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  1. I'm not a Vegan; I'm eating how humans are meant to eat. Chickens/turkeys are for dogs to eat because if you put a chicken with a dog; the only thing the dog will want to do is kill and eat it. Cows/pigs are for panthers/lions to eat. Then we wonder why tigers are going extinct...humans are eating their food and hunting them for their fur.


    When you feel your body needs it....your body is addicted to it. Your mind is KING...your body is the KINGDOM. Thats why when someone has a sugar craving; its the organs that are addicted to it and send signals to the brain, begging for sugar.


    You should watch "what the bleep do we know". Amazing movie that explains how thoughts control how your body functions.


    Exactly !

    This reminds me of Vipassana meditation, I learned to feel those subtle body sensations of cravings. The mind is often a slave of the exterior environment because of how the body history of the past interprets each thing that we see, ear, taste, linked with how we dealed with those things thoughout our life, we are conditioned, brainwashed to always react the same way to those stimuli. With a calm and clear mind one can remain equanimous instead of reacting to cravings and aversions.


    It's like those guys on the Primal Diet that I talked to, many say they tried a vegan diet but they say they felt weak (because not enough calories usually) and their "body was screaming for beef and cream" and that they had to listen to their body needs. Yeah right ! How could the body possibly needs something that does not exist in nature, something such as cream and butter ? These things weren't even part of the Primal Diet, which was perhaps much higher than we think in seeds, nuts, fruits, root vegetables and sprouts.

  2. everywhere (especially other bodybuilding sites) tell me I need at least 1g protein/lb bodyweight
    Other formulas its 0,5g of proteins per lb of bodyweight. Anyways, those formulas focus on quantity rather than quality. If you eat raw fruits and vegetables, raw sprouted grains and legumes and young shoots, these things are different in many aspects compared to pastas, seitan, etc, but those protein recommandations dont take into account these differences in the nature of the food, its bioavailability, the capacity of human body to absorb and use the nutrients of a natural food compared to industrial food, etc. It is a universal law that with adequate quality you need less quantity than with poor quality.

    But there is a small dilemma: you want to lose bodyfat and gain lean mass. Usually, to gain lean mass, one needs to eat an excedent of calories so those extra calories and proteins will transform into muscles. If your main goal is to lose weight then you wanna cut on calories but keep the protein ratio high enough.

  3. I liked reading Graham's "80/10/10" book. At first I don't know why I didn't like his style of writing but then after a couple of pages I loved it !

    Duncan_Idaho, I suggest you to read Herbert Shelton's books also, very good. If you like 80/10/10, you will love books like "superior nutrition" and "food combining made easy". There's plenty of articles online too. http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/0201hyglibcat/hygienic.review.articles.htm


    The real definition of veganism was brought up ( not exploiting animals )
    It is not possible to exploit animals without causing suffering.


    Exploit means to use for one's own selfish ends. It is quit possible to treat an animal well enough so that it does not suffer while it is being exploited. For example: A well cared for race horse that is eventually retired to pasture.

    I suggest you to review your conception of "suffering" also. It does not necessarily mean physical pain or even not just emotional or psychological suffering like being imprisoned or having his or her baby taken away. As soon as someone is exploited, there is suffering and the victim will act with words or something else, trying to be free and happy, otherwise he or she will continue to suffer from this situation... but when the victim is a non-human animal it is more difficult.


    As you said yourself "How do you know the cow is happy? Seriously, how do you know?" , so I don't know why you don't agree with me. When they is no happiness there is suffering.

  5. If veganism is about reducing suffering ( according to a mistaken, but common view ) and you can find cheese produced without suffering, would there be a problem?
    I thought the essence of veganism is to reduce suffering as much as possible or to eradicate it, and I still think it is. We cannot find cheese produced without any suffering at all, because it is impossible to know if the cow is happy or not, is suffering or not; therefore we need to let them live alone peacefully... the only interaction between humans and animals would be to go pet a cow in nature... and this would be at our own risks if we do it with a tiger or a rhino !


    The real definition of veganism was brought up ( not exploiting animals )
    It is not possible to exploit animals without causing suffering. So, the absence of exploiting and suffering are really the foundations of veganism and they are linked together... To avoid suffering is the major element, the reason why one person is vegan is to avoid causing suffering to animals, while avoiding exploitation is the way to avoid suffering.
  6. As you said, yoga might help you, but sometimes yoga liberates energy and hormornes so for some people it is not a good idea to do yoga before sleep, but earlier in the day. You can also try meditation before sleep, to have a clear and peaceful mind. You're in a state that your mind and body want more and more, they are overstimulated. Maybe you are a Pitta type but right now you have a Vata unbalance, which main symptoms are insomnia and anxiety. The society is Vata unbalanced, people always want to work more, spend more, run everywhere... Try to take back control of your life by doing your activities with a zen attitude and try to finish earlier in the evening, or even if possible do physical activity in the morning... So in the evening you can just relax and be ready to sleep.

  7. I love the Asian girl too ! Asian girls rule


    Zinzen that looks like Thai massage ? That's what I do too. Be careful with your posture though, your back, if you wanna be massage therapist for a long time, using the body well is the key. Take care of yourself to be able to take better care of others

  8. Cows are not happy if we take their milk to make cheese. They just wanna live a normal peaceful life, feeding milk to their calves. Even if the cow would be happy, then it is sent to the slaughterhouse. Besides, cheese is not good for health, it is ten times worse than milk, because it is concentrated milk, a concentration of casein and other junk.

  9. Vegeta if someday you wanna try again high-protein low carb diet, try drinking just hemp protein powder with water or make some shakes with one fruit and soy milk. Just protein drinks and eating raw vegetables will be high protein low-carb without the need to eat meat, eggs, etc. If you want it high-fat also you can put olive oil on the raw vegetables or add coconut oil in the smoothies. Coconut oil is kind of like butter, because solid in the fridge but liquid when heated, high in saturated fats. Delicious for desserts or smoothies because it tastes coconut.


    But it is much better to eat high-card diet, much more energy.

  10. your levels are 8.2 and when it gets in the 7's we have to do a blood transfusion. ( a normal woman is between 12-14)

    A study made in an hospital tried to experiment with different criterion to do transfusions instead of systematically do it at 7, they lowered the standards for a group of 400 children with anemia and kept the regular standard for another group of 400. In the group with less blood transfusions, there was 30 less children that died. 30 more kids died in the group with more blood transfusions, because often new blood causes more harm to the body than it helps.


    I had similar symptoms to yours except it was more sudden and violent: I would start feeling weird and warm and weak, and if I don't sit or lie down quickly I would fall on the ground and would be almost unconscious, unable to move but with eyes open; unable to move and afraid of dying. the only thing I could do was to wait a few minutes and then I was fine. Weird. It wasn't symptoms during a whole day like for you . This happened to me 2-3 times during a period of about 2 months, 2 years ago. Never took supplements, it does not happen anymore.

  11. if you're eating lentil curry, make sure you drink a glass of orange juice with it
    I don't think this would be very digestible. Hercule talked about absorption... this is important, because sometimes people eat enough iron/b12/calcium/etc, but they don,t absorb it well.

    There are some foods that contain both iron and vitaminC, like parsley and spinach... Nature is perfect.


    Naturopaths are also quacks. They believe in homeopathy and "vitalism" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitalism).
    Homeopathy can work. Many farmers are giving homeopathy to cattle instead of conventional antibiotics that most farmers give. My brother often had otitis when he was young, for years my mother was giving him liquid for ears at each infection. After like 4 years she decided to try homeopathy and my brother never had otitis again.

    I have otitis once a year in my right ear and it often seems blocked. I've tried what conventional doctors gave me, it keeps coming back. Soon I will see a naturopath that's for sure.

  12. They have written pretty good comments :


    "I don't think either of those guys could possibly be vegans. In fact I'm not sure whether they are on drugs or not. I know you can get that big without drugs but it takes a lot of work and real good genes. That second guy looks like he drinks a gallon of milk a day."

    "lots of them are probably drinking milk/eating eggs."

    "He could simply eat stupid vegan food and take steroids...you could get there."

    "Shouldn't he be ridiculously lean?"

    "Someone's lying to us... apparently he eats a diet of whole grain bread and brown rice and..beans. Sure baby whatever...."

  13. To learn more or to register for a 10-day course:


    Vipassana Meditation Website


    A 10-day course is done in one of the centres of the Vipassana foundation, there are some in almost each countrie. You stay at the centre for the whole time of the course, you eat and sleep there, you remain silent and you meditate. It is totally free. When you finish the course, you may give Dana, Donation, so that another person can also do the course for free. Or you can come back as an old student or Servant to give some of your time to help at the center.


    During Vipassana meditation one learns to observe the sensations that happear and disappear on the surface of the body and inside the body, and to not react to those pleasant and unpleasant sensations, gross and subtle sensations, but simply to remain calm and equanimous, to be aware of and understand their characteristics of rising and passing, the nature of Impermanence, Anicca.

  14. Zack I didn't recognize you with your long hair kinda like Rambo, or a hippie ;P


    Yeah their posts are quite funny... These are my favorites.


    One writes about Avi : "Someone's lying to us... apparently he eats a diet of whole grain bread and brown rice and..beans. Sure baby whatever.... "

    "Someone's lying to us... apparently he eats a diet of whole grain bread and brown rice and..beans. Sure baby whatever....


    Brizz says about VE "This guy is an anomaly too, Shouldn't he be ridiculously lean?"


    Big John: "Grains make you fat."


    Brizz (Sexual Tyrannosaurus) : "I think I have finally progressed to the point where I could shoot a cow in the head. Fuck yeah. (...) I think I have the manliness to."

    Edmund Burke: "I think women are far better off eating little to no red meat, or even being vegans." "(...)red meat (...) makes you take big, fat, manly dumps and have reeking farts ".


    Nikklar: "Let's be honest here... Some of the real actual bodybuilders on that site look way better than most of the fat lazy carnivores I know. Think about it...just because a guy eats meat all day, does a little bit of work, and grows a lard-covered ass the size of Jupiter doesn't mean that he's strong or admirable. One thing we can learn from that site is how much of a difference training and lifestyle can make." ... " "carnivore" isn't a accurate way of describing your typical American lardass. "

  15. From the 1st article:

    "Pigs, in the meantime, have been forbidden in many parts of the rich world from doing what they do best: converting waste into meat".

    Yeah right. Animals are there to live, that's what they do best. What do we do best? Killing, i guess...

    They write from a strictly environmental and productivity level; they are completly deprived of any humane and ethical point of view: to use animals for food and to serve humans is unethical. Let animals live peacefully just like they let us live peacefully (but we are not peaceful anyway).

  16. oh my god... they are quite patheric. First they claim vegans are skinny, and then later in the thread they confess we are big and muscular and they don't believe what they see, they say we cheat with milk, eggs and steroids. They should feel embarrassed.

    Many of them look like rednecks, fanatics of firearms, haters and even anti-semites, like the guy dressed with combat clothes and with camouflage make-up. They also confess that vegan women are better.

    One guy says "Don't eat meat, and you won't think clearly." talking about a vegetarian who murdered someone (so he wasn't vegeterian then). But that guy's avatar is a GUN.

    He also wrote "several amino acids which are only available to humans if we eat meat, quoting source studies referenced by... Atkins or Drs. Eades (Protein Power), ahahahaha ! who else ?


    And then they talk about their passion for guns and how much they would like to kill many cows and how manly it is to kill.

  17. Vipassana is:


    -a technique to eradicate suffering

    -an art of living that allows to play a positive role in society

    -mental purification which allows to face with calm and equanimity any problems in your life


    Vipassana can really save the world. No kidding.

    If it would be taught in schools, prisons, etc...


    Check those videos:


    "Doing time doing Vipassana" (an hour long documentary in an Indian prison of 10,000 inmates doing Vipassana)



    "The Dhamma Brothers" trailer (in Alabama prison)




    Hi everybody,


    I went to a 10-day Vipassana meditation course last June and it completly changed myself for the better. I have much more compassion, more Metta to give, I'm more peaceful, less stressful. Seriously, I haven't experienced more than 5 seconds of stress, anger or any negative emotion since last June. Before going to this course, sometimes I was stressed a whole day, or in anger for a whole day just because of something that happened that morning.

    I now meditate 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. Unfortunatley I don't always take time to meditate so sometimes I only do it morning, or only evening.

    Vipassana means "to see things as they are in reality"

    "It is a way of self-transformation through self-observation and introspection. In English, vipassanā meditation is often referred to simply as "insight meditation".

    I almost no longer milite for veganism. I do answer some of the questions people ask me if they are curious about my diet or how a vegan diet can be healthy, I talk from my own experience. But I no longer try to change people,s diet or even the way they see things, it is useless. Because the change must come from within themselves. A person don't just change his diet, it is a result of a change in the way they see the world. I do wear some t-shirts or buttons with animal rights slogan or "veganbodybuilding.com" sometimes, or when I speak for veganism I just give informations. With this information, its up to people to make decisions, we cannot change for them.

    What I do now is talk about Vipassana, because this meditation can truly change people. They go to this 10-day course, where the diet is entirely vegetarian - and can be 100% vegan for those who want this - and they meditate for 10 days, from morning to evening, to eradicate the souce of their suffering, to find peace, to know themself better, et cetera.


    It is the form of meditation which allowed the Buddha to be enlighted.

    It transformed serial killers into Saints...


    We need universal solution to universal problems (anger, war, hate).

    With Vipassana, there comes vegetarianism, veganism, Metta (loving-kindness), respect for all living beings. Individual and Universal peace.

    My Thai massage teacher says Thai massage can save the world. eheh... it would help, but definitely need Vipassana meditation.




  18. I agree that vegans don't need to watch this movie, but all non-vegans should. They should show it in schools, only vegans have the privilege to play outside during the screening


    This movie shows so much sadness and suffering animals must go through, because of the misery of humans.



  19. Cool, thanks for the link. The warm-up seems interesting too.



    Full Warm-Up


    To get into detail with the current workouts, I'll begin by explaining my warm-up that takes around 20-25 minutes. It's called a "Dynamic Movement Circuit" and it's done using only 30 meters:


    - Alternate buildup going down with a skip coming back, (4x30m).

    - Skipping forward with arms swinging across body.

    - Skipping forward with alternating arm swings up/down.

    - Skipping backwards with heel raises.

    - Skipping backwards with high knees.


    30m build up.

    - Side skipping with arm circles... down and back.

    - Cariocas emphasizing fast thigh drive to the ground.

    - Rear kicks.

    - Running backwards emphasizing a long reach.


    30m build up.

    - Skipping high knees up and out.

    - Skipping high knees up and out going backwards.

    - Skipping lateral straight leg.

    - Skipping lateral straight leg backwards.

    - Skipping with spins.


    30m build up.

    - Jumping jacks moving forward to 15m, then a jog for the next 15m.

    - Jumping jacks with high knees clapping under knees.

    - Straight leg bounding.

    - Toe touches.

    ...The next section of the warm-up is done with 15 meters...


    - Walking on toes.

    - Walking on heels.

    - Side stepping toes then heels... left and right.

    - Walking pulling knee to chest.

    - Walking opposites... elbow to knee.

    - Walking swinging leg up and touching toes.

    - Walking Quad/Glut holds.

    - Cross over jumping jacks.

    ...The following lunges are done with 7 repetitions on each leg...


    - Static lunges (alternating).

    - Backward lunges.

    - Front lunge with opposite elbow reaching to leg extended.

    - Diagonal lunge with opposite elbow reaching to leg extended.

    - Leg swings front to back.

    - Leg swings side to side.

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