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  1. I'm not eating like the 811 but sometimes I used to eat 8-10 bananas with 8-10 dates in one meal and I felt great!


    I say we are not meant to eat banana's because when they fully ripen on the tree; they eventually split open and the edible part of the banana falls on the ground. It makes sense to eat fruits easily accessible to us on the ground. As for the exotic fruits; we are not all living in the tropics. Exotic fruits are non-existint and if they were; I'm sure they would cost a crazy amount.


    I have no problem with gluten. I can eat a serving of 300g(1000 calories) of pasta which has a total glycemic load of 38; it may be considered high but pasta is a complex carb, so it takes time to digest.


    If we look at eating 10 bananas(1000 calories), they have a glycemic load of 100 with simple sugars that digest right away. 100 is super high for a glycemic load in one shot. You would have to go exercise right away and drink a crazy amount of water.

    So you're saying that bananas, a natural food, is not good for humans, but pastas, which does not exist in nature, is better for humans. Bananas are the favorite stapple of primates, we are primates. We're like monkeys on two legs.

    Did you feel great right away for a short period of time? Like a quick boost?

    I just felt good in a normal, natural way, Not a quick boost followed by feeling exhausted. This ain't coffee or refined sugar
  2. Eating by blood type is a joke. So you tell your bro how it is!


    I believe the blood type theory. I am type A and do best on gluten, rice, legumes, vegetables and little non-tropical fruit. Gluten pasta gave me problems in Canada because companies in North America have no laws on how pasta is supposed to be made; they mix soft grain(not ready) and hard grains together while pasta should be made only with hard grains.


    Meat and ripe tropical fruits gave me major intestinal problems. Tropical fruits make me feel nauseous for a couple hours.


    My brother does extremely well on meat.

    I thought according to this theory Type A should avoid gluten and wheat ? I've read Adamo's book for type A and followed this diet for about a year, avoiding too much gluten, bananas and tomatoes. I don't really understand what he says; he claims tomatoes are too acid for Type A for he says grapefruit, lemons etc are good. If he's right about is theory, we could observe in the microscope many red blood cells of Type A blood surrounding the nutrients of bananas or meat, etc, and this reaction not being observed with Type O, for instance; have this ever been observed ? And has he done it with every food listed in the book and for each blood type ? I doubt it.

    What you say about meat or other foods has maybe more to do about genes and ethnic groups rather than blood types. For instance, concerning cow's milk, Europeans consume it since thousands of years and they developed a gene that allows their body to continue producing lactase after childhood, the enzyme that digests the lactose in milk. But most Chinese people and Asians dont have this gene yet. Maybe samething for meat, tropical fruits, etc. But I know that you and your brother are from the same ethnic group and similar genes, so I don't really know. I guess its just that each person is different, more acid stomach, etc; different moods at different time sometimes a certain food is not well digested and the same food but another day its really good; it depends on what you need at which time, we change everyday so the food we choose to eat also must change, its all about balancing the elements of life and the Yin and Yang... You need to listen to your body.



    durianrider eats 3 heads of lettuce a day that is grown in between all other plants in his own backyard. he doesn't wash it. all the b12 is on the head of lettuce.

    Good point.

    Graham is on point about high-fat diets but banana's and dates in high quantity are not for human consumption. If you have to drink a lot of water just to counter-act the affects of the banana protein; its like eating a high-fat meal and counter-acting the affect of the fats with a glass of red wine.

    I don't think he says to eat lots of dates, there's almost no dates in the recipes of his book. But yeah there's some 10 or 16 banana smoothie in his book, this is blended with some water if needed, and some greens if desired.

    I'm not eating like the 811 but sometimes I used to eat 8-10 bananas with 8-10 dates in one meal and I felt great ! But he promotes to eat lots of exotic sweet fruits that contain less sugar and more water than bananas and dates. No need to drink lots of water, since fruits and greens are already 60-90% water. Doug even says drinking water is not natural for humans. But you're right if we eat lots of sugary fruits like bananas, dates, sultanas, perhaps it is better to drink more water. Durianrider drinks gallons of water.

  4. Jack wrote "He (Doug Graham) says he has experienced people whose B12 levels return to normal three to four week after a fast (it’s not clear if the fast is three to four weeks, or some other length)."

    Not true. The way Jack put it it means as if someone could do a long fast (1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months) and get normal B12 levels "three to four week after a fast", 3 or 4 weeks later. But what Doug wrote is simply "What I've experienced is people with B12 deficiency are put on a fast.They consume no food of any kind other than pure water, who three to four weeks later test perfectly normal for B12 levels."



    If you read the article, you might find that Dr. Graham has an unusual take on preventative medicine. He mocks the medical establishment by saying, “And so before you have B12 deficiency, let’s take those B12 supplements, prophylactically. Before you have a problem with too little salt in your diet, you better supplement with salt. Before you have high blood pressure symptoms, let’s treat you for high blood pressure now.”
    Jack doesn't agree with Doug's point of view on health, so maybe he practices the preventative medecine that most doctors promote:


    Doug Graham

    So where the medical model says, "Substances, forces, influences and conditions required for health when you're healthy are different than those required when you're sick. When you're sick, take this drug. Even though the drug will make you sick if you're well. They'll make you well if you're sick." And you're supposed to buy right into that concept. The milk is really good for you when you're well but if you're sick it'll make you congested.

    How does the milk know if you're sick or well?



    The hygiene model says, "Substances, forces, influences, and conditions are the same required in health as for regaining our health, but at all times they must be modified to meet the needs of the individuals." So, some days you need more sleep than you do other days but you always need sleep. Some days you need more fitness activity but you still need it. Some days you need more sunshine than others but we all need fitness, and sunshine and proper food, enough rest and joy and human touch, and enough interaction with other creatures on the planet.

    I don't mean to be insulting, but you have a habit of commenting on articles you haven't read. This time is just one more iteration.

    You have a habit of ignoring questions. See my previous post.

    I've read the article and its not good at all.

    I notice that Jack has many questions and little answers.


    Jack says

    "People take salt supplements?"

    No shit. Doctors say "eat salt - but not too much, its not good for your health". People add salt to everything, to foods that naturally contain potassium and sodium, and even to food already containing too much added salt like premade soups, frozen tv dinners, etc. I've seen people in restaurants putting salt and pepper before they even started to eat and couldn't know if it was already salty enough. And we always hear: take salt after doing exercises and sweating because you lost all your salt and you need to get more now. But they still have enough salt, its just their body expels the excedent. My sweat is not salty.


    Jack wrote

    "He says he has experienced people whose B12 levels return to normal three to four week after a fast (it’s not clear if the fast is three to four weeks, or some other length)."

    Or maybe some people fasted 3 weeks and others fasted 4 weeks.

    Besides, fasting has shown good results for nearly all health issues, not only for b12 deficiency, and not only witnessed or supervised by Doug Graham, but in many health institutes and in the 1930's, 60's, 90', 2000, etc.



    "But where would the body get the B12 to absorb if you are not getting any in your diet?"

    We already have the bacteria producing B12 in our guts.



    "Why then, when someone has B12 deficiency, do their B12 levels increase and their deficiency symptoms go away, upon taking B12? If they cannot absorb it from swallowing their saliva or breathing, why can they absorb it when it comes in supplemental form?"

    That's why often oral supplementation has no effect and they inject B12 directly into the bloodstream.



    "In the EPIC-Oxford study, 150 out of 250 vegans had B12 deficiency."


    ahaha, one vegan out of 2 have b12 deficiency... so more than half of vegans here on this forum board have B12 deficiency. And this study included vegans supplementing and not supplementing. He just makes this conclusion: "Clearly, many of these vegans were not supplementing or eating enough fortified foods"... Clearly, this study is biaised. B12 deficiency is pretty rare but according to this study, it would be more common than people with the flue.

  6. You did it again We know we can find those links on your blog also. The link is in your signature, so you don't have to post it again.


    How do you explain durianrider got TOO MUCH B12 even if he doesn't supplement and all he eats is fruits and veggies ? He did a blood test, his results are way higher than the recommandations. Besides, I've read that Vitamin C overdose can cause B12 deficiency, but he eats tons of exotic fruits and greens full of vitamin C.


    Also Lean & Green, not taking any b12 supplement and taking tons of chlorella powder (supposed to contain a form of B12 that blocks real B12...) had good results for b12 when he did a blood test.



  7. My girlfriend is Chinese, she eats soy products daily. She rarely eat junk food or pastries. She eats some fruits daily, a lot of bagels -especially when no time to prepare food; sometimes she eats 6 bagels per day - , and a lot of vegetables - usually stews with tofu in it - rarely tamari (soy) sauce. So, about one or two servings of tofu per day, and she absolutly always want her one glass of soy milk per day. She seems in good health and looks younger than her age.

  8. plus his nipples change colour

    Thats's true , in the frist pic he has almost no nipples


    Anyway, to lose all that fat in 12 weeks is hard, to gain all those muscles in 12 weeks is hard, but to do both at same time is even harder.

    If he would hold a newspaper showing the date it would be a better proof its real, but even in this case its easy to photoshop the muscles or the newspaper.

    And even if he would have filmed video progress, he could just lose the fat and get body painted muscles like in the movie "300"...

  9. I understand the balancing act between yin and yang but what makes a person a yin or a yang, this is where my confusion is. Thanks.
    That's how asking what makes a person the way she is like this or that, thin, large, easy-going or nervous... Many factors. But we are not Yin or Yang, we are the quality of Yin and Yang and we all have both Yin and Yang. But in general, women are more Yin and Men are more Yang. Ederly women tend to be very Yin.
  10. How much do you spend on food a week?
    I don't know... and I'm not a raw foodist. But less than 100$.


    do you feel cold in the winter eating raw? And do you drink hot tea? I'm living in Colorado and wonder if I could stay warm in the winter if I ate lots of raw food? I guess I could just dress more warmly :P
    Hot tea is great ! Drinks and water are best at room/body temperature for optimum digestion, or warm; but cold is the worse. The purpose of eating raw is to keep the nutrients intact, boiling water you don't destroy anything except if there's some germs or parasites in the water ! and boiling tea its not a big deal. Eventhough it is superior to do sun infusion... but anyway the tea leaves have already been boiled, steamed, dry roasted etc during preparation, so its never raw. Unless you make or buy Kombucha, which is fermented tea and fermented cane sugar, it is very very good. I wouldn't eat only green salads and tropical fruits in Winter, that's for sure! Its very cold in Quebec. Eating 100% raw in Winter, I would include more avocados, nuts, buttersquash soup, hemp seeds, Ruth's Chia cereals than in summer, those I find are yang food.

    everything is about equilibrium, so to balance the cold (Yin) winter with a raw diet you need to include foods that are more Yang. And Summer is Yang so eat more Yin food. It depends also if you're Yin person then eat more Yang, and vice-versa. Otherwise if you're Yin and eat only Yin food then you'll be way too much Yin... Opposites heal. If you're a Vata person (light person), you need to eat heavy and nourrishing food to ground you. Kapha people are usually heavier and slow, they need light food to come out of their lethargy. Find balance in elements. Pitta people are Fire element, they are warm, so they need a raw diet (especially during Summer, Pitta season) to cool them. Vata people are Air and they need Water. Kapha are Earth and Water, they need Fire and Air.

  11. Most books on raw food diets are not written by authors with degrees, credentials or a formal education in nutrition. To put it bluntly, many of the beliefs behind raw foodism are "made up" and even contradict basic biochemistry known for centuries that any college student would read in a text book.


    Brenda Davis R.D. is a coauthor of The American Dietetic Position Paper On Vegetarianism, architect of the anti-diabetes program for the Marshall Islands and an author of about half a dozen books on veg*n related nutrition. She has the education. She has the credentials. She is fact based.


    If you read any book on raw foodism, you should read hers as it will based on facts.


    Becoming Raw The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets

    You always say in most of your posts "authors with degrees, credentials or a formal education in nutrition" with a link to your blog. How many times do we hear from "authors with degrees, credentials or a formal education in nutrition" that we must drink milk and eat meat? Many times. Many intelligent people are reluctant to study nutrition at university because it is useless and worthless, nutrition is not an exact science, the information is biaised, the teachers are paid by the big food brands to say certain things and not say other things. Many registered dieteticians are also paid by the dairy industry or other lobby that dictate what to say.
  12. The raw foodists I have talked have told me that they spend $100 a week, per person, on food. It is definately not a diet for the masses.
    That's because many raw foodists buy ridiculously expensive gourmet prepared "raw" dehydrated foods. I've seen tiny energy balls or bars for almost 10 dollars each, or a small snack of nuts for the same price. But raw food diet doesn't have to be that expensive. Also, because what's inexpensive per calorie in major grocerie stores is chips, cookies, and in fast food joints its 99 cents burgers, 50 cents hot-dogs, etc. So that's what people buy. While a salad meal in restaurant is 10 bucks... But it needs to change. Law of supply and demand.

    When people know when and where to buy their raw food its pretty cheap. I've bought 10 pounds of carrots for 0,99$, 10 pounds of potatoes for 0,99$, 10 pounds of onions for 0,99$, 5 pounds of apples for 2,50$, all locally grown. Organic bananas 0,39$, organic avocados 3 for 2,50$, organic watermelon 0,49$; all those are cheaper than non-organic in large grocery stores.


    Maybe it isn't detox, but something else that is going on?

    Sure, because everything is possible, except detox; detox is the only thing that is impossible on this planet. Just like the poeple who say good food combining is useless, they will put the blame on everything else, stomach burns, slow and sluggish digestion, bloating

    happening because of magic, etc; while all this can be the results of bad food combining. They will say that eating something too cold, too hot, eating too quickly or eating too much, too spicy, too sugary or fatty, et cetera, all this can create problem, but eating a certain food combined with another food is the only thing that does not matter...

  14. Hey thanks a much!


    So this is the list of food to avoid, but when I read it and I want to be a vegan, what's left to eat for me?? Almost all beans are out, no spelt, hm.

    There's over a dozen different types of common grains and beans, and much more that we never heard of or cannot find in american food stores.

    Beans good for Vata: red lentills, mung beans, soy, and you can eat those in moderation: tofu,

    peanuts, adzuki beans, lima bean.

    Grains good for Vata: basmati rice, brown rice, oats, quinoa, wheat, whole wheat. Ok but in moderation: amaranth, bulgur, couscous. Always choose whole grains.

  15. Well general rules in Ayurveda are opposites heal, and: like increases like... You don't wanna increase what you already are, so you need to search for the opposites of what you are to find equilibrium. So, your dominant dosha is Vata (but with some Pitta for sure, and a bit of Kapha), so you're main elements are Air & Ether, and then some Fire & Water, and then Earth. Vata's elements are light and Yin, dry...., so your body and mind also are, and you need to get foods that are the opposite, to balance your body and mind. So, heavy, wet and Yang foods are good . Oils, fatty food, high calorie foods... Prefer hot drinks over cold drinks and cooked food over raw food.

    Best Rasa (taste) for Vatas are salty and sour (acid). Vata diet must be warming, calming, grounding and nourishing. Some curry dhal dishes with root vegetable stews, vegetable oils, rice, oatmeal, pastas, soy... Eat calmly, frequent small meals and at regular times.


    Concerning your question on milk; milk is said to be Sattvic and recommanded for all 3 doshas, but in moderation for Kapha people.

    Vata: most dairy is good, particularly sour products. Butter, cottage cheese, milk (warm), etc... Avoid hard cheese and powdered milk.


    It is shorter to list the foods to avoid or eat in small amount rather than the long list of foods that are beneficial for you. Raw apples, dried fruits. artichoke, kale, celery, raw leafy greens, mushrooms. Dry cereals, couscous, granola, white flour and white sugar, spelt. Black beans, chick peas; other beans: fava, navy, kidney, pinto. split peas. Popcorn. dont eat too much psyllium seeds. cayenne, dill, fenugreek, salt. alcohol, apple juice, caffeine, carbonated drinks, cranberry juice, cold dairy. herbal teas to avoid: dandelion, ginseng, hibiscus.


    You can ask Crashnburn for more details, he knows about Ayurveda better than me.

  16. Sorry I just noticed the link only works if you have a Facebook account and logged in, so here's the picture.


    28 years old and 49 years old.



    He wants that people can ask him advice on diet if they want to instead of trying to do things right, so in this case see the link in my previous post and log in to facebook. He's got 20 years of experience in raw food.


    But notice that at 28 years old he looked already very young, like a 17 y.o teenager...so it is normal that at 50 he still look young - unless he would have smoke a lot and do drugs in between, lol. What ChaserHun said that some people naturally look younger than others is true. But other factors than genetics also can alterate aging.

  17. Interesting topic...


    You might wanna EAT RAW. We need life to live. Living foods brings life. Living food still has prana, life force energy, but cooked food not really. Cooked food is dead and brings death.

    There is a guy on youtube his name was something like the30yearoldteenage or something like this, he looked pretty young and I know personnally someone who is 50 years old and looks just slightly older than when he was 28 years old. I will ask him if I can post the picture. He eats 95% organic, 100% raw vegan, not low-fat, for instance he puts plenty of coconut oil in smoothies. He does not avoid salt, but eats quality salt.


    Also, to live old / slow down aging (but I don't know if it helps to look younger) slow down your metabolism by sleeping a lot and getting enough rest, not training and eating often.


    The top two things that prematurely age a person's appearance the most:


    1. Frequent exposure to the sun ( working outside, frequent sun tanning ).

    2. Smoking tobacco


    Sun light gives life and vitamin D. You need to be exposed to sun as much as possible and on the largest superficy of skin, this is the only way to get enough Vitamin D. People get old skin or skin cancer because they don't have enough Vitamin D to protect their skin, they use sunscreen lotion or stay all day behind windows which prevents to absorb vitamin D to repair skin, or they go to artificial tanning saloon, etc.

    Sun exposure used to cure or help a lot people with parkinson, alzheimer or mental health issues when in the 60's patients used to go walk outside each day, doctors figured out its the sun that helps them, so they stopped letting people go outside and build huge windows in sanatorium, but the good results stopped. Because windows is not the samething at all.

    There was an excellent conference video on Ted tv but now it seems its gone. But maybe on this website :

    "Dr Mercola – 6 Things Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You… | Longevity Conference


    In this amazing clip recorded at the Longevity Conference last March Dr. Mercola reveals 6 amazing insights on what doctors AREN’T telling you about anti-aging & super health. This is no ordinary information, Dr. Mercola is on the forefront of nutritional science and his revelations will shock you!"

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