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  1. Hi all. I had a problem with the search for developers of mobile applications. We need help in android development, and iOS. Can you give contacts of good specialists with whom you can guide on all issues?
  2. Listen, in addition to feminized seeds, I also advise you to read about the 5 most popular strains of lemon weed https://seedsupreme.com/cannabis-seeds/high-yield-seeds.html . I think that if you want to grow cannabis, then sooner or later you will come to this)) This is from personal experience)
  3. I see a lot of people here who are rummaging around for growing marijuana)) What do you think, which varieties are best suited for growing at home?
  4. Look, if you're planning on growing marijuana at home, the first thing you need to know is how to keep marijuana seedlings from stretching out and falling over. This is the most basic information that will help you in this matter. I can advise you to read this article https://i49.net/blog/troubleshooting/growing-issues/seedlings-stretching-and-falling-over/ . Everything is described in detail there, and I think that you should not have any problems. By the way, if you need seeds, you can buy them on the same site. Read the description, reviews, and you can order.
  5. Tell us what NFT is, how can NFT creators protect their exclusive rights to digital assets? I would like to know more information on the topic of cybersecurity.
  6. Please tell me where can I find specialists who can help me with Laravel development? If it's not difficult, then tell me a couple of the most reliable options for companies that can help with this.
  7. I have a fairly large IT company, and there are many employees on the staff. Now many are trying to provide their employees with the most convenient working conditions, and in particular, I would like to focus on the health of their employees. Can you recommend me any companies that can advise on wellness benefits?
  8. Advise experts on creating online stores on Magento. I chose this CMS based on the fact that there are many positive reviews, and many say that this is one of the most convenient CMS at the moment.
  9. I would like to find some companies that are recruiting. I urgently need the help of software development specialists. In particular, I would like to find back-end developers, and Node JS developers. Can you give me some advice?
  10. I have had BNB coins for a couple of years now, but since the bitcoin rate has dropped dramatically now, I would like to take advantage of this situation and exchange all my BNB for bitcoins. Tell me where is it more profitable to exchange cryptocurrencies?
  11. If you are looking for paint contractor software to help you manage vacancies, schedule, assign, evaluate, manage and invoice, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this option https://fieldcomplete.com/industries/painting-contractor-software-application . It has all the functionality you need, provided that you have there are less than 10 people in the team, this software will be completely free for you.
  12. I myself recently exchanged litecoins for bitcoins, so I can recommend one excellent site to you. With its help, you will be able to swap litecoins for bitcoins at a fixed or floating exchange rate. Go here https://alligat0r.com/coin-pairs/ltc/btc/info , and there you will find out all the details. If anything, contact the support service, and there they will advise you in more detail.
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