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  1. The Michael Irvin saga got me thinking about this! Hypothetically let’s say a lot of BS things have been going on with you and some co-workers, friends or other people you know that has gotten way out of control. Lies and rumors were spread by certain people to cover their own azz from either illegal, immoral, or other BS things that they have done or said. To what extent would you go to set the record straight? What about everyone involved taking a lie detector test, would you? I would be willing to pay for the other parties lie detector test if I did not pass and they did contingent upon that they would do the same. The results made public to everyone who had knowledge of the BS. Not sure how much a lie detector test cost, let’s say $500.00 each. Lets say that there were hypothetically 3 other people that I had a disagreement with and I did not pass and they did, I would be out $2,000. ( $1,500 for their test and $500 for mine). If they lost, they would only be out $500.00 each plus 1/3 of the cost of mine $166.67 total $666.67. I would do that with anybody anytime, what about you?
  2. thanks in advance for any help
  3. Is a deep cleaning still effective if you haven't had one in decades? Last time I went to the dentist (approx. 1 yr ago) they didn't clean it they focused on my tooth and its pain. I would have asked for that too but the other procedures were already expensive as is. Also does anyone know an estimate how much money out of pocket it costs to get a cleaning in North America? I'm trying to also drink more water so my mouth is more hydrated and also change up my diet a bit. Also the last time I had a deep cleaning was when I was a kid now I'm in my 20s.
  4. I need your advice about what kind of juicer I should get. I got the manual HealthyJuicer which is great for leafy greens and wheatgrass but is just not practical for everyday use or juicing large amounts. It takes forever to handpump enough for 1 nice sized glass. I am thinking of either getting some kind of centrifugal one (Breville) to inspire me to juice daily OR a single gear one (Champion or Omega or something else) for quality. What do you think?
  5. Hi, where can I buy a cold pressed juicer in Jakarta? Thanks in advance.
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