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    Al Capone

    Hey guys! I want you to tell me some interesting facts about Al Capone. Thanks in advance!
  2. As for me, this is not the most interesting news. It's definitely not worth anyone's attention. But I recently found some really amazing information about Rick Scott Cooper This is the Governor of Florida, who was photographed from a very strange angle. I will not go into the details of what is happening in the photo. You'd better read the article about it and draw your own conclusions!
  3. Howdy! I have ordered many pieces of clothing and several pairs of shoes from Just Fashion Now and have not regretted it. The order came very quickly, the goods were of very good quality, and also pleased with their prices. I would like to pay special attention to the Just Fashion Now customer support service, if you read the reviews here https://justfashionnow.pissedconsumer.com/review.html you will understand that she is constantly in touch and is always ready to help.
  4. which necklace do you like on men ?
  5. Hi. Not too long ago I also tried to find a good iced out rolex on the internet, but in the end my search was not successful. But then my friend advised me to pay attention to these iced out watches. At first I was skeptical to this advice, but still decided to listen and did not regret it!
  6. Howdy, all! Could you please tell me what bust down watches I should pay attention to?
  7. Hello there. For all lovers of quality television, we can recommend Sky TV, which offers some of the best conditions in the UK market. The company provides the subscriber with the necessary equipment that allows you to watch TV channels in high quality. In addition, sky tv offers a great selection of channels that are packaged so you can choose only what you need and save money.
  8. Hey guys! Could you please tell me what do you think about Amway products? Thanks in advance!
  9. Kinda ashamed to ask this considering my family works with gold and I should know this, but I’m looking for a male gold link chain, something nice and classy to wear with my suit, nothing gangster and obnoxious. I’d like something around 18k plated on silver or sterling silver not stainless steel. 20 inch in length preferable, so was wondering what’s the average price I should be looking for? Because I’ve seen a huge range of prices online that don’t make any sense (from $50-200) and I have trust issues. So I would like to hear it from the experts on recommendations and what I should look for and where. Thanks in advance guys. Cheers
  10. Hello guys, do you know if there is a local car rental in Detroit? I don't want to always go through carrentals.com... Any ideas? I only need a car for a couple of days. Gracias
  11. What are discount coupons? Promocodes is a ways to attract customers and promote your brand. In general, it is necessary to create a code and associate it with the discount, for example: create the code “SHOES20” to offer 20% discount on all shoes sold in your store. Thus, customers inform this code at the time of purchase to obtain a reduction in the final price. You can also offer coupons for specific values or free shipping. This strategy is a great way to grow your business, especially if you integrate your physical and online stores. it is good to look at some statistics that include users from the Nigeria, Asia and Europe to get an idea of the relevance that coupons are gaining for marketing: according to Statista, a consultant specializing in the internet, in 2011 approximately 60% of users used coupons to save money. This trend undoubtedly continues to grow, considering that in the Nigeria alone, almost 70% of people who shop on the internet agreed that there are more chances to remain loyal to online stores if they offer you discount coupons and promotional codes. What benefits do you get by offering discount coupons? Attract new customers It is a fact that more and more people buy online worldwide. These consumers have a “multichannel” profile, that is, they expect to be able to use any channel (virtual or physical store, cell phone, tablet, etc.) and choose the best time of the day to buy. The result is that every day millions of consumers use the internet to research and compare prices, as competition between online stores is growing continuously. In this context, it is essential to be able to use all the tools you have at hand to attract customers and increase your sales. In addition to investing in online marketing , doing email marketing and having a responsive website (among other things), offering discounts through coupons is definitely an excellent way to achieve what you want, as it encourages those people who have not yet bought at your store to do it because it is cheaper. Recover users who abandoned a purchase The percentage of people who abandon a purchase before completing it is really high: it corresponds to approximately 65% of online consumers. This implies, on the one hand, that you concentrate so that customers do not abandon shopping carts in your online store; on the other, to make conclusions from the abandoned purchases on your website to understand if there is a chance of recovering some of these users through coupons. For example, if you notice that a particular product in your store is often abandoned in the cart, you can offer a discount coupon to encourage your purchase. Or you can also use a strategy called remarketing to offer discount coupons off your page (on Google or Facebook), reaching out to an audience that has not completed in-store purchases and convincing them to come back. Retain customers and increase brand loyalty It is always important to remember customers who shop regularly at your online store, and offering them promotions and rewards is a good method of doing this. If you identify who these customers are, you can make exclusive discounts available via email so they can see that their loyalty is rewarded. Promote new products If you are about to launch a new product in your store, you can offer a special price for a limited time as a form of promotion , along with the other strategies I had already thought of (email marketing, advertising, articles on your blog, posts on social networks etc.). Thus, you can increase your audience's interest in the novelty. Potentialize the consumption of products that do not sell as much If some of your products aren't getting a lot of attention, generating a coupon (with a discount or free shipping) can be a good way to get those items back on your buyers' radar.
  12. This is the first time I've heard that the women's versions of a Rolex watch are of lower quality than the men's. It seems to me that this is a misconception and a silly stereotype. For example, my husband recently gave me this womens diamond rolex and I decided to compare the quality with his rolex and I found no difference. So, women's rolexes are no worse in quality than men's rolexes.
  13. Looking for Dangly Rainbow earrings and Rainbow Diamond Earrings .Name how many diamonds u want for them.
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