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  1. Wow. I didn't realize that so many people use sites like this. Aren't you afraid that your personal information might be stolen?
  2. I recently found a great book about veganism, but it won't open on my Mac. How do I open the book on my Mac?
  3. Man, this is a really cool book. But unfortunately I downloaded it and can't open it. Is it possible to reformat it? What kind of applications do you need to do that?
  4. Hello everyone, tell me what are the main points to consider at the initial stage of creating a business?
  5. I have been struggling with alcoholism for several years now. I drink alcohol almost every day. I tried to quit, but I can't. Maybe you know how to help me?
  6. I have a little nerve problem. I am prone to panic attacks. Sometimes this is very inappropriate ((I have never taken antidepressants as I am afraid to get used to the strong effects. I recently learned about CBD oil. Is that good?
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