some years ago I was drinking lots of energy drinks (especially because I was keeping the empty bottles and cans for a collection, so stupid) then I drinked a 710 ml energy after one full year without any coffee, tea or energy drinks... it had a huge effect. That same day earlier I took creatine. I drinked the energy drink at 8 p.m, at 2 a.m I was feeling my heart rate was really slow, I checked and it was at 28 ! even though I was feeling full of energy. I didn't sleep that night and had to go run outside. Strange that a cocktail like that made a slow heart beat, maybe the combination with creatine.


    Now I don't take any stimulants except green tea and some herb teas. Better like that.

  5. HI,


    I was just wondering if this is normal or unusual... 206 heart beat / minute. I'm 27 years old. According to 220 - age it shouldn't be more than 193.


    The 206 was made yesterday, running for a total of 26 minutes, climbing a 15% degree hill at the end, carrying 1 lb at each ankle, and a 5 lb dumbell in each hand, average heart beat 189, max heart beat 206.


    Noticed that only after I got home.

    I thought maybe it was a failure of my cardio belt and watch, for sometimes it happens. So I had to make sure. Today I made the samething in the same conditions, except I was feeling lazy, and this time I was watching my watch while running, to make sure.

    27 minutes, 186 avg, 202 max

    So the 206 was good.


    I knew I had a good cardio, running during winter, cycling in summer. 3 years ago I was doing spinning for 30 minutes at 200 watts. My heart beat at rest is usually between 40 and 50, depending on my metabolism, but on one occasion I went down as low as 32, which scared me.


    Always thought that above 200 (for my age) would cause heart attack ! Two weeks ago I was at 196 and was trying to raise it more, it was impossible, even if I ran faster, the heart wasn't going higher. Now that I eat almost nothing, I do 206 ?

  6. The body is supposed to have all the necessary weapons


    Is that a joke?


    No, why ? ahaha, maybe it sounds weird the way I wrote it. I could say it better in French. But I'm talking about antioxydants, white corpuscules, having an effective immune system, to prevent rather than to cure... also, the impact of a malady will be less harmful on healthy persons, and they will tend to cure and recover faster and easier.


    I should have said : the body and mind..., some people have succeed in curing their cancer with their own will, concentration and by visualizing their white corpuscules fighting the tumor.


    Of course everything I say is my opinion or based on some stuff that happen in reality. And we can't always understand reality. Rare are the things that are pure science and can be perfectly and rationnally explained.

  7. (...) Also, how can a body concentrate on fighting off diseases if it has no fuel to do so?




    the body can use his fat cells as the fuel.


    The body is supposed to have all the necessary weapons, no need of medication pills. I can't beleive the average canadian spend 998$ each year in medication, while I spend 0$ in life time!

  8. I've read some of the posts but not all of them so maybe my post is useless but anyway...


    Fasting can be a good thing. Prehistoric men were fasting for few days each time they didn't find food, it's good to regenerate the body. It cleans the organism, but it's especially the fact that you're burning fat, including toxic products stored in it, some are eliminated everyday, some stored in internal organs. So after, when you start eating again, it stores new clean fat. It's better to regenarate some of that fat every month, than to have 20 years old fat !

    If you say you're eating healhty, you don't need to do some extreme fasting. It's for those who are sick, the body saturated with saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, etc... Dr. Shelton said water fasting is the best cure against any disease or infection, because the body must concentrate on fighting the virus, not waisting energy on digesting food.

    Our bodyfat is pure energy, fat being more energetic than carbs and proteins. The usual people have more than 100 000 calories in fat waiting to be used.


    It's true that if you do absolute fasting you're gonna lose muscle, but maybe not if it last just one day. Some people do this for weeks and months, that's for sure they lose more than 80% of their lean mass.


    I would say short (1 day) absolute fasting is good sometimes, fruit fasting also, 3 days/month. Longer than that, do a protein fasting, without any danger. When you feel weak, no need for sugar, usually some salt (iodized), potassium, water do the job. Concerning food rage after a day or two, it's the first few days that are difficult, after this you usually never think about food.

  9. ok thanks everybody, I'll try some stuff...


    Mike wrote:

    "What I've done with some horrible tasting supplements is just put the spoonful directly into my mouth but have a BIG glass of water ready to wash it down."


    ahah ! yeah I've done things like that with brewer's yeast, and, back in the days I wasn't vegan, with raw eggs.



    About stevia, it tastes ok, I use it for protein shakes

  10. you can just mix the powder with juice, but watch out, it brings on caffeine jitters like no other.


    thanks. for the caffeine, that's why I bought it. I've heard body assimilates the guarana caffeine slowly, during all day, compared to the caffeine in coffee. Some years ago I've tried all the energy drinks that exist. But now I bought that for using in smaller dose, I'm on diet and wanna lose some weight, heard guarana is good from being hungry. Since I'm on diet, I don't wanna put it in fruit juice... gonna try in water but must be awful... have any suggestions ?

  11. I have this guarana powder, kinda brown, should I infuse it, like for ginkgo, hawthorn and other herb teas, or simply drop a spoonful in drinks like juice ? I should have asked the seller but didn't think about it. thanks

  12. Hi, welcome to the site, I'm not sure how many other people from France we have here, but your English seems fine to me. I tried a similar diet before to the one you said with fruit and found it a little awkward, maybe it's something you can try again after being vegan for a while longer


    exactly, I think I wasn't ready yet. I still think that raw fruitarism (along with Shelton's combining food rules and maybe Adamo's Blood Group theory diet) is perfection for health, but it has to come naturally, who knows, maybe in a few months, years or many years, it doesn't matter; Veganism is still a huge move for my health and animal's health !

  13. Welcome. I am with tuc in once you're here for a couple of months, take progress shots, it motivates others and you get to show your stuff (as long as you took the before shots as well).


    Anyhow, with that forearm shot, it looks like you could deliver a massive uppercut in a fight. I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that attack. I could only imagine what the rest of you looks like to add to your avatar.


    see you in the forum!


    Thank you, my forearms became pretty powerful but I had to work on them harder than, for instance, my biceps and pecs which are the parts that develops easy for me. I always had with me a gripper everywhere I go, and I love to play with that Powerball. But I've never seen forearms as big as that guy has on that picture with Ravi in a gym...


    Good job with your ecological truck using vegie oil. Ethanol is such a big joke, worse it's gonna be a disaster. And they say they don't have the technology yet to make 100% electric cars while the first car invented was fully electrical...


    I like your citation:

    "During a training session, work your muscles, not your mouth..."

    Bruce Lee was laughing about those guys not giving their maximum at the gym... I saw one day a guy sleeping on his machine between his series !

  14. Hi everybody, I'm French speaking, my English is not perfect but hope is ok.


    I live in Quebec, moved in nature, in a place near Montreal city.

    I have just discovered this website a few days ago, and find it amazing ! Opens new horizons to me as I though I knew it all. I know too much now that we learn from our errors and experiments. We never stop learning, so it will be a pleasure to talk with you and listen about your techniques in bodybuilding and your ideas in nutrition.


    My little story: I've been practicing bodybuilding for about a year and I've been vegeterian for 5 years. I felt like it wasn't enough, having read a lot about nutrition, and as a perfectionist, I wanted to eat strictly fruits (fresh, dried and oleaginous), like the closest animal to human do, gorillas, and to respect Dr. Shelton's good food combinations... Too much pressure, caused me food behavior problems... VEGAN since a few months and never felt that good with myself, I finally found the PERFECT BALANCE for me.


    I believe it is necessary to be in constant movement and evolution, because it is the greatest quality in humans. Variety and changes in my bodybuilding program just like in my diet. Total variety just like what nature as to offers.

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