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  1. I am a busy math tutor. In tutoring, many learning activities can happen. We might work on homework but not just the current day’s homework. I like my students to keep a list of difficult problems from class since we last met so that I can give extra explanation about them if needed. Then I will find worksheets online that have more of the same types of problems for extra practice. When all the current material is mastered, I will go to the next topic and teach it to the student so that they have an idea of what is coming up. I can do that because I’m a retired teacher who has taught from 6th grade-AP Calculus and most of the lessons seem to still be in my brain, thankfully. If the student is in high school, we will sometimes do ACT, SAT or PSAT practice problems.
  2. My girlfriend and I are getting married soon and we went to the bridal salon to choose a suit and dress for us. We chose the ones we liked the most and sent them to the tailor shop to have them sewn to our size. But something unforeseen happened, the seamstresses confused the measurements and filed the wrong size. As an apology, the bridal salon gave us a new matching suit and a gold dog tag necklace. Both the costume and the jewelry were of the highest quality and we really liked it very much, so we completely forgot about that unpleasant situation and were glad that we now have an absolutely excellent necklace and it fits perfectly with the new costume.
  3. Can you suggest a site where you can read about all sorts of weather disasters and so on?
  4. Star Delta Motors are preferred as a method of starting in Low starting Torque Applications. The starting current of Induction motors are six to seven times the full load current. Starters are employed to reduce the starting current. If you would like to read more about What is Star Delta Starter Circuit? , you can search here. There you will find much more information than here on the forum.
  5. Good afternoon, I can't tell you anything about animated videos and their role in promoting a business, but I can advise you on another good way to expand your business. Since I have my own business, all the information has already been verified in practice by me personally. I want to share with you an application that helps in many communication moments with your employees if you are interested in learn more. For example, one of the functions is a quick message that is sent to all employees, as well as audio and video communication. I think it will be useful for you
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