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  1. You can lose weight pretty quickly by fasting for the next three weeks

    Then the fastest way to lose weight would be to drink protein drinks made of water and protein powders like hemp, or Vega, rice protein, etc... and to eat nothing or just vegetables, cooked or raw, and green salads, sprouts and young shoots, and you can drink thinks like wheat grass juice, chlorophyll, water with freshly pressed lemon juice... This will be a cleansing also, not just weight loss.


    Other than that, you can do a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes, some grains, sprouts, some soups and sandwiches, protein shakes... Eat 3 meals per day with some fruits as snacks and eat the last meal not too late, if possible around 5:30 or earlier. Then if you really wanna eat more in the evening, just fruits or celery, cucumbers, etc. Breakfast can be fruits only, like bananas, oranges, apples, dates...

  2. I actually had the same thoughts of you when I first went vegan, only it was regarding eggs from my friends chickens she had in the backyard. "Happy" chickens. But actually they really are happy.

    1.How do you know for sure they are happy ?


    2. What happens with the laying hens when they are no longer productive, are they killed ?


    3. What do your friends do with the female chicks that are born from the eggs, but especially what they do with the male chicks ? In the industry most of the male chicks are killed in gaz chambers, put into a bag and crushed by a bulldozer, or in a blender and fed to their moms...

  3. Milk has its pros & cons.. But is beneficial for me and several people.
    It cannot be beneficial if it has "cons". Organic fresh fruits and vegetables only have pros.

    Concerning ayurvedic diet, I like it and use it, mixed with other diets like veganism, low-fat raw vegan, Taoist nutrition, etc. Many Indian meals are not Satvic, most Indians eat way too spicy, we can smell the spices coming out of their skin because their body detoxify of all those spices.

  4. I want to be healthy and strong for my family and their offspring.
    If you don't do it for yourself it might be more difficult to find the motivation you need. Do it especially for yourself, it is your health, you'll feel better and healthier, then the others around you will congratulate you.



    I have lots of energy but no motivation. I am an I.T. Manager so I sit in front of a PC all day.
    Sitting all day is not good for the body. Even if someone sits with perfect posture, it is not natural to sit for so long and it will affect the circulatory system. So you might want to change job, or at least sit on a gym ball, which will work your muscles and force you to find a more natural posture.



    How do I start to become a Vegan?
    Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Some seeds and nuts. Some grains and legumes. Drink water. Maybe some hemp protein shakes sometimes. Don't eat animal products. 1 month is 60 meals, you can allow yourself 6 to 10 cheat meals per month. Those cheat meals are not made of animal products, but just special meals that you can allow some things different without feeling guilty, and enjoy eating, tasting, etc. It can be simply to eat a bit more than usual, or more sweet or fatty food, etc, or veggie burgers, etc... What I do is I eat mostly raw vegan, but 6 to 10 meals per month I eat cooked food.


    Is the best way to loose all this fat to start walking then jogging then running?
    You can walk as much as possible during the day, like to go to your job or to go shopping. You can do jogging or running if you want. But you don't have too. You can just lift some weights in the gym or at home, train hard, never skip a training session, and you'll succeed. The basic rules is just to burn more energy (calories) than what you eat.
  5. I don't know what you are talking about, I didn't write my post based on any studies. Lactose intolerance and allergy to casein is the truth and the reality, not studies. I know that in India it is very easy to eat vegetarian meals in all houses and restaurants, but many people there eat pork, chicken, because they are not "holy".

    I know about Ayurveda, I,m a Thai massage therapist, I give vedic nutrition recommandations, yoga and lifestyle advice for each body type, etc.

  6. I'm very calm, don't think I'm mad at you because you drink milk. Reading a post on a forum board may be misleading about the mood and intentions of the person who wrote it. don't think I don't respect you. I respect people, but I don't respect all their choices.

    I'm not condeming you for drinking milk, but for making the promotion of it on a vegan forum. I don't hate meat-eaters, I have compassion for them, they need help and the animals they are killing need our help also. Even the serial killers and rapists, we should not hate them but love them, because they are the ones who need it the most. They cause misery because they suffer a lot.

    As for the differences between veganism and vegetarianism, there are many and they are not tiny, insignificant differencies like you're trying to say. Veganism makes no harm, while vegetarianism causes misery and death to billions of dairy cows and chickens. Don't forget what I said, humans are not supposed to drink milk, except human babies drinking breast milk. That's all we need to know. But if you wanna argue, yes they drink milk in India. But in China, and most Asian people, are highly lactose intolerant. Chinese love the American way, so they started to drink more and more milk and are maybe more adapted to it now. But the gene that allows to digest lactose is still fairly new, not more than 6,000 years old, a small fraction of the mankind history. And no need to replace milk with "superfoods".

    I'm a Pitta and milk and cheese were causing me lots of mucus.

    I have a friend from India, told me many Indians are not veg, they just don't eat cow meat.


    I would say it is probably a myth. It isn't like people do not make up other stories about celebrities as well. People are still talking about Elvis and UFOs.


    FWIW, a few years ago I decided to get a professional colonic. I've been eating cooked food for decades. Only 1 piece of feces, about a square half inch came out. According to the raw food authors I have read I should have been having pounds of the stuff coming out in a religious experience.

    Even DV - you remember that forum member who had the same opinion as you about detox, liver and kidneys - once posted a webpage with photos of all kinds of excrements resulting of enemas and colon therapy, with stuff of different size, shape and colours, all types of parasites, small animals, creatures and monsters that the body has not been able to get rid of.



    "It is estimated that pinworms infect more than 400,000,000 people throughout the world (10% of humans), and in many areas of the world (e.g., North America and Europe) it is the most common nematode parasite of humans.On a world-wide basis, however, Ascaris lumbricoides ranks #1 infecting more than 1,000,000,000 people (25% of humans).


    "Ascaris Lumbricoides has a world-wide distribution and is most prevalent in tropical areas. 25% of the world population harbors the parasite. "

  8. If you think the liver and kidneys clean everything instantly what do you guys believe are the causes of most diseases and especially degenerative diseases, and why are people eating an unhealthy diet (which doesn't look like what we can call a "detox diet") look sick -and are sick- in comparision to people eating an healthier diet (or if we want, a "Detox Diet"), they have better skin, etc...



    It is about the human body not needing special diets or anything else to "detox"

    Really ? Then why do they say "Eating healthily" ? That's the special detox diet. "eating healthily may mean to eat less junk food, cooked food, fried stuff, etc, it may mean to eat a raw detoxifying diet. They are SO STUPID that they don't even understand what they are saying. They "investigated the evidence behind claims made for products and diets " yet they are saying we need to be "Eating healthily".


    For your information, the kidneys and the liver cannot filter and get rid of everything. You're crazy. Many substances never existed until less than 50 years ago, way before those organs and our human body was created. Stuff like DDT (and yes, people still have ddt in their body eventhough this product is banned since twenty years) may enter the bloodstream and remain in human tissues all your life. Some stuff in drugs that people take daily may be flushed in the toilet but some of it stays in the body, because our body is not always able to deal with all substances. There are thousands of toxic substance in food today, especially industrial food, with gmo's, etc, mercury, glutamate monosodium hiding everywhere behind terms such as natural and artificial flavours, and bht added to package material - and then going in the food. The pollution we breathe outside and the toxic cleaning products we breathe in buildings and our own house.


    You say "that the human body has loads of organs and systems to do remove toxins on its own" . Of course, so let's all eat only junk food then, why not ? The kidneys and the liver will save us... It is obvious that people need to eat an healthy diet, or a diet that will allow the body to detox all the time without being poisoned. Most people are eating badly and taking drugs so that they are intoxicating their system more than it can detox, they are exceeding the capacity of kidneys, liver, etc...


    They are under eating and they are 'detoxing' until they lose enough body mass and their metabolic rate slows enough to adjust to the reduced calories and lost the 'false body' and now feel better.
    Watch the doc "Homo Toxicus". Everybody got toxic petroleum products in his bloodstream and heavy metals stored in their bodyfat. Or maybe you think that we are pure beings 100% clean inside. There's only two ways to get rid of those products that the body has not been able yet with common detox actions from the "kidneys and liver ". One is by breastfeeding to the baby (not very good for the baby, of course), and the other one is by losing weight, especially bodyfat. Then those toxic products may enter the bloodstream again (causing headaches, etc) and hopefully this time our body will excrete and expel it. Because we know that for some substances our liver is able to get rid of only 50% of it, the rest continue in the bloodstream and is stored in bodyfat, cells, etc, may cause tumors, or who knows maybe Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc...
  9. BeforeWisdom, who talked about the need to buy detox products ? No one except you, so I wonder why you post this thing.


    ahahah, they say Detox is a myth, while saying "the human body already has a fantastic detox system, called the liver and the kidneys".


    "and that there is no need to spend money on expensive treatments and products. Eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep is a better investment."

    Well that's it, I never said we need to buy products to detox either... Its the body that is being intoxicated and then need to detox, when we let it the chance to. When we are in constant intoxication, on drugs or junk food, the body can never detox completly, as its being intoxicated one day after the other. That is when Toxemia and diseases arrive. One of the first things that can be damaged are those detox organs, so we need to do surgery to remove or replace those organs... When people are seriously intoxicated they need to stop intoxicating their body (so they do a Detox program, no need to buy products) and then the body will detox by itself.

  10. Ahhh detox doesn't exist!
    Ahahaha, I hope this is a joke. Who are you ? What do you think your body does on a daily basis with urine, feces, mucus, sweat, etc ? If you eat each day but don't go to the toilet for 3 months because of constipation or whatever, you'll be highly intoxicated, and your body will need to... detox... by going to the toilet to shit. If you drink too much beer (intoxication), perhaps then you will vomit (detoxication). And if you say detoxification does not exist, you mean intoxication does not exist either... Hmm. Maybe nothing in this world exist really, and the reality is just an illusion. But seriously, all diseases are the result of intoxication or "toxemia" (anything that enters your body, a poisonous substance, or invasion of a virus) and the only way to cure is detox (getting rid of the virus or whatever intoxicates the organs or bloodstream). Another poster once said intoxication does not exist, because of the LIVER! Well indeed the liver is a detox organ. When we are sick with the flue for instance, we do need to drink more liquids, to support the body in its detox process. On a cooked food diet which contain not only pure foods, the body is being intoxicated each day and in a constant detox mode. If a person eats only organic, fresh produce that are as poison-free as possible, this person is not intoxicating his body on a regular basis and therefore he/she can function normally and the body can focus on detoxifying completly.


    For your own sake I suggest you to read some of these articles http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/0201hyglibcat/hygienic.review.articles.htm


    disease is remedial activity

    what is a poison ?

    Enervation - Toxemia

    Vital action vs drug action

  11. Yes, because we are not animals in their sense. We evolved from Africa and other continents. In upper regions there was a cold region, where no green vegetation grew, downwards there was more green and so on. People mixed up together. New gen pools and so on..


    Yes, you can see metabolic typing like the Ayuverdic diet, it's quite similar.


    For example, I don't think that people ate tons of nuts like today, because it was difficult to find them and to crack them, maybe occasionally but not in large quantities, the same for grains, they don't waited until it grew up and was ready to eat, they would be dead, they had to eat some animals flesh or products like eggs. It depended where the people lived too.

    Difficult to crack nuts ? For many nuts I can do it with my hands, but otherwise with a stone it would be easy. If it was too difficult for cavemen to crack nuts then I guess they were not able to hunt and kill animals and to butcher the meat. But they were able to do that, and to crack nuts too. I don't think I've said they were eating tons of nuts or tons of grains, but some fruits yes, some sprouts, root vegetables, crushed seeds, etc. Some animal food too. At that prehistoric era, there wasn't plenty of plant and animal food. So in order to survive it was an opportunist diet, they ate everything they would find, even dirty roots of plants. They were picking a few fruits here and there, and would go hunting sometimes for 3 days just to kill one of the rare animals they would meet on their way. Even if prehistoric hunters would see a whole group of buffalos, its not easy to kill, they will be lucky if they kill one or two. We see it clearly with better hunters than humans: tigers and lions. They need to hunt the few hours that they are not sleeping, and sometimes they will starve for days. When they see a prey often they don't catch it, because of the speed and agility of the gazelle, or the endurance of other herbivores. I've seen in a BBC documentary 5 or 6 hyennas on one african buffalo, all of them were on the big herbivore with their claws and teeths in the flesh for 5, 10 minutes, but then they were too tired and the buffalo ran away. Herbivores have always been superior in size, strength. endurance and stamina. Rhinos, elephants, hyppo, bull, and the largest dinosaurs.

    To their surprise (because like most people we tought cavemen were only eating meat), scientists have discovered a few years ago when analyzing fossilized feces that DNA of animal protein was sometimes lower than plant protein DNA. For some tropical places in the world, the ratio was 75% plant-based diet. In Northern climates it was the opposite though.


    The current Wrestler from India who won the Gold in World Wrestling Championships... is lacto-Vegetarian. Gets Almonds+Milk drink from his family village cows. A lot of old strong men used to drink litres of milk... So does this guy.


    I know there's a lot of Anti-milk debate here.. but if you take it from the largest VEG population on the planet.. in India.. milk has been a staple. It might help pack on those pounds. Then again... Milk is crappy in the US.. due to factory farming.. unless you for Grass-fed / Organic / Not super processed via pasteurization.

    What's the point of talking about supposed pros of milk on a vegan forum ? Anyways, milk is for calves. And most of the world population is lactose intolerant and many are allergic to casein. No animal species drink the milk of another species, especially not at adult age. Shall we talk about the Cons of milk on human health ? there's many. According to you milk does a man stronger. What's your explanation behind that ? The grownt hormones naturally found in it to allow the calves to grow faster faster (causing serious hormonal imbalance to humans who drink it), and the ones given to U.S dairy cows and found in American milk ?

    Now a recent study proved that milk and dairy make people fat because of that reason, especially all the "probiotic" yogurts... because the billions of live bacterias found in a small serving of yogurt are the same ones given to animal farms to activate their grownt.

  12. Fallen Horse, you say something and then you don't want people to reply as if you want the last word .


    "But I don't really want to keep debating " and then in the other post : "so let's not even go there".


    Also it has been proven that some vitamins become more available in certain fruits and veggies after cooking, so lets not even go there...
    I guess you're talking about licopene in tomato sauce. What makes you think that there is not enough in raw tomato, the way nature made it ? This is the time we're living in, all kinds of supplements, adding stuff in everything, or removing everything to end up with isolated protein and they say its better than the whole food, because "whole, raw food is deficient, we need to eat supplements, vitamin pills.... Adding billions of "live probiotic bacterias" in yogurt and dairy and people buy it, but now there are studies saying those bacterias make people fat because its the same given to farm animals to activate growth. Orange juice and peanut butter with added sardine oil "omega 3", and what else...
  13. Well you guys can chew and I will blend and it will all get digested the same in the end.
    How do you know ? When you eat a whole food you chew it a lot, with saliva. The blender doesn't have saliva, so if you skip the basic steps right at the beginning its impossible that the end will be the same. Grains especially need the enzymes in saliva, they almost entirely digested in the mouth. Make the test with bread, let it melt in your mouth with saliva it will dissolve into simple sugar it won't be long. I don't think a blender can do that.



    Also it has been proven that some vitamins become more available in certain fruits and veggies after cooking, so lets not even go there...

    While some vitamins are lost and damaged. Science "proves" things and then often proves the opposite. You should know that nutrition and dietetic is not exact pure science like maths.
  14. I believe in the theory of metabolic typing. Of protein types, carb types and mixed types.

    For one is a meat diet the right thing and for others the green "meat" diet (and for others a mixed one). Saw so many prooves!


    Why would human be the only species that need a different diet for each individual ? Other animals don't try low-fat or high protein or low-carb diets, they just stick to their natural diet. All lions eat the same diet, all elephants eat the same, et cetera. There is only one optimal diet for each species. Because we have the same organs, same anantomy. Just the size that differs from an individual to another, and other small differencies, but we all function the same. If someone is more active or has a larger frame: need more calories, not really a bigger ratio of carbs or proteins or fat.


    I say this but I do agree to some degree that some changes may exist in the diet to adapt for each person... but not huge extreme changes like zero carbs for one person and almost only carbs for another person. For example: a very yin person needs more yang food. Or a Vata person, who's light frame and high in the elements of Air and Ether, needs to eat heavier meals, to be more grounded. Opposites heal. An heavy kapha will eat light meals. Pittas with Fire need raw rood especially during pitta Summer season. But overall, we all need to tend towards a more Sattvic lifestyle and satvic nutrition.

  15. Ok, if I agree with that perspective then my comment becomes, "blending/processing helps break down foods so they are better digested and the nutrients are more fully absorbed by your body."


    No, because :



    A food processor chops everything into little tiny pieces; takes the whole human experience out of actually chewing. Plus chewing is part of the digestive system..saliva.


    What you say is like when Zack was saying that cooking food has the same result has eating raw food except that cooked food is easier to digest because its kinda pre-digested. Its not the same at all, because the heat of cooking will "digest" food in a oven or in a pan, but real digestion will occur in our body. Zack said if its burned in the pan or in the stomach its the same... Not at all. The stomach don't use real fire or boiling water, it uses acid gastric juices, and nutrients are not being destroyed, they are absorbed and transformed and used by the body. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. If it would be true that our stomach destroys and kill food then how are we getting vitamins from food ?

    We want the food in our body, not in a pan, with all the nutrients melting away, steaming and evaporating away or being burned, transformed into ashes with no or poor nutritional value. So when you wanna be nourrished and fuel your body, you better transform food to energy in your body. If you wanna transform food into heat, you can throw oil in a fire, if you wanna fuel a train you throw coal in the fire, not elsewhere, otherwise the train won't move. The place of transformation is important depending what use you wanna make of the energy.

  16. Wow, its not expensive for yoga tacheras training ! Hère in North America its much more expensive, about 2500$. I would want to go take the course in Europe then, but I would lose money because of currency change $ to Euro... Living in Europe is much better. Better laws for food, environment, easier and cheaper to travel in Europe (just take car or train... In America its huge, need airplane or much longer in car) and you get more money if you change Euro to $ if travel here.

  17. Lol, last month I've been sick for less than 5 days with a flue, it always strike me once or twice a year with muscular pains... I don't really have the cough and sneeze exept a bit near the end. But my 2 roommates got sick and they have been sick for 2 weeks ! I'm not kidding. They are very sick for the first week and then their body is very slow at getting back to their 100% health, which is not very healthy anyway. After 2 weeks they are still coughing and sneezing, I didn't know it was even possible. This is the results of meat, coffee, sugar, cigarette, stress, lack of touch and physical activity, etc...


    During that 1 month raw back in June I felt much better.

    Now i'm eating a lot of cooked food, but I will try to eat more vegetables and raw. In summer I'm more tempted by fruits. In winter if I eat raw it would be higher in fat (seeds, nuts, avocados). But if I eat cooked food I will try to avoid wheat and soy as much as possible, so a lot of legumes, gluten-free bread with avocado or other kinds of sandwiches. I love rice paper to replace bread. Yellow split pea soup, black beans with rice, etc...

  18. The bread on the link looks very good


    You can try different mix of gluten-free flour... I always forget which grains don't have gluten... but Corn, rye, buckwheat, amaranth, soy, quinoa, hemp, millet... to have a wheat-like consistensy maybe try adding some soy flour, banana, coconut, arrowroot, hemp, a bit more water... anything fatty or wet to make it softer.


    Here's a list of stuff with and without gluten http://www.csaceliacs.org/gluten_grains.php

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