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  1. Hi there, also interested in a vegan calendar. Actually my boss has asked me. He runs a gym as a second business and he wants to present such calendars to all of his clients.
  2. I have always been. Even sent complaints to Greenpeace. But nobody listened to me. I guess caring about the world is not just solar systems. It is also a reduction of plastic waste and meat consumption.
  3. Why would you need yet another messenger? Aren't there enough of them already? How are you going to market this business idea? Seems that nobody gives themselves labor to think about the future. What if you contact android app development services professionals and they will develop another app for you that will be fit for Android? But please think of a business concept just a little bit better.
  4. It ain't hard to grow a good beard and facial hair. And I think I am managing it. Look at my beard and let me know what you think about it.
  5. I am not interested in Spanish learning. I win a green card, so I really want to learn a better English now to find a good job. Will you please help me then? I have recently found good read about Best Apps For Learning English and my principle idea is to start getting it for this goal. But I would love to know what you think.
  6. I don't give a damn about anything related to your website errors. I have my own! And today my CTO boss told me that I should be thinking outside the box when I work on the projects we need. That I should kill my product mindset and scale up to project mindset. What the heck did he mean? Oh damn it, while I was typing this, I managed to find https://orangesoft.co/blog/project-vs-product-mindset-in-software-development in search engines. So most likely this is what I needed. Ok, gone reading about the difference then.
  7. In principle, even I noticed that you can offer nothing. What about video room tours at least? You can also organize trainings for your staff via online video conferencing.
  8. I feel really sorry for you. In India workforce is sometimes very cheap as compared to other countries. So I advise you to look for another job. And if you can't find it in India, you can go now and look for the position in the Middle East. It can be temporary or permanent, but it will help you as I think
  9. I guess there will be lots of pictures taken at this wedding. So your site should really look one million bucks. These photos will become beautiful memories one day when you and your sister will see them together with your kids. I thought of maternity dresses for photoshoot catalogue that you might click and see what is that exactly that you like.
  10. I tried it but it didn't help me when I needed to grow my muscle mass. I have no natural capacity to grow good biceps as I am skinny. So no hope, perhaps.
  11. Does it really matter to you what sports they like? You don't even know them! And it is not where you bet, it is who you bet with. So I visit https://www.mightytips.com/bookmakers/betting-apps-in-ireland/ now and then read about the most suitable Irish bookmakers I can pick. Why don't you start with that? It won't hurt.
  12. I humbly disbelieve you. Perhaps you have lived in the States for a very long time and visited only cheap parlors with digital pianos that produce horrible sound. Here in the UK you can listen to steinway model o and that is a totally unique experience even for you. Even though you graduated from just a college, not an academy!
  13. In the current world, it is EXTREMELY difficult to live an eco-friendly life. We wear artificial leather and sort garbage, but cut off forests for new skyscrapers. Let alone those bloody clothes! Sometimes it all seems no more than hypocrisy and double standards.
  14. Hi, I think computer tech support is a profession that will extinguish soon. All that you need to know about Macs is available online for free. So no need to worry.
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