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  1. Я тебе скажу так - лишним он точно не будет. Тем более такие фонари делают специально довольно легкими, поэтому тебе не составит труда его захватить с собой. Могу посоветовать фонарь fenix - https://x-gear.com.ua/category/fenix , мне очень нравится. Думаю останешься доволен
  2. I would call the bank's customer service and ask them if the call was to your number. Usually the bank will record an attempt to contact the customer and the issue that should have been discussed.
  3. Forget about it. Stop torturing yourself with the constant blocking. Just find a decent alternative. And there are a lot of them, believe me. I understand that it's nice to get content for free, but it's akin to stealing.
  4. You're right! The Pirate Bay has been blocked, and that's because it's illegal. There are a lot of ways to get around this block, though. You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to connect your computer to another server. You might want to be careful about using these methods though—if you're caught using them, it could get you in trouble with the law!
  5. One of the most important things you can do is monitor what websites your child visits and what apps they use. While it may seem like an invasion of their privacy at first, if someone is trying to trick them into giving up information or sending inappropriate pictures or messages then knowing about it sooner rather than later will allow us to intervene before anything happens. But I also advise you to read https://chekkee.com/14-tips-for-keeping-kids-safe-online/ , there is a lot of useful information on the subject.
  6. It's hard to find a good home furniture. If you're looking for it, you should look for it on sale. You can either choose cheap or high quality, but it's very rare to find the right one.
  7. Открой ютуб и поищи там видео на эту тему. я всегда так делаю. Что-то получается, а что-то нет. Когда не получается несу в ремонт. Но попробовать можно и самому.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of The Pirate Bay, but I also don't think it's worth the risk of getting sued/arrested to download something. If you're looking for unverified content, it's just not worth the risk. If you're looking for legal alternatives, there are plenty of sites out there that have verified content that you can use.
  9. Мне так жаль слышать, что у тебя проблемы с волосами. Я бы никогда, никогда не рекомендовал кому-то заниматься самолечением при любой медицинской проблеме. Вам нужно к врачу!
  10. The Pirate Bay is an illegal website that allows users to find and download music and movies without paying for them. It's blocked for a reason: because it's illegal. If you want access to your favorite content without getting into trouble, there are plenty of legal sites where you can find it.
  11. In the Czech Republic, there are many different types of houses available for purchase. The most common are detached houses and semi-detached houses, which are often built in rows or terraces. There are also townhouses that can be found in cities and villages throughout the country.
  12. Social media moderation is a hot topic right now. It's a tricky thing to get right, because there are so many factors involved and so many different types of content that need to be considered. As a social media manager, you need to be able to spot inappropriate content and report it as soon as possible.
  13. In order for your website to rank high for a particular keyword, you need to make sure that the content on your page answers all of the questions that people are asking about that topic. If you answer all of their questions, they are more likely to click on the link and visit your site
  14. But few people understand one important thing - profit from betting is made by bookmakers, private bettors, cheaters and some customers of bookmakers' offices. And I was not mistaken when I typed - some customers. Not all. Not most. Better to spend the money on something more useful. But it's up to you to decide.
  15. I can share my story. Started a relationship, everything is great on all fronts, with time I wanted a variety in terms of bed games. Why not, I thought, and went to a sex shop, bought a couple of small toys, more for aesthetics. But over time we began to expand our range and tried a huge amount of everything. I can't even imagine what will happen next)
  16. During pregnancy, it is possible and necessary to exercise (if there are no absolute contraindications). If you exercised regularly before pregnancy, you should not give up exercising, you just need to adjust the exercises, working weights, reduce the intensity according to the recommendations of your doctor.
  17. If I have suspicions, my health comes first. I immediately make an appointment with the doctor and take the necessary tests. Love and all that is important, but I have to live in my body for a long time, it has to be healthy.
  18. As far as I understood from your question, you are a beginner. Usually beginners do not have any difficulties, if they have the attitude to dive and listen to the instructor. And no one is going to let you underwater. So don't panic and have fun.
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