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  1. I was wondering if 100 meters sprinters do any weight lifting or if they just run ? They're quite massive... The muscles they gain by running as fast as they can is the muscle they need, but lean mass gained in the gym could be just extra weight to carry, no ?

    I wanna add this to my training, just sprinting for a minute, and then 1 minute walking, then sprinting again, etc... To see if there's any change on the body. I guess it has to do with explosivity, like for martial artists, or lions, tigers, etc...


    Those are pics from haitian Bruny Surin who won many competitions for Canada.




  2. wow that's interesting. I guess that you must practice a lot to learn how to write super fast and also to train your brain how to transform automatically what you hear - vocal/auditory - into written, or is it more than this ?

    And its so impressive people able to lose like an hundred pounds. So much determination and huge change in lifestyle. I consider myself lucky to not gain too much weight cuz otherwise I don't think I would be able to lose it all.

  3. By eating enough calories from whole food like fruits, veggies, rice, grains, beans, lentills, seeds/nuts, sprouts, etc... you'll get enough protein. That's what Avi does and as you can see it works. But if you want to make absolutely sure to get enough, just add 1-2 protein shakes, or do this on the days that you eat less because you're cutting or because you didn't eat a lot for some reason.


    Here's this guy saying we need only 17 grams of protein per day.


    where have I mentioned smoking being healthy?


    And where have I mentioned you said that ? Nowhere.


    I said cigarette smoke in synergy with alcohol consumption accentuates the risks of developping cancer cells. But drinking without smoking is also very harmful. Even just the recommanded 1-2 daily glass of wine or 1-2 beer per day involves substantial risks. But most people who drink don't stop at just 1 glass. Even wine at dinner at home or restaurant, they will drink more than this, and people who drink in bars usually drink more than 3 beers and they often smoke cigarettes. I know you didn't say smoking is healthy, you haven't mentioned cigarettes at all; the reason I talked about cigarettes is because many people who drink like to smoke cigarettes at same time, just like they love the combination of coffee and cigarettes. Or coffee with cressents, or French fries with ketchup, it's all about addiction, cravings and habits. But also when someone makes choices towards a more Rajic lifestyle, that person will tend to make more choices in that direction. For instance, someone decides to start smoking cigarettes. There,s more probability that the next change in his life will be to start drinking alcohol, not to subscribe to a yoga class. When someone choose a Sattvic behavior, this defines all decisions in his life. For instance, someone decides to start doing meditation, and then yoga, and then changing his diet to meat-free or with less processed food, etc.

  5. I don't read much these days... actually, its been many years since I've read a novel or a book about spirituality. I've read 4 or 5 books about nutrition and veganism, animal rights in the past 5 years but nothing else. (the World according to Monsanto, 80/10/10 Diet, etc). I don't know why, I used to read a lot. Many novels, essays, compilations of short stories... Now I'm not even able to read books that I must read. I'm supposed to study books about massage therapy but it takes me months and I haven't read even half of what I need to.


    Anyways, the next books I wanna read and I think I will really like them are: Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, and Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda.


    I agree to some degree with you. But too much of anything is not good. I think 30 apples at once is bad, for example.

    I know what you mean, but in that case, the stomach will tell you the limit, before you are able to eat a dangerous amount of apples. There's a huge difference between 30 bananas or apples, or eating an 8 kilos watermelon, compared to taking 5mg or even mcg of medecine. In the case of fruits the death is defined by the limit of the body to digest a huge amount of food at same time, in the case of drugs it is really because of the substance itself.


    What do you think about garlic, chili pepper, onions and other spices? People say those things are good for you in small amounts, and I love all spices, but I noticed I feel better and celarer when not using them. I can also eat food with no spices now, and still enjoy it.

    Yeah its better to use fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, basil, etc... The stuff you mentioned can irritate the cells and organs. If eating something makes us cry, its not a good sign.


    I even wonder if I should decrease the amount of tofu I eat.
    Fermented soy like miso and tempeh are said to be much healthier than unfermented products like tofu, tvp and soymilk.
  7. I'm from Paris France.

    I was thinking about not training during the tour.

    Would this mess my progress ?

    If you don't workout for about 2 weeks you will see your strenght starting to decrease. If you can at least do a 1 hour full-body workout once per week that would be good to maintain or increase strenght and muscle size.
  8. Amount defines wether something is poison or medecine... NonSense. Besides, medecine never was supposed to be good for health, otherwise people would consume it also when they are not sick. Something is either good or bad, can't be both at same time. In tiny amounts, this susbstance is less harmful, in greater amounts it becomes more harmful. One pill might give an headache, 10 pills might put you in a coma or even kill you. One apple is good, 10 apples is even better; more sugar for fuel, more nutrition, more vitamins.

  9. Paige, of course one must get sodium in some form or another from nutrition. No one argues that.



    Are you aware that for each "health food" you mention here (alcohol, salt, coffee) you say we must be careful not to take too much ? That's not my definition of health food. Who ever heard : eat an apple everyday, but not more than one, otherwise the effects will invert and the health benefits will turn into risks. ?? All this "super-food" anti-cancer new fashion from nutritionists affiliated with the government is just to

    increase the sells of wine, coffee, green tea and dark chocolate, and it works... They say those foods are medecine... This is not a good thing, since all drugs come with side effects. Those "super-food" have side effects. And taking medecine daily as preventive dose is a very dangerous idea. The body needs to detox of all these substances.



    despite the arrogance dripping from the OP, I'm quite interested in this "good" vs. "bad" food debate.


    1) afaik, consuming salt isn't such a big deal. according to dr. john mcdougall, we didn't develop a taste for saltiness for nothing. besides, our bodies are pretty nifty at keeping homeostasis, so if you ingest more sodium than needed for the day, you simply excrete the surplus through sweat, urine, etc. there are many cultures where it is customary to eat a lot of salt and those people are usually fairly healthy. so, in conclusion, while there is no biological need for us to consume additional salt, it doesn't seem to do much, if any, harm if we do. also, sea salt contains some important trace minerals.


    here's an article by mcdougall: salt: the scapegoat for the western diet.

    I've read other things: too much salt promotes hypertension. It is also an important cause of cardiovascular disease and a risk factor for stroke and kidney disease. Too much of something can be harmful, you can't just say: the body will simply excrete the surplus. There wouldn't be any disease if it was that easy, my friend. Concerning trace minerals, it is better to get those from greens and other food, don't you think ? Tobacco contain trace minerals, so tobacco is good for health, right ?



    3) coffee as such isn't as evil as some people try to portray it. it actually contains pretty strong antioxidants. the only instance it becomes detrimental is when it is consumed in large quantities. a cup a day is fine as far as I'm concerned.


    4) alcohol is not a poison, either. it doesn't have any metaphysical "essence" which makes it bad regardless of quantities, frequency of consumption, etc. beer and wine possess very potent antioxidants and alcohol has been demonstrated to have a protective effect against heart disease and degeneration of cognitive function if consumed in small amounts. and even if this will be proven wrong some time in the future, the moderation rule applies here. stressing over things like that are more psychologically and physically harmful than the things themselves.

    About coffee: antioxydants in it doesn't mean its healthy. Cyanure could have antioxydants, it wouldn't be healthy.

    What you say about alcool is an insult to alcoholics that die because of this poison. IT IS a poison, even one drop is a tiny harm, and then it increases exponentially with amount you consume. Studies show that it is a risk of cancers : mounth, esophagus, stomach, liver, prostate... everywhere alcohol touches, it can cause cancer. So if you guys use antiseptic oral rinse, buy one which is alcohol-free (and not tested on animals). The fact that alcohol give protection to arteries is useless if you die of a cancer. If you eat well you don't need heart disease protection from alcohol. To have a protective effect against heart disease one must drink 1-2 glasses of alcohol, but this same amount increases cancers up to 30%, and the synergy with cigarette smoke make it worse. Those who say red wine is good for antioxydants, it is also ridiculous, since it is much better to eat grapes or any fruits, for antioxydants, without any side effects.

  10. Peanuts are also quite acidific.

    I wouldn't say coffee is a health food, besides it is not even food. No calories, nothing to fuel the body, and does not hydrate well like water. It assaults your neurons, it is a drug in the stimulants category. A relatively small amount can kill a mouse. Funny because many of the so-called "health food" like coffee, alcool, chocolate are also in the list of foods that pregnant women must avoid.

    Salt, it is not food either. A food is something that can make a meal on its own. I wonder who would eat a plate full of salt. It can kill too. Humans started to put salt on food since not so long ago. In small amounts it is not too bad, like all poisons. But most people use too much salt. Especially in Canada... If we compare a product sold in Canada and then the same product processed in another countrie, the canadian one always have much more salt in it, and canadians also add salt on their food.

    Pepper, vinegar, none of this is food.

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