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  2. All airlines operating in the United states have to abide by very strict regulations administered by the federal aviation agency plus all foreign carriers are subjected to the same regulations when operating in the u.s.
  3. Amana's air conditioner and furnace division is still owned by Goodman and Amana home appliances are now owned and manufactured by the Whirlpool Corporation. That means the Amana washing machines are now made by whirlpool.
  4. No, not worth as they charge for things you dont order and refuse to refund your money. sling charged me $80 for a fight that I would never be interested in watching for free much less pay $1 for. They refuse to remove the charge. NOONE in my household would want to watch this either
  5. How reliable are squaretrade ratings and reviews? Should I consider them while taking up a purchase?
  6. Has anyone heard of scentbird reviews?
  7. Hello there! Any thoughts about how to find true the tennis channel reviews?
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  13. Tell me I need to find out information about this company match since I plan to check there?
  14. For jewelry, there are other materials just as good, and of course now diamonds can be created in a lab. So the only use for natural diamonds is to keep the Madestones industry con going that somehow, wasting several months’ income on a bauble proves your devotion to someone. As a geologist, I have nothing but contempt for the gem industry in general. They take uniquely beautiful natural objects and turn them into pieces of tacky colored glass. Industrial diamonds are a whole different matter. If all the gem diamonds in the world disappeared, life would go on. If all the industrial diamonds disappeared, life would, pun intended, grind to a halt vary quickly.
  15. I’ve always loved cats since the first one my dad brought home, and threw in my lap, saying “she was hanging around the butcher shop!” I was 5 at the time and read all about cat personality . She didn’t last long, and the assumption was from being poisoned by a cat hating neighbor. As the years went on, there were a few other cats that I dragged home, but they didn’t last long because of my father’s temper and abuse. After having 2 children, I thought it would be best to get a dog that they could play with. She was a wonderful German Shepherd, and lived for 7 years before getting hepatitis.
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