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  1. I'm about to be married. I have central diabetes insipidus and the protein synthesis with meat is making me more dehydrated in the summer and causing chronic fatigue. My soon to be wife and I want to eat healthier but have both been trained to eat comfort foods. We're trained on fast and easy food and switching the way we view food is hard. Neither of us desire philosophical veganism as this, to us, is a theological issue and less philosophical. That being said, food and exercise for us is a stewardship issue. What are some things we can look at that just gets to the simple root of switching foods? Everything we are directed to, we buy, then there are about 3-5 chapters of "why be a vegan" and it's philosophy then some medical stuff. I'm already convinced I need this as I require less protein per pound with my condition. Plant based eating has helped me but I couldn't find anything that had 5-10 easy recipes I could make to squeeze between the 4 jobs I had at the time. She'll be doing most of the cooking so anyone know a nutritionist we can work with or have some materials that gets us to meals where we buy groceries without having a bunch of ingredients for one meal that go bad?
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