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  1. Wow very interesting, MartinVegartin!


    Yes, I want to investigate yoga. One friend claims Bikram Yoga can cure all physical symptoms, but he also hurt his back doing this! Not sure what to think. I do believe the heated room of Bikram really helps so maybe I can find a more gentle yoga that also uses a hot room.

    Moksha yoga is also hot yoga, less hot but faster flow. Bikram you usually hold the postures longer, 30 seconds to 1 minute. All styles of yoga are good and anyway they are all similar to the roots of yoga which is hatha yoga. Some yoga will focus more on the relaxation of the mind though while others are more demanding for the body and can have greater effects on the body and improve flexibility of the joints, etc. Just like the vegan diet, as referred in one of the clinic studies above, can help reduce the inflammatory reaction on the joints caused by meat consumption, that is why Indians are so naturally flexible even before they begin practicing yoga, because they have a long history of vegetarianism or low meat consuption compared to Americans.

    Yoga when done correctly is not supposed to cause any problem but of course where there are ailments, pain and physical limitations you must tell the yoga teacher, there are some postures that should be avoided while others are very good for you. But by listening carefully to your body and how it reacts to each posture you should feel if it does good for you or not. But yoga instructor should look at all students and correct the postures because its impossible to do them correctly at the begining.

  2. Fair enough, I have just been looking for a good salad dressing recipe to use with my salads, IE one that doesn't use a lot of oil. I was thinking something with lemon, nutritional yeast, and flax seeds, but it's all a gamble at this point. I know, nutritional yeast isn't raw, but we can't all be raw foodies!

    A base for dressing recipe that I like to experiment on is about providing a bit of each taste so the result is full of flavours: squeeze some lemon or lime for sour taste, some hot peppers for spicy taste, Bragg's liquid amino sauce for salty taste, apple cider vinegar, some dates for sweet taste, kale, spinach etc for bitterness, olive oil or some avocado, etc... The salad itself has more possibilities so if the salad has enough flavours no need dressing: corn, sweet peas, peppers, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, goji berries, strawberries, hemp seeds, pineapple, parsley, romaine lettuce, sprouted fenugreek, alfalfa, rice, etc...

  3. Maybe its better to replace cashew with some other nuts. I don't know I just heard that cashews are toxic, so maybe its better raw almonds, sesame, etc... As for me I notice I don't feel so well after I eat a few raw cashew, it kind of slows me down. Hemp is amazing of course, I put hemp seeds on everything. I made some raw lemon bars simply by blending and putting together these ingredients: juice and zest from 1 and 1/2 lemon, lots of Ruth's Chia Goodness natural or cranberry-ginger flavour, some dates, raisins, raw peanuts, pumpkin seed protein powder, hemp and flax seeds, other things that I forgot... Excellent for pre or post-workout, very energetic and quite high in vitamins, fibres, proteins, sugar, fats, omega-3, etc...


    I love eating raw and I should increase more the amount of raw food I eat. There's definitly a difference when taking a bite in an apple, compared to eating some spagettis. Must be because the apple is raw and still alive, full with prana, life-force energy, oxygen, water, vitamins, enzymes... We need to eat living food in order to be alive, only life begets life! Well, a rotting apple or rotting corpse may be food for the worms and vermin, or when a person dies his death may be the beginning of a new life, but that's another story!

  4. Of course if you want to avoid sugar and carbs then yes you need more proteins because since your body cannot use enough sugar/carbs for energy it will use proteins. So on a low carb diet you need proteins for energy and for muscle building. But if there,s quite a lot of fat in the diet then your body can use it for energy and keep protein only to maintain and build lean mass.


    Check this out



    and this: Lean Mass Weight (Kg) x 2.75 = Daily Protein Requirement

    There's different calculators, some will tell you to eat 300 grams of protein and some other will say 60 grams is enough. So you chose what's best for you; from the first link:


    High protein diets should only be reserved for the advance athletic bodybuilder or fitness competitor who must accomplish a short-term goal in a certain amount of time at the amateur or professional level!


    And I have "read" that the body cannot "absorb" more than 50 grams of protein per meal. Not in all cases. I have proved it to myself that, yes, we are all different and our body's respond differently to what we impose on it.


    The way I eat and the way I train is for a specific purpose and is for me and nobody else. Your job is to find out what works best for you. Have a plan, be consistent, workout hard, not long and have fun!

  5. Hi,

    I never tasted Sun Warrior, but I agree that rice protein tastes the worst. Hemp protein doesn't taste great either but I got used to it, although it is much better the flavoured one. Try Organic Dark Chocolate Hemp-Force Protein Powder - If you want tasty protein powder, it is the best one I have ever tasted, even with just water. But with chocolate Hemp Bliss milk and a banana it is delicious. It is a cold-milled, raw protein. I recently tried pumpkin seed protein powder and it is almost tasteless, so you can try that, very cheap too, cheaper than soy protein. I've put some in bread, cake recipes to replace some of the flour.


    But, why do you think you must eat so much protein? Don't forget, quality over quantity. If you eat fruits, vegetables, and especially sprouts like fenugreek, alfafa, etc are amazing good source of high quality protein with raw amino acids. Higher protein quality than cooked animal products and even more protein if you compare the amount of calories.


    Avocado and pumpkin seed have more perfect amino acid profile than most animal products.

  6. I DO know that I have seen many pictures of thin, non-muscular 811 guys, and I have seen very few thin guys on high protein diets...
    Perhaps its true but it may be because there aren't so many 811 type of guys that are interested in bodybuilding, or weightlifting for size they're may be interested just for athletic reasons, agility, etc, but almost all people on high-protein diets train for big muscles, and those choice may be made only on ignorance and cliché but not the facts. Its the samething for vegetarians in general maybe being thinner than meat-eaters maybe just because its more in the mentality and lifestyle of meat-eaters to care about looking muscular, while vegetarians are interested in other things. I don't know. But I DO see plenty of thin people with no muscles and I really doubt they're on the 811 diet, most of them are meat-eaters.
  7. This surprising horror movie based on Clive Barker's Slaughter Train depicts what happens to cows (and other animals) when they are slaughtered, through scenes of brutal slaughtering to humans, said as "meat" ...

    The end was very surprising. watch out: SPOILERS. Don't read if you wanna find out by yourself.

    We learn that every night the passengers in the late train are murdered to feed another specie, some carnivorous alien-monsters. Just like humans do with cows, pigs, and this movie shows how much horrible it is! At least that's how I interpreted it.

    And apparently this is based on a true story (not the alien part of course), but a subway serial killer working also as a butcherer.

    Anyone have seen this movie or have read the book from Clive Barker? The main character in the movie is a vegetarian photographer but the more he gets involved in the meat industry by witnessing the subway murders and enters the place where they cut the meat he begins to eat meat and finally becomes a serial killer. Normally maybe it would be the opposite, he would become even more disgusted by meat that he would remain vegetarian, but then he finds himself attracted and aspirated in this mealstrom of violence, blood, flesh and slaughter.


    This scene shows how we slaughter humans just like we slaughter cows !


  8. There,s also vegan mayonaise like Veganaise that can be used on bread or in sauce; vegetable oils can be used in cake recipies or for cooking, frying. I didn't buy any margarine since many years, the healthiest replacement to put on bread is a ripe avocado. Otherwise, some hemp butter. Or olive oil.

  9. I just saw this 1996 French movie called "La Belle Verte", The Green Beautiful, apparently now available in English, deutsch, spannish etc on dvd. And even the whole movie on youtube.

    Excellent movie that make people think and laugh at same time. This movie was far ahead on its time and was banned in the EU.


    The Green Beautiful is Mila, an half-human alien that comes visit Earth to help humans to evolve... She lands in Paris and comes accross the meat market and asks to a woman who paid for meat "You are carnivorous!?" After she met the alien the lady is awaken and looks at the raw piece of flesh with disgust.

    Max, a man awaken by Mila touches the car of someone by mistake and then the guy is completly mad but Max tells him: there's wars, torture, multiple rape, famine and all this misery in the world but you complain about your godamn car? (...) Thank the cows for the milk, cheese and butter that you eat (...)"


    On her planet, her people live 135 years old, from the young to the ederly they do acrobatics, eat vegetarian food, only raw, they are spiritually more evolved than us (they say humans use only 10% of their brain) and they don't have cars, money, televisions, books, and no possessions at all... not anymore. They sent Jesus (yes, Jesus was an extra-terrestrial ! Maybe also the Buddha and other Saints!) and now and then they send another to help us evolve. 2000 years after Jesus its gotten worse actually. ahaha ! More cars, more wars, murders, corruption, pollution... Of course you understand that those extra-terrestrials are what we could be if we would stop being so stupid and superficial.









  10. My girlfriend is Chinese, she eats soy products daily. She rarely eat junk food or pastries. She eats some fruits daily, a lot of bagels -especially when no time to prepare food; sometimes she eats 6 bagels per day - , and a lot of vegetables - usually stews with tofu in it - rarely tamari (soy) sauce. So, about one or two servings of tofu per day, and she absolutly always want her one glass of soy milk per day. She seems in good health and looks younger than her age.

    am jealous of you and ur asian gf


    whats a bagel?

    Yes indeed Asian girls are amazing

    They don't sell bagels where you live? Its popular in Montreal, but in New York too I think. Its like wheat bread but the shape of a big donut, it has 3 times more carbs than a slice of bread. There's many flavours: plain, sesame seeds, cinnamon and raisin, etc... You can put peanut butter on it, almond butter, jam, vegan cream cheese, or use it to make a sandwich...



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