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  1. Hi, this can be done with the help of any translator. I can recommend this one translate.com/services/business-translation, I often use it in my work when you need an accurate translation of documents, protocols and forms, so you can be sure of accuracy, it able to translate a web page without problems.
  2. I think you should explain that there is nothing wrong with it, because everyone has his own choice, to be a vegetarian is not bad.If you are stressed about it is probably best to consult a psychologist https://www.instagram.com/calmerry_com/?hl=en, he will explain how to cope with the state of stress.
  3. Hello, here I can’t tell you anything. But I know a lot about games, especially gambling, I like to try my luck, especially since it doesn’t take much time. Now it’s quite easy to play in online casinos, here https://polski-sloty.com/kasyna-online/ you can see the top best casinos. In modern casino has a lot of bonuses and free games and it's absolutely legal.
  4. As for me, it is very difficult not to make mistakes when you write an essay, because something can still be missed. The main thing is not to make gross mistakes and plagiarism, then the work will have to be redone again. Therefore, in order not to risk, you can use a service help with literature review where specialists write without plagiarism and errors and do literatire review for your essay, it will save you time.
  5. As for me,to find a good essay writing service, need to read the reviews of the people who have used it. It helps me, and I always take seriously the issue of choosing a writing service. This is how I find professional thesis writing for myself and use it on an ongoing basis. I'm satisfied with the quality of their work and their responsible approach to each customer.
  6. Hello, you are great and I understand your condition, the main thing is to follow your goal. You can make up a diet for yourself by day, and an exercise plan. I think it will be easier. Perhaps you need psychological support (it helped me at one time when I had problems with health), there is an online consultation with a psychologist, I saw about this on the forum https://answers.afrihost.com/17756/why-do-i-get-a-massage-saying-my-acount-has-been-disabled?show=22217#a22217, you can talk about your problems, get support and decide what to do next.
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