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  1. I think you can find similar jobs on any job posting and recruitment site. At the moment I would highlight https://jobssite.ca/jobs/electrician/ as the website with the largest list of Electrician Jobs. Be sure to check out what is offered on this website. I trust it because many people I know have found their jobs through this online job search agency.
  2. How do I live in Italy and eat Italian food without getting fat? I eat pasta and pizza here every day and I'm afraid I'm going to get very chubby.
  3. Guys, share your opinions if it helped you 😉
  4. I'm not surprised that so many people are interested in trading, but it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In my experience, to be a successful trader you need to spend a lot of time understanding the concepts, developing a strategy and choosing the most effective tools. For example, I use Xbtc club for automated trading.
  5. I also love football very much. I like to watch and analyze football teams and major tournaments, especially since the World Cup is underway. I'm really looking forward to today's football match live Japan vs Germany and I will bet on this match, see this page. There are literally all possible tournaments. I like this service for its convenience and detailed analysis of all tournaments and matches.
  6. I'm not a food expert and if your child is not active and not learning well. then show him to the doctor. And if he's just lazy or doesn't like learning (yes, some kids just hate math), then order him a do my math assignment for me. If you don't want to force him to study, at least think about getting good grades.
  7. Hey. What does your project involve? Interesting to know, as I also found a cool idea and am working on implementing it with the Triare team. It's a very similar startup to the one described in this article from the aforementioned development team https://triare.net/projects/scootes/. If you're also thinking of implementing something similar, you'll find this information useful.
  8. My girlfriend wants to get a short haircut. I don't mind, but I think it makes her look older. Ladies, please tell me, am I wrong?
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